Introduction to Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide []

>>Terry Kovel: Hi I’m Terry Kovel and I’m
one of the authors of Kovel’s Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide.  This book has
been around for over 40 years and a brand new book is written every year. Every single
entry, every single picture is brand new every year.  We get calls and letters from people
saying that they don’t quite know how to find things.  This is a lesson on how to
use the book.  First of all we get the prices from all over
the place.  We get them from shows; shops, a few online, flea markets, collectors groups
and of course we go shopping.  These are all new and they are not estimates.  We have a special format which took us years
to put together.  We had to make it go with the computer.  First we list the category
which could be dolls, tramp art or silver.  Then we list the item, the description which
includes in most cases the pattern, description of the design, the maker if we can find it. 
It always ends in the date and the price.  We have 700 categories in this book and you
have to think a little bit to know where they go, because we have categories like Royal
Doulton which is easy and says so in the book.  We have categories which say dental and you
have to think about that.  If you have a set of false teeth, you have to look in the
dental section.  We also have as you can see 2,500 pictures.  They are all brand new
beautiful pictures with a caption under each one telling you exactly what it is.  If you
are looking for the description in the book you can also find illus. (illustrated) printed
right next to anyone that has a picture.  The book has prices that range roughly from
.25 cents to 10,000 dollars.  Although, we sometimes add in pieces that are a little
bit higher especially if you have an exceptional collection.  For example; mechanical banks
one year went from $40 to $50,000 because they were pristine, where as in other years
the same bank in normal condition might have been $3 to $4,000.  That is most of what
you will find in here.  We have a lot of other special features. 
It is color coded.  If you look at the side of the book you will find the colors and if
you go into one of the sections you will find that there is a color code on each piece and
all of the little sidebars and things that go with that are in the color blue.  There
is also a very extensive index at the back which tells you where things are.  If you
did not quite pick the right spot, you can try looking back there.  It also has an internal
indexing section which says things like in the doll section “for Barbie see Mattel.” 
Dolls are listed by the maker, not by the name of the doll.  That is your beginning
lesson.  Go in and try to see what you can find in
Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide and I’m sure you will find it useful. 
In the meantime, go out and buy something and you can tell if your paying the right

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  1. I have an old silverware set its gold in a wood box the original box it came in wanted to know the price

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