Is My Lady Dior Fake or Vintage? Reveal & Story Time | eBay Valet | How to Authenticate

Hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel My name is Jessica and today’s video is going to be a bag reveal and also story time as well as some tips on tricks On how to authenticate the first version or which I’m going to call vintage version of the lady dior bag so that is what I’m going to be revealing and Also, just kind of telling you my story and figuring out how to make sure that yours is authentic So let’s go ahead and get started so here is my New to me vintage or first edition lady Dior bag This is in the medium or classic size, and I bought it from ebay authenticate I’m sorry ebay valet not ebay authenticate so I will give you a sort of a storytime about that in a moment But I just first want to talk a little bit about the bag this bag was it is of classic I think the most classic bag from Dior. I really wanted it. I was really excited to get it This is the medium classic size I could not decide between The mini the medium or the large and when I do a review I’ll show you some pictures of me trying them on and trying to decide Which size to get but this is the classic and so I decided to get this one and I really did like it I also Liked that had a zip closure Which the small or mini does not so that is sort of a little overview of the bag? It is in black lambskin obviously. It’s the gold hardware, but I will show you How I knew it was authentic first I would kind of tell you my story so I bought this from eBay valet There is a eBay sellars, which is just people selling their own things then eBay actually does the selling in some instances So you can send them your items And they will sell them for you you get less profit less percentage of commission But you don’t have to do any of the work so that can be helpful ebay authenticate is a new offshoot which I know there are a couple videos out there talking about which is where they sell your luxury bags and Basically, they have to be in really good condition Luxury bags. I mean they’re trying to basically become like a fashionphile yoogi’s closet that sort of thing eBay valet you send them anything and so this person sent in this bag and EBay Valley was selling and they were also selling one in Navy, but I really wanted the black I got a really good deal on it and when I got it, and I opened it up I looked it over and I said this bag is fake, and I had spent a lot of time researching lady Dior’s I bought one off of Poshmark which turned out to be fake, which I could tell very easily it was a really bad fake, so that one was pretty obvious, but this one I Was kind of surprised about because I know that eBay Valet You know looks over and authenticates their items before they go they don’t have the guaranteed authenticity that eBay authenticate has but they do Authenticate their items and so I was kind of thinking okay? Well, maybe now. That’d be they authenticate exist everyone that used to authenticate from eBay valet is now over there and authenticating there I wasn’t sure but I got this and I said this is fake And I want to tell you the things I realized about it which made me think that it was fake Then after I was upset I’d opened up a claim And I had asked to return it and I said these are the reasons why I think it’s fake And they immediately accepted the return they do accept hassle-free returns but I Thought that they were kind of admitting that they thought it was fake because they were paying for shipping which a lot of times They’ll accept returns, but you have to pay for the return shipping But I guess they didn’t want to get into the hassle of it, so they were just kind of like okay Then that night I was like alright fine I guess I’m gonna have to spend more money than I really wanted to To make sure I’m gonna get a real one because there are a ton of fakes out there And I was really upset about it, and so I thought okay Let me just look on fashion for other things and of course they were significantly more expensive than I paid for this one But all of a sudden I came across one on fashion file, and he looked at it, and I said This is this is the same bag This is the same thing that everything that I thought was fake about this bag is up here on fashion file And I was like something you streamed today. This is a vintage version fashion Pal doesn’t always take vintage I wasn’t sure what was going on so then I decided to do a ton more research So I spent a lot of time doing research and realize that actually The first version of the Lady Dior is different than the current version it’s been around for a long time And it hasn’t changed much But this first version was quite different Than the current version and so I realized oh my gosh all the things that I thought made it fake actually just indicate its age So I’m gonna tell you about those things anyway before I get into that I guess before I show you around I Looked at the item again. Then I said okay. I mean I send pictures to authenticate first which I did. It’s $10 They have expert authenticators, and they will authenticate your item for you So I sent them all of the pictures and really made sure I emphasized all the things that I wasn’t sure about and It came back, and they said it was real So I closed the returned I decided not to her in the bag and Here. I am so I loved it I actually really liked the older version Maybe eventually I’ll get a newer one But I’ll show you this bag and the condition that it is in I’m not gonna do a review I may save my shots and that sort of thing for later because I want to use it before I Give a review and show what fits inside and all that this is really just a story time so anyway this bag is real But I do want to show you what I saw that made me kind of question that so the first thing I noticed and I went to see the lady or in person a few different times I talked to the sales associates and a lot of times They said you know the bag hasn’t changed that much over time and these are things that are constant But of course again this first version was a little bit different so one thing is that the handles fold all the way down Now the leather is a little warped so there that could help Make it sort of fall all the way down and sometimes it does get caught and stay kind of in the middle But as you can see right now the handles have fallen down in the newer versions They stop here, so that is something. That’s a little