Intro To Vintage Bicycles : Vintage Bicycle Accessories

So here’s another grouping of things that
people like to collect if they don’t want to collect a complete bicycle, or if they
collect complete bicycles. You always find little parts as you’re as you’re looking for
for complete bikes. So here, I’ve got some chain guards on top here. This is a chain
guard. Goes over the chain, and keeps you from getting grease on your pants. This one
was made by Firestone. This was from a bicycle made by Firestone. Here are three Schwinn
chain guards. Now the colors of the Schwinn bikes were great, and this was called campus
green, flamboyant blue, and people collect these, they hang them on the wall. They actually
do look kind of nice if you if you put them on a wall. Lighting, this is an old Miller
light. It looks very rusty; I’ll talk about that in a minute. A fort crown, just another
shiny piece. The old reflectors like this; glass, hard to find, and great. Sometimes
somebody’s restoring a bike and this is the last piece they need, so that you can get
a lot of money for any of these parts. There were many in the 50’s, there were many different
kinds of plastic rear lights. They would hold a a C type battery, and there’s so many different
styles. Some would go on the handlebars; some would go on the back of the bike. It is a
classic three-speed shifter. We’ll talk a lot more about these later. This is a horn,
and here’s the horn button. This looks terribly rusty, but believe it or not, as I’ll show
you later, this chrome can clean up pretty well, and this thing could look a lot better
than it does. Leather saddles, this saddle; you could actually probably still ride this,
but it’s missing a rivet. This this leather is just about done. There are things you can
do to improve it, but it also looks really cool in this state. Another accessory that
would go with this is the classic saddlebag that would attach to the back of this. And
license plates; there are all kinds of license plates. These are actually a set of reproduction
plates. It was all I I had handy right now and these are all from the eighties, but different
states, different styles, and people do collect these.

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