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(fun upbeat music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute and today I’m answering the question, why is estate jewelry less
expensive than new jewelry? And it is true. A same or similar piece in estate jewelry can often be less expensive
than it is in new jewelry. And why is that? The reason is new jewelry
we’re making it today and we’re paying today’s labor rates and we’re setting the price based on what it cost to
make the piece of jewelry. So when you buy a stone, the stone has to be paid for, anybody cutting the stone, and then actually making the jewelry at today’s gold and gem prices and at today’s labor prices. That’s how the prices are set. An estate piece of jewelry
is set differently. The price is set differently because everybody’s
already been paid one time. So the estate jewelry is based on what somebody’s willing to pay for it on the secondary market. It’s a different thing. And some pieces of estate
jewelry are highly desirable because they’re a design
that is still loved today and some not so much
because it’s just a design that we think has gone out of style and doesn’t appeal to us. So it can vary quite a
lot on the estate market. Hopefully new jewelry is desirable because we’re making it for people today. Not always, but hopefully it is desirable. Estate jewelry can go either way. And while estate jewelry can cost less than a similar piece today, usually it often costs much more than it would have cost
to buy it at the time because generally labor costs
and prices have gone up. What can happen is a piece
can be so undesirable that people just don’t
like the style anymore that it gets broken up. It actually gets torn apart
and the gems taken out of it and the metal melted down for scrap. Because it’s jewelry, it does have value, intrinsic value in just
what’s in the piece and that’s how a lot of estate jewelry sort of gets lost to time. It gets remade into other pieces. This has been Your Jewelry Minute. If you’ve got a jewelry-related question, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time. (fun upbeat music)

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  1. I truly enjoy all your videos Jill! I’ve collected fine jewelry for 30 years and I’ve still learned more from you that I realized that I didn’t know ? I knew Estate jewelry was a bit less expensive but in your opinion should you insure Estate pieces at replacement cost of new jewelry because you would not be able to get that exact piece again or it might be really difficult depending on the piece? I think it might be of value to your subscribers if you could educate us on the importance of insuring our jewelry. I learned that it’s not just theft that can take our jewels it can be many other things. My best friends home literally burned to the ground many years ago and she was not able to recover her jewelry box of fine jewelry because it was under the debris of a 3500 sq ft house and what was left of all the furnishings even though the removal company did their best to look for it as they started their process. There are so many natural disasters such as flooding that you hear about in today’s world where people lose everything very quickly and these are the type of occurrences that people don’t always think about the possibility of not only everything to do with their home being lost but their jewelry as well. Again, thank you for all your time and effort in always bringing us wonderful information and have a lovely weekend! Kat

  2. It is good to know. For me I really can’t tell a jewelry is old or new. If the style and price is good then it is definitely a good deal to buy estate jewelry. Thank You so much for sharing ❤️

  3. That makes sense. By the way, I never did find a Weiss piece on etsy that I felt the need to purchase. I like them but they all seemed so sparkly and fancy that they'd require I sport a ballgown. I'll keep looking to see if I can find something more suited for everyday.

  4. I always thought the opposite, I thought that Estate jewelry was more expensive. Thanks for clearing that up but it does make sense because of today's prices and labor. Have a good weekend Jill!

  5. I wish you would explain that to the estate sellers here in San Antonio. They really think they need to charge an arm, a leg, a torso, and any other limbs they feel are necessary. I understand the value behind it, but most times they truly do over charge on estate sale items.

  6. So Interesting. For some reason I thought it was the opposite, but putting into perspective all you shared, it totally makes sense!

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