bit different. I actually like that the handles fall the way down I think that that’s quite nice. It’s more comfortable when you’re carrying it On your shoulder this strap is a little bit smaller as well And so it’s really better for a shoulder bag it than a crossbody strap, but the strap is here And so I liked it folded down, but then I realized that you cover up the Dior And so you know you don’t see kind of the beauty of the bag quite as much That’s the first thing in terms of where I noticed that there was we’re on the corners But that was pretty much it, there’s a little bit of Stuff on the on the baguette can use another cleaning, but generally it’s pretty good The hardware’s got some minor scratches, but nothing terrible the worst is Right there, and it’s quite small so That’s the bag the biggest thing about this bag the biggest issue is the loss of shape so it’s stuff right now But I will show you what it looks like when it is not stuffed Here’s the bottom of the bag, so this is the next thing that I thought indicated that this bag was not real But in fact just makes it vintage this first first Edition is if it does not have feet so ladies your should have four or five feet in the newer version And they have sort of this special shape that a lot of other bags Don’t use so you know a lot of places had said to authenticate it make sure that the feet are correct So I got this bag and said well There are no feet so obviously this is not real again First version most of the authentication sites out there that say how do I thin to keep your lady if you are are not talking? About this first edition they’re only talking about the more recent versions So that was one thing Another thing that I kept in mind to authenticate was that the CD is the same on all of these that it is etched nicely of course another thing to notice is that the interior has The screw backs, so these aren’t actually screw backs But they are there to be reminiscent of this first sort of idea now perhaps Perhaps the newer ones have the fake screw backs just to be reminiscent of the first version and perhaps These are real, and it is just screwed in I’m not sure about that But I know that you want to make sure that it has this kind of screw backing This should be quite heavy as it is here this nice pull, and it should have These three different Rings going different directions basically So all of that indicate that it was in fact Real that’s the exterior the other things that I noticed were the interior so let me quickly Unstuff it so that I can show you that Okay, so here is the interior of the bag if you notice the Bag has lost its shape, so it kind of folds down right in here It folds over right here the longer. I leave it unstuffed the worse that becomes I did get a quilt from leather surgeons for 375 dollars to dye it back basically help to make the corners look better and also to go inside the bag and to fix the Structure of it basically so I probably will eventually do that, but that’s not something I feel they need it to do right now So if you get the black and you get the classic it has the classic lining and What I noticed was I thought that the zipper pull looked kind of cheap Then I discovered again all of those other bags out there from these reputable sites all had of the same pull and then Another thing you want to keep in mind this one was good for this. Is that it should have Stitching all around it even though. It’s not actually attached It should have this stitching and the top stitching should be a different color it also should have rounded edges It shouldn’t be a full square so this tag of course since it’s real is correct But then if you notice on the other side of the tag it says Made in Italy as it should but with no date code So the first version also didn’t have a date code So I don’t know exactly which year this is from but sometime in the 90s since that’s when this guy came out And it’s the first version. There’s also some CDs on the lining in there, which you can help To make sure that that is correct It’s got the connacher int but also it’s got those linings, and then the inside pocket Also has that as well, so hopefully that shows you some of the different aspects to look out for when you are authenticating Sarthe Tagg get stuck The other thing you may want to quickly notice is the shape the lines going down the side right the cannot print does get cut off So it’s not Completely the same. It’s not uniform all around the size. I believe of the print Either does not I actually don’t want to talk about that because I don’t know if it does not change And it’s the same number across or the size stays the same and so the bigger or smaller you get It has a different, but make sure that you know which how many of? these different diamond-quilted shapes should be on The correct size that you have so this is the medium and again, this is correct another thing to keep in mind is The handles the stitching should go around but not continue up this side it also should bump out like so And the Inside should have the same pattern see if you can see that Stitching should be at the same on that as well handle should be flat on The inside and the back should be pretty light. It’s pretty really quite comfortable to wear then you get to the charm The charms do get a little bit messed up So just because you see a picture and maybe all of the letters aren’t in the front doesn’t mean it’s not real they do get Kind of turned around but one thing to notice is the shape of the different letters Obviously the oh is the largest with the Oh should be attached to the black leather part and the black leather should say Do your on the backside if it says it on the front side? And it’s attached that way that is an indicator that it is not real so that is something else to keep in mind But hopefully that gives you a good idea of what to look for tells you my little bit of story time it also reveals this beauty that’s classic that I’m super excited to have in my collection if you have questions you want me to answer when I Do the review please let me know, but I hope again I hope this is helpful if you have any questions, and you want me to look at anything more specifically on my older version Please do let me know and I will be happy to help. Thank you so much for watching I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you in a later video. Bye

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