If the War Thunder Panther was historically accurate

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  1. Must be nice to shit on everyone else's tanks while avoiding the truths of the US' own faulty tanks. Cause the Sherman was just such a wonderful tank, oh golly jee

  2. If the T-34 was accurate: you had to aim like that:
    Use the mg to kinda have an idea how far away it is.
    Shoot like 5 times before you even slightly hit.
    You had no communication system so chat and map would be off.

  3. If any tank in that game was historically accurate the game would be much different and everyone would be playing the game differently as well

  4. Fun fact: the warthunder devs thought about implementing mechanical issues into the game like your engine breaking down etc but decided against it for gameplay sake.

  5. 'when playing on the berlin map, your crew of child conscripts is too small to operate the tank.'

    That is historically accurate.

  6. ok so the first thing is not accurate while the panther did use an engine that was prone to fires because of its fuel its transmission was not able to set the vehicle on fire (as a transmission is a gearbox) the engine had to be damaged BY SOMETHING or touched in some way it dident like to begin shitting out fire like it was made in dresden

    traversing inclines puts stress on the transmission and not the engine as such the engine should not burst into fires during inclines
    though you could put in should get transmission damage trying to traverse steep inclines instead as a fire in that scenario is stupid

    also proper engine deck armor isent modeled in game
    every single tank in game could be killed by he shells to the engine deck smoke grandes or what have you since the engine needs cooling and it has to suck in air as such it needs to have vents these vents are surprisingly not armored DUE TO NEEDING TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO AIR SUCCCC
    basically all vehicles in game die to anything on their engine deck (look on the model if it has any vents at all on it or holes it can die to shit (specificaly engine deck holes)

  7. Al you stupid kids bitching here how much it sucked…….just be happy you did not live back then so you had to face one.

  8. Basically, Germany should have simply mass produced StuG III and StuG IV. Panther and Tigers were just a waste of resources.

  9. If the Warthunder KV-2 was realistic: You couldn’t fire the gun when facing get either side or the turret will jam.

  10. German tanks. Over engineered to the point of under engineering. So good they're bad. Even though in real life. People feared German tanks like I fear my mom when she gets the wooden spoon out. Pretty badly.

  11. I think the reason that the French got bad results when testing the Panther was because those panthers had not been maintained properly for a while due to lack of parts.

    Not a Wehraboo.
    Just thinking logically.

  12. Panther tiger 1 king tiger : EXIST
    transmission : say goodbye to me forever
    Panther tiger 1 king tiger : oh shiesse
    transmission : BREAKS

  13. Rifleman :Sir, Panther tanks spotted! We don't have anti tank gun nor molotov cocktail.
    Officer : Just throw smoke grenade at the engine.

  14. if this game is historically accurate,then a Sherman tank will burndown if it hits a rock at front because its engine is at front,and cooks 5 crew members like a Tommy cooker.

  15. keep in mind that the instances of "if you fire HE/105 mm/etc at the front armor/side plates they will break" was due to the fact that later in the war, german steel was really suffering from the effects of attrition, so the metal used on tanks like panther and tiger II often caused the armor to be much weaker than earlier war models.

  16. Searched up first MBT and ended up here are YouTube one of the brainless people who think the panther was the first MBT

  17. alright im a really patient and kind man but dude your pissing me off as hell sure there where several things wrong with german tanks and i also think the m4 is a bit underrated bythe most people but youre videos are ripping german tnaks appared while you praise the sherman as a god on tracks thats not fair every tank especially bakc then had there own assets and drawbacks no need to propagandize us tanks
    like that one where you said m67 heat will penetrate the panther taht may be the ase but it depends hardly on the aiming the distance and the angle of the shell

  18. Nice video. to bad you do not state clearly in the video that most of the test,s done in your video were done on Panther D models and not the later and improved variants like the A and F model. the final drive problem was gone from the Panther A model onwards. Panthers catching fire on random has been a well known myth shared by allieboo,s because a few unfortunate panther D models catched fire during the battle of kursk and every Allieboo and their dog jump on this isolated incident and state it as fact.

