James Antique Man: Top 5 Places to Sell Antiques On-line

Top 5 Place to Sell Antiques On-line This is James Goetz Antique Man and today
we’re going to talk about my Top 5 Picks of where to Sell your Antiques
On-line, number five is Letgo, Letgo is a simple website. They use an app system
that you can upload to your cell phone. What I like about Letgo is it is free.
They do have a chat included on their website, also to sell things on their
website is really simple, you upload a picture, you do a small description, and
that’s it, so in my opinion it’s a really good place to sell your antiques and
collectibles. Number 4 is Etsy, Etsy used to be a
website that was only meant for selling new handcrafted items, but within the
last few years they started selling vintage items, and that’s really boosted
their website, and they became very popular. I believe that they’re very
recently prized for their fees, and that they have a really nice system, and I
think they’re also very competitive, so check Etsy out. Number 3 is Craigslist,
what I like about Craigslist is they have a wide variety of different sites
according to what city you live in you can do a search, and there’s a very good
chance that there is a Craigslist for your town, what I also like is they have
categories. They have an antique category, and they also have a collectible
category, their system to upload your items for sell is pretty simple, and the
best thing is the website is free to sell on, so check them out. Number 2 is
Facebook, Facebook is the largest social media site in the world,
a couple of years ago Facebook started Facebook marketplace. What they did is
they created these groups, and their buy and sell groups or auction groups, and
there’s several of them that are for Antiques & Collectibles, anybody can
create one of these and some of the groups are very large some are according
to your city that you live in, or your state or the type of item that you have
for sale, so definitely check out Facebook. my number 1 pick is eBay,
eBay has been around since the middle 90s, eBay is the largest auction site in
the world on-line, there are millions and millions of different auctions listed on
eBay every day, and millions of sales. What I love about eBay is their payment
system PayPal. They own PayPal, so it makes it very simple to be able to work
with your buyer, and the best thing of all is they are the largest marketplace,
so of course you’re going to get the most people on that site to look at your
items. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions you can email me
at [email protected] Please also Subscribe.

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