Insider Fashion! Too LIT, even for KPOP Idols?! Swept the Vintage Shop Clean![Becoming Insider] EP.7

This is the hub of fashion
for super insiders. (Amazed)
Wow! (Amazed2)
Oh! I didn’t know about this place. Oh, it’s nice! (Clap) Is this Supreme? (Good bargain allowed)
$49. Yeah, baby! It’s cool. It’s unique. This is important.
Who’s coming to the party? Right, we have to go to the party. (What party are they going to?)
Go, go! Party, go! (Becoming Insiders) Hello. (Giddy1)
♪ We’re in Hongdae, yeah ♪ (Giddy2) Where are we? – Hongdae!
– Hongdae! Are we in Hongdae? I’ve never seen Hongdae
this empty before. (Insider active hours begin
at 9 a.m.) This is the hub of fashion for super insiders in Korea. Here? Not here, but over, over there. (Over, over there) Are we getting dressed up today? Yes, we are. (Scanning) I wore something simple. Like always, right? (Without doubt)
Yeah. (Shush / Quiet)
Shush, nobody knows. But why are you two (Couple look)
matching? (Korean skills)
It’s telepathy. (No mint green is the same) Where’s my stylist? – Love.
– She’s back there. (Sam’s Korean)
I thought I got used to it, but telepa… Telepath… Are you hungry or something? I see a gold envelope. (Acclimation complete)
Come on. Come on. Do super insiders wear pants like those? Look at her earrings. (Super insider earrings) Should we pierce our ears too? (Um)
Um… Well… (Can’t hear you)
What? (Sam Okyere – Scared of needles) Congratulations. You’ve been invited to
the insider party. (Today’s mission is to buy clothes
for the party) The dress code is insider. Very simple. Insider. I have a big responsibility. You’re the teacher. (To be honest)
Actually, I don’t want to toot my own horn. (Asia Awards
Fashionista Award) How do you want to style me? (Already done)
Something comfortable. (Money saved)
My kind of style. (So comfy)
Size 300 for my shoes too. (Stern)
Don’t do that. (Irrationalism prevention)
Stop that. (Super insider pants) – What’s this?
– It’s not money, is it? Oh, it’s money? Nice. – How much?
– How much? They call themselves insiders, but they used small bills (Knows PD well)
to make it look like a lot. (All $10 bills)
Wow. What’s with the $2? $572. 572. Oh! (Nice going, staff) (Insider pound) (PD)
With these $5,720… – Not $5,000. Hello?
– We don’t have $5,720. Excuse me. (Such lies)
You added another zero. Let’s go. We dress up and go to the party. (Super giddy) Who’s coming to the party? (Preview
Amazing party organized) Is this for real? For real? – Let’s go.
– Let’s go transform. – Transform?
– Yeah, transform into insiders. We should transform. “Transform” reminded me
of something else. You know what I mean? (Becoming Insiders) Here we are. (Hongdae insider vintage shop)
Vintage Brother. Vintage Brother. The mannequins are all… (Proud) It’s a bit too much. (Sam Okyere – Can’t lie) I love the color of the pants. (Insider color) I like these pants. Wow. That’s cool. (Too many running threads) Oh, this is kind of (A decade ahead of its time)
futuristic. – Carrying more batteries in the future.
– Oh, it’s Levi’s. It’s from Levi’s. (Pinnacle of retro, Levi’s) Let’s see if it fits. (How fashionistas measure size) – If it goes around your neck…
– Oh, it fits you. This is mine. Yeah… – It’s so mine.
– No. Oh! (Amazed)
Wow. (Amazed)
Wow. (Amazed)
Wow. It’s Metallica. (Amazed)
Oh, this one’s really nice. (Let’s go inside now) Oh, hello. (Owner1)
Nice to meet you. (Owner2)
Hello, nice to meet you. (Super insider vibes)
So stylish. (Polite Chan)
Hello. (Polite idols)
Hello. (In just 5 seconds)
Do you have rings? Oh, sorry. Give him yours. (Yo, this is salesmanship) (Note: No rings at Vintage Brother)
Why are you looking for rings? Oh, this is cool. (For Gongchan, this is Parisienne)
It has Paris vibes. I didn’t know about this place. (Overalls)
What do you think? I like it. It seems right up your alley. (Really likes it)
It is. Wow. This is heaven! I really like this. (Scanning) (Neglected outsider) (Neglected outsider2) (Watch your eyesight)
Let’s see. Oh, that’s nice. (Yeah?) What do insiders wear these days? There are different types
of insiders nowadays. European insiders. Japanese insiders. – Domestic insiders.
– How about Hongdae? If you wear those clothes, (Super insider clothes in Hongdae)
you can be a super insider. That’s right. (Super silk)
It’s kind of… As expected from a model. (Yo, this is salesmanship) (Finishing move)
Look at the mirror. (Loving it) (PD)
You’re too focused on your own clothes. (Sam Okyere – Fashion teacher)
Sorry, sorry. Don’t you care about us? (Frantic) You should wear something like this. (Focus next time
No shopping alone) Hey, they have jumpsuits. You could wear (Sounds like stuttering)
something like this… (Seal clap) (Flustered) Oh, this is nice. Is this $100? (Unbelievable)
Is it $10 or $100? (Note: Some vintage items are expensive)
It’s $100. (Shocked at price tag) (If someone laughs during shopping,
it’s because of this) – That’s cute.