    The panther not being able to fire continuously because it had to recover the recoil system is cleary out of context like other people have stated already. the panther,s turret rotation not working on inclines is nothing new, russian vehicles and a couple of allied ones faced this as well. then finally you talk about armor quality and state that multiple hits would crack the welds and shatter the plate itself. excuse me? what kind of hits with what kind of caliber weapon would have caused this in the test? your statement is meaningless without that information. because from my knowledge shattering only happened on panthers when getting hit by 85mm + calibre weapons on the frontal plate. which were for the most part used on the eastern front while the allies used 75 and 76mm calibre guns for 90 procent of their armored forces

    don,t get me wrong. the panther isn,t the wonder weapon alot of people make it out to be. but it sure as hell isn,t a steaming pile of technical mistakes like you make it out to be in this video.

  19. Fun fact, during the Battle of the Bulge and Kursk, Americans(and during Kursk Soviets using American lend lease equipment) would throw "American" smoke grenades, that contained phosphorus, at German tanks to start fires. (IE Phosphorus was/is banned, but Americans keep using it anyway, and it will burn through a LOT. Even the Soviet considered using the chemical to be to inhuman on the battlefield.)

  20. Im german and have a freind who’s grandpa was a Ww2 german Tanker who served from 1940-1945. I translated this video to him and showed him others about the panther.
    He served in France and the Africa and Italy but was moved to fight on the eastern front from 1944 onwards befor being captured in the battles around The Rheinland 1945 by Canadian troops.
    He was a tank commander in a company that went through two douzen panthers on the eastern front and had this to say…(I’m going to be translating his statement from german to English) „in more than a year of comabat only two panthers ever broke down and where lost as a consequence. Mostly when they broke down it was something we could fix on the rode side. The two panthers that did break down where after almost a year of fighting. Two the fire part of the this we did never have a engine fire that knocked out a tank, the only fires we had resulted from combat. The tank was uncomfortable but in a way that all tanks are after spending a while inside. I feel the reason for the breakdown in the post war testing was a Incorrect treatment of the vehicle. We didn’t have very many supplies but by regularly checking up on the tank I think we a avoided the great unreliability. In my opinion the panther did require a compentant mechanic each Platoon to deal with the minor issues of operating tanks on a regular basis because the german tanks complexity but if done right panthers could operate reliable with minimal resource requirement. I can’t understand the whole 150km thing since the transmition got us through 8months without a problem and we never caught combat unrelated engine fire. To sum up they where as reliable as your standard Cromwell, t34 or Churchill.

  21. Post war test Panther versus Sherman Panther off road was able to go where it wanted to Sherman was not nearly as mobile off road it was an invalid with restricted mobility

  22. There is no reason to compare war thunder with anything. War thunder is more than enough for ww2 tank gaming lovers. Nobody should criticize War Thunder if they can’t do better.

  23. Nonsense, my superior Aryan child conscripts are perfect for operating the glorious Panther, and will singlehandedly secure the Endsieg.

  24. I’d be careful about using “Le Panther” as an info source in the future. Two reasons, amongst several, the officers in charge of the test had monetary stakes in the company producing the tank to rival the Panther. The Panthers used were battlefield recoveries/ spare parts from wrecks.

  25. "This kept in mind, the battalion reported PzKpfw V Chassis No. 154338, Engine No. 8322046 reading 1,878km with driver Obergrefeiter Gablewski, 4.Kp/PzRgt 2. The vehicle was still totally operational. All items were in great condition but the tracks. The consumption of the engine has been 10ltr per 100km. The vehicle was still operating with its first engine and transmission." Panther by Thomas Anderson 2017, pp. 175-177

    The Panther all things considered was actually more reliable than the Sherman which constantly broke down and had to be swapped with reserve Shermans in the rear.

    Also the Metallurgical reports are out of context. Here is the context of those reports: https://kesler12-jamesrocket.blogspot.com/2019/01/re-on-german-tank-armor.html

    Basically late war, the Germans had lost access to nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, and manganese to make armor plates and switched to an interrupted quench system which wasn't perfect across all manufacturers.

  26. The data from 1947 is not only created by Biased reports from the French, who were still sore over the German occupation, but also that those tanks had been rotting in a Warehouse for two long years without maintenance.

    Not even a Russian or American Tank would have been able to last that long and remain perfectly functional in such conditions.

  27. If Panther in War Thunder would be accurate, it would kill 10x T34 tanks before heading back and giving the crew a break !

  28. 0:36 This is not a pivot steer, its a neutral steer. With pivot steer one track is locked and the other one pivots around it

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