India’s 20 Cent Store – Cheapest Shopping in Chennai

all right, so i’m here in T. Nagar market In chennai, is packed in case you can’t tell and i don’t think this is peak packed at This, is like i mean it’s still packed i mean i think you can, tell There’s just people everywhere but this market is also home to The most shocking store that i think i’ve ever seen Which is basically india’s version of the dollar store. now i showed in thailand Thailand’s version of the dollar, store which is 60 cents high But india’s version of the dollar store it’s 20 cents, because india takes everything to another level it’s like in the u.s. We have a dollar thailand, we have 60 cents India, we have 20 cents so? I’m excited to show. You the store i was actually doing a, live walk around the market I’ll post a link to that but i was just walking around the market Exploring when i stumbled upon this store it was so phenomenal and one of my subscribers, jason and one of my friends He suggested that i make a separate video Just showing the dollar store i agree i think is a good idea so here we go let’s? Check out this store But first i might need to get a bite to eat Okay, so i’m walking, by and i see some of this food, oh, my, god chickpeas they Just looks delicious I cannot resist i must have some Speaking of which like people have, asked, me about street food and comments, about street food i eat it Looks clean to me like you know, it doesn’t look filthy i’m not in a super dirty area And so i’ve never had an, issue so i’m ready to eat Alright. I got this channa. it is delicious now. By the way i have one hand to hold, my camera it’s just made as my, own and this You, want to see me take a bite this, may look, really ridiculous It’s really, good it’s very savory people are looking at me like I’m crazy might not be wrong anyway this is delicious i’m really enjoying it Street food at its finest i think this is 20 rupees 30 cents a really good snack Now, let’s check out the store All right this is the place. this is the magical store everything in here Twelve rupees when i was first coming, back here at this market i literally thought it was a mistake like, how Could everything be just twelve rupees is just outside Because these are like little strainer Piggy, banks. Piggy banks are popular they were in the Thailand store, also have piggy, bank so they’re really different, these are definitely like the thin sort of taking a Little buckets things for pouring stuff a lot of the things in this store Are plastic but not everything, oh wow. They even have little Cups, ceramic mug, some glasses over here We’re, not even inside yet all this stuff is 20 cent you guys 20 cents people tell me so i have friends Who spend a lot of time in Thailand. and i spend a lot of time in thailand and Both say to me like and i say india cheaper, and they’re, like india cheaper than thailand? Cheaper than cheaper than thailand you can see it here by thailand doesn’t have stuff for 20 cents Check it out All right so this section in the entryway has a lot of like Cosmetic sort of things so this area has a bunch of hair clips headbands Other area over here glass bracelet i mean all kind cute i thought of that for 20 cents other little bracelets decorative things over here other types of great things These are like gold looking of course not gold for 20 cents multicolored bracelets, oh my, gosh This, stuff is a glitter in it do you know, what this is for i? Honestly have no idea maybe Maybe it’s just a glitter but it’s in a section for hair stuff but i don’t know. How. You use hair stuff with glitter Henna, this is for all the beautiful henna that the indian women wear there’s a lot, let’s keep looking Now i’m getting into another area this sort of has a lot of like tupperware so, bowls with lids wow i’m hot There’s a lot in this store to be honest so i’m having…it is hot here and i have to stay covered I have this tank top underneath you but the scarf is on top, and usually it’s, okay, but like Starting to get quite hot, so i’m feeling I’m feeling, like we’re Gonna have to be quick in this store because i need to go back to my hostel and get some a/c but, okay? Some kind of plastic Little scissors This, looks like a sippy cup, toothbrushes wow you can even get a peeler sorts of condiments cups Now you see, they have, fans in here but, they are not on. that is not right because it’s hot people I’m about to pass out like i’m not even like a person, who sweats often It’s India the heat is real okay? They, have, like, well presses for making chapattis we’re, making you know whatever bread people, wanna, make that’s pretty awesome i didn’t notice that during, my live video i Did from here i went through everything but i did not see that Yeah, it’s cute cute little balls Okay, this is labeled is being more than 12 baht. this one says 250 So 250 baht is still just like under three dollars No, it’s more than three dollars anyway, not a ton of money So, still affordable but not 20. Cents all these other things, though i Don’t know, what this i was this is another? Like, piggy, banks it’s like a, bear bank All right more tupperware Now, these are labeled as 20 rupees so these are 30 cents for these serving serving spoons Okay, so some of these things are labeled for a bit more this strainer is labeled for 50 rupees still endured a dollar it’s about 80 cents maybe remember like This, is labeled this is a uh a. Juice thing this is labeled 55 rupees still under a dollar a dollar Here 60 rupees it’s really like 63…65 rupees is a dollar i think of it it’s just 60. Oh wow. This like a, decent i’m at. That peeler This one it’s 20 rupees that is 30 cents Wow wow wow? Okay this store is phenomenal? little containers Guys, i hope you enjoyed this video but as a solo traveler it is really important to look out for yourself To, fend for yourself even at the expense of others. that is what i must do right, now i’m a Save myself and get out of this heat i’m going to get it over right now Go, back to my hostel because i am exhausted So there’s more to come there are things to look at more things to see and do i’ll Be here in india for another month and i’m heading to europe, so make sure you, subscribe so you, don’t, miss anything and Cool, let me get some let, me get some a/c right, now i’ll catch you later

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  1. You are a very popular in India I see :). I am always up for cheap shopping.. Cheaper than Thailand..WOW. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My husband told me that the taj mahal building is so beautiful and very detail, he went there before he met me, i wanna go there but i'm afraid that i will scammed by some people there…

    Anyways Nice video and be careful!

  3. Quick question, it is possible to get high quality internet where you are? Like, comparable to Thai AIS fibre high speed. Thanks!

  4. I'll be back in Chennai tomorrow. I've never looked around this city, I just come for the bus stop lol. I should make time tomorrow before I leave again.

  5. Please don't say that the food looks filthy m'am. In India food is equal to god. I was offended by this.I love your vlogs. I haven't expected this from you.

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