Jeffree Star x Morphe Artistry Palette Reveal!

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? now in today’s video I am unveiling something insane
that I’ve been working on for a very long time and it is part two of the
morphe x jeffree star collaboration!! oh my god it has been a wild journey.. my life
in 2019 has been so insane so let’s just do a little recap February of this year
me and Morphe launched our very first collaboration! we released a 7 piece
brush set together and listen we broke some records it was really beautiful to
see so much love & support for that collaboration and we ordered stock for
months and the Star Family wiped me out clean and it made me think of so many
other ideas and we really wanted to do more so before the 7 brushes even came
out a lot of this was in the works so just know I’ve always thought you know
you know me Jeffree Lynn always has a few things up her sleeve so when the
brushes came out I wanted to kind of almost create the tagline like you know
seven brushes right iconic but you you guys thought I was only gonna release
seven brushes with more feet come on now today we are unveiling a bigger
collection part two features the artistry palette the new set and
refreshed mist and a new 10 set eyes shadow brush set so are you ready let’s
dive in oh okay I am ready now oh listen you guys I just want to personally thank
every single person that purchased my first brush set with morphe it was so
insane and we of course are keeping these permanently they were available
individually y’all wipe disclaim but we do have some brush that’s available in
every morphe store and their online store but today we’re not talking about
number one baby we’re talking about child number two and I just want to dive
right into it you guys me and more if he has such a beautiful relationship you
guys know we’ve been opening up stores all over America and jeffree star
cosmetics is available in every single Morphy
store I just did an opening a few weeks ago and it was like it was unreal very
humbling and I just feel so grateful and I just can’t believe all this magic is
happening so thank you to you guys for even allowing of this collaboration to
happen and thank you to morphe for believing in me it’s been crazy so I’m
excited there’s a lot to talk about so I think it’s time to talk about the big
bitch in the room and no I’m not talking about my ass I’m talking about the
morphe jeffree star artistry palette good morning how are ya when me and
morphe were talking about what I wanted to create I wanted to create an
eyeshadow palette and a lot of them are like really like Jeffrey’s for cosmetics
you kill the eyeshadow game blood sugar blue blood jawbreaker like
I’m doing my own thing but I really wanted to bring the Jeffrey star
experience to a different price point and I could never do this unless I
collab with another brand so we all know I live and I know how to make an
eyeshadow but morphe they really kill it on makeup too and their eyeshadows are
on real I’ve always been a fan of their stuff I remember like one of my I think
2nd or 3rd videos I ever uploaded on my channel is reviewing the morphe 35o hi
that palette girl that sold millions of units and it was such a groundbreaking
thing at the time the price point how many shadows they were it was like
girl they did that so I thought you know I really want to make my own version and
give people a different experience so let’s talk about it ok so here’s what
the packaging looks like it has some amazing holographic tape of course
morphe Jeffrey star I want it to be very sleek very business Barbie like nothing
like jeffree star cosmetics I wanted this to have its own moment but of
course still incorporate my DNA now this bad baby has 30 shades yes you heard me
right 30 shades now there is an amazing love now on the back I want people to
read it when you buy it I’m not gonna read it here has a little sickening
picture of this thing over here with my signature and of course all the info now
this palette does have eyeshadows and pressed pigments just like my own brand
now let’s open it out of course you guys know it comes secured with bubble wrap
broken shadows girl we try to never let that happen
and here it is now the palette does match the box of course now introducing
the morphe jeffree star artistry palette oh my god here she is in all her glory
okay you guys let’s talk about it 30 shades this will be retailing for only
$35 and there is a lot in here so take it in and I want to say something that I
am really proud about this palette there is not one shade in jeffree star
cosmetics that is in this palette every single shade is different than anything
I’ve done in my own brand it of course is all custom the formula is beautiful
and there’s a few things in here that I haven’t created from my own brand and
war if he actually hasn’t done either like this little bitch right here your
weight you see on the lid girl I want to I want to break down everything for you
guys so this palette only $35 for 30 shades that is literally a dollar 16 per
shade and now I actually have a really crazy announced man you guys might be a
little shook but real quickly you guys I want to say something it’s not just $35
because we all know morphe you can use an affiliate code and get 10% off and