– Right? This one’s more pricey. How much is it? (Pricier by $20)
It’s $120. This is all you’ll get. (Business friendship) (Hongdae insider clothes)
Oh, this is nice. Try it on. (Sandeul – Shops once a century)
I haven’t gone shopping in 100 years. (Excited) Oh. Oh, I feel it. (It’s like I’m an insider) (Am I getting it right?) The best pick is the one (2019 Asia Awards Fashionista Award)
you think is nicest. There’s no formula to how fashion should be done. (Learning) (Then I choose this) (Cold
There are still bad picks) – This one.
– Stop that. (Okay)
Okay. (Guiding them to greener pastures) (Gone astray)
Teddy bear! The teddy bear is so cute! Isn’t this so adorable? (And no one answered) (It’s Gongchan)
What about you, Gopchang? What should I get? You look good in anything. (Scanning with sharp eyes) (Hm) (Thinking
Wildly crazy) (That one?) (No, just shopping for himself) You keep looking for your own. (Sam Okyere – Fast apologies)
♪ Sorry, sorry ♪ So what do you like? (Already said) (Stutter)
W-What do you like? Something crazy
that I normally wouldn’t wear. He’s different. He’s cool. He’s unique. (Oh, I see) (Super insider
Toss over to the owner) If you’d like… This one is very loose. I personally like this fashion. (Very different)
He’s different. (Really unique)
He’s unique. (Flustered, but going with it) (Whisper)
You don’t like it? Huh? Wow, this one’s really nice. Wow… Wow, this one’s really nice. Oh, is this Supreme? That one’s a bit pricey. (Ghana Won Bin – How much?)
How pricey? (Whisper)
Over $1,000. $1,000? It’s over $1,000. Wow, I think our budget should be $5,000 instead. Nope. (With discount)
Well… (Nope)
It has a resell price attached. Why did you have to pick this one? (Pricey item picker) (Levi’s
Gives up Supreme) (Futuristic item)
It’s futuristic. Oh, this one’s nice too. I like it. (Self-amazement)
Wow. – How much are the pants?
– $180… What? $180? Since it has a lot of pockets… ($18 per pocket, expensive pockets)
$10, $20… Gongchan, how often do you shop
in a year? Once? (PD / What?)
Once a year? Seriously? (Shops every day)
Once a year? O-Once. How many games in a year? (Gongchan – Gamer of over 20 years) Oh, wait. This one’s nice. Isn’t this nice? (♪ Giddy ♪)
Oh, it’s very nice. This one’s kind of masculine. (Not the shoes) Oh, now it’s nice. (Owner)
Your backside… (Bad hands)
Your hipline is… (Zoom in speed) Stop looking! (Owner – Pleased…)
We can’t look away. Oh, it’s nice. Should I wear a hat? I’m so giddy. (Pressing down) (Just a big eye patch) (Can’t see)
How am I supposed to move about? Oh, that’s why people have
their heads like this. (Chooses vision instead)
Hey, I’m done picking. Oh, good. Here you are. – Are you going to leave like this?
– Yeah. Then the clothes you came in… You threw them out? Oh. (Sandeul – Wildly cool)
Already? Please throw them out, stylist. (Jumpsuit and shoes=$100
Remaining $470) (Becoming Insiders) You’re totally a super insider. You’re going well with Hongdae now. Right? – Yes!
– Hello. (Emphasis)
Does he look like a super insider? (Not super, just insider)
He looks like an insider. (Shopping to be a super insider2)
This is underground too. Wow, it’s so nice! (This is the place) How about this? (Insider necklace)
This is hot. (Gongchan’s pick) (Insider power UP) (Tuck it in)
It’s powerful stuff. (Be careful of your skin)
It’s cold, isn’t it? Get it. These two (Rings)
and these four. $65.30. – $65.30?
– What? (Startled) Just this costs $5.90. Okay, let’s leave the rings. (Cold)
Leave the rings. You don’t shop like this
normally, right? No. (Gongchan – Shops once a year)
You’re exhausted. (Still a long way to go)
That’s not a good sign. (Hongdae super insider vintage shop
Not the last, can’t be exhausted) Oh, I like it already. Oh, I love this. I really like it. Oh, this is nice. (Artificial leather, it’s July soon)
I love it. What do you think, Sandeul? – Let’s see.
– I think you’ll be hot. (Hurt) Small sacrifices. (Dealing with neck pain)
Small sacrifices. Whoa, it’s definitely different. It’s full of nice stuff. This definitely stands out. It’s different. (Hurt / His personal opinion) Oh. Wow, amazing. – Wow, that’s nice.
– This is nice. This is definitely for Gongchan. – Isn’t this for you?
– No, no. (Sam Okyere – Scolded by PD earlier)
Not me… It’s nice. I feel it. It’s nice. Oh, yeah. (Nervous now)
It really is nice. (Pants)
These are nice too. The price is good too. I like it! (Gongchan’s moms) (Once-a-year shopper buys when it fits)
It’s very nice. Ma’am. We’d like to buy these. Yes, which ones? (Wearing something too)
This one and this one. If you follow us on Instagram… (Note: Discount when following their IG) Sam-Chan-Deul. Where is it? (No unfollowing / Can’t back out) (Chain, jacket, and pants=$220
Remaining $350) (Super insider’s sociability 1000%)
It’s nice, right? – Yeah.
– Right? What about his clothes? (Student)
Nice. (Clingy)
How is it nice? (Expectant) (Expectant and nervous) (Student)
He’s a good model. (♥Like♥) (Favorite lines)
Oh, I like it already. (Hongdae super insider vintage shop)
Already. Wait, I’ve been here. – You have?
– Yeah, I’ve been here before. I came to get some overalls. – Really?
– That’s awesome. A lot of celebrities came here. (Also celebs)
So many celebs have been here. – Wow!
– Oh! Wow. Wow. It’s definitely different. (Different every time)
Wow, it’s definitely different. It’s like a whole new world. This is nice. Look at this. It’s a keyboard. (Totally futuristic)
Wow, awesome. It’s heavy. Wow. (Note: Clothes at TLAK are heavy) (Stare) Hey, it’s even more expensive. (Talent: Choosing pricey clothes)
It’s almost $300. – But it’s…
– This one’s $450. (Help me, owner)
Sir. (Owner – Picking out affordable ones) Oh, this is nice. I just need a shirt now. – A shirt?
– Yeah. What kind of shirt? (That) (Unchanging taste) (Him too) (Owner certified)
It’s nice. He’s a model. Oh, it’s nice. I like it. Oh, $49. Oh, yeah, baby. (Asia Fashionista) You’re out of this world. They all look good on you. (That’s right) Sandeul, choose what you like. (Watch / Necklace / Sunglasses
???/ Earrings / Brooch) Oh, this is interesting. Razor blade ring. Oh, I like it. Oh, that’s nice. (Insider shades)
Sunglasses? And to go a little further… (Can’t forget Supreme) Nice, right? It’s nice though. It’s like I’m going home
after a drinking party. (Daddy’s coming home) We have $62 left. ($62 remaining, mission success) (Turning heads)
Don’t you feel like insiders? Yeah, we’re total insiders. (Total insiders)
Seriously. (No one)
Everyone’s looking at us. (Really no one)
Super insiders. (Super insider tension) (Becoming Insiders) From top to bottom. Super insider. (Gongchan – Unique and different) Okay, guys. (Expressing frustration)
♪ Too bad it’s already 12 o’clock ♪ Don’t just dance anywhere. In Hongdae, super insiders dance
when there’s music. (Hongdae) (Insider) (Sam Okyere – Hongdae insider)
Okay, okay. We’re the only super insiders
in Hongdae, it seems. (Of course…)
Nobody’s dancing. Are you happy? (Customer satisfaction 100)
Yes. – Really?
– I’m happy. – I’m so happy.
– So happy. This is important.
Who’s coming to the party? Right, we have to go to the party. Isn’t it just the three of us? (Black envelope)
What? It’s black. We’ve never gotten a black one before. Oh, it’s cool. (Cool) We sincerely invite you
to the insider party. – Dress code.
– Insider. (Phone)
It’s possible that we can’t get in. – What is it?
– What is it? What are you doing? Why are we turning? – What is this?
– Isn’t it the location of the party? It’s the location of the party. Oh, really? Isn’t this Hapjeong? (Nope!) Wait, it’s a school. It’s your school. – School?
– Oh, Hongdae. Hongik University? (Nope!) Isn’t it Sogang? Sogang University? It looks like Sogang.
It’s Sogang, right? Right? (Yes, that’s right) I’m a Sogang graduate. Indeed. It’s your home away from home. (Many homes – Minimum of 3)
Yes, my home. (Sogang University)
Computer engineering. Is this in real time? (Yes, in real time
This is cutting-edge) Oh, awesome. People are walking around. They’re moving. The world has become
a fascinating place. (Insider ancestor – Millennial)
We didn’t have these back then. (Sandeul – Insider power UP)
Look at this technology. Wow. I’m sorry,
but my professor isn’t coming, is he? Are you scared of him? (Insider teacher scared of his teacher)
A little bit. Let’s get going. Let’s go to Sogang University! Party! One, two, three! Sam! Chan! Deul! – Let’s get it!
– Let’s get it! Let’s go! Let’s go! (Becoming Insiders) (Sam Okyere – Asia Fashionista) (Sandeul – Sentimental balladist) (Gongchan – Cool in anything) (Worried / Coolness overload) (Eye contact) (Sandeul – Reality hits) – Okay, nice work.
– The old lady. (Becoming Insiders)

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