then this palette will only be $31.50 so drumroll please I think it’s time for
one more announcement finally after so many years of you guys asking we are
doing the first ever more feet jeffree star code yes baby now you guys you can
use code J star at checkout no more fees website or at any of their store
locations and get 10% off your entire order of course for any morphe products
including this entire collab oh my god you guys know i do a lot of charity work
and a lot of stuff like that so i really want to use this for that there are so
many organizations that me and Nathan have been working with and so has my
personal brand whether it’s with foster care mother is in need or shelter so
girl we’re gonna use our money for good use and I really appreciate all the
requests you guys more fees like bitch can we get a
code I always said no I never want people to think that I am biased but
girl jeffree star cosmetics is in every morphe store you guys know I love their
brand so hi Jade star a check out how are ya okay it’s time to swatch every
shade grab a Red Bull get a snag baby because we’re gonna go through all 30
now I’m gonna do what I did in one of my last reveals where I swatch a whole row
on my palm and we talked about it now there’s a lot in here I wanted this
palette to be very personal no crazy theme just all about me my life and us
so the first row it might be the most iconic row it literally all six shades
say it with me welcome back to my channel one noise
alright here is the first row here is welcome back to my channel one noise
okay so as you guys can see let’s dive in welcome is a beautiful just
straight-up like I see white gold silver very wedding and then we have back
beautiful just like baby soft pink and then we have two which is it really icy
shimmery pink I have this one actually right there on the brow bone Oh bitch
alright and then we have my which is a more softer muted coral pink love this
for a little transition shade you can use it as blush these two for blush and
then we have channel which is of course a beautiful burnt sienna orange and then
we have wand noise which is a tangerine metallic look at how it shifts in the
light it is so pretty alright I had to give it homage to my
iconic intro so there is the first row alright let’s dive into the second row
hi alright now this row listen every row is so special but this is like the
Geoffrey row of just beautiful moments so we have right here I’m gonna swatch
them of course on my hand again but I want to go down the line we have Lynn we
have a 1985 we have mogul we have self-made we have a dog
and we have honest truth yes now you guys see they this is a low girl every
row is its own look this one is just like mmm delicious
let’s swatch here is the entire second row swatch I don’t know what’s my
favorite every shade is like oh okay so Lin of course is perfect for setting the
brow bone I don’t have brows but you do so under the brow bone I’ve even seen a
few people that have played around with this and for the shoot use this under
the eye I’m like yes ma’am all right then we have 1985 right here it’s such a
good transition shade I love it really nice for a good warm brown smokey eye
and then of course we have mogul and self-made it’s beautiful just purple
pink hybrid berry shade and then of course I had to have an iconic pink but
not a pink that I’ve created before it is a more deeper magenta and of course
we have dog mom right here is such a beautiful
I see like sweet peach tea moment and then of course we have honest truth such
a good just like orange soft coral shade ooh
this color combo together how you doing girl alright now the third row of you
guys here they are they’re all swatch look at that first one hello alright the
first one was called designer label it is such a champagne icy metallic it is
beautiful and then of course we have mr. diva boss Angeles pink fleet Calabasas
and don’t know her okay now as you see there are formats and two shimmers I
kind of forgot to talk about that you guys I’ve been so excited about this
palette there are a lot of mattes there are of course some amazing metallics and
then you will see a few new formulas right here of a really buttery metallic
and a crazy straight-up pressed glitter and it’s not just any
press clear it’s amazing but back to this row of course real quickly here are
all the swatches for row and number three so far what is everyone’s favorite
sound off below now let’s dive in into the fourth row because that gold glitter
baby it’s a wrap okay the fourth row it is very magical let’s start off with it
you guys already pre Swach it right now on my hands with just
my finger you guys no primer no trickery but good afternoon okay let’s start off
from left to right we have rolls with it we have millions which is a pressed gold
glitter look at that you guys that is literally one swatch hi and then we have
girl and then we have what’s the Tea Room Rome and custom rims now listen
I’ve seen palette to have pressed glitters in them hmm
a lot of times it’s hit or miss but this one you guys you literally just take it
with your finger you barely touch it and it’s like wow you can just take it and
put it right on the lid you can pat it on you really don’t need to use a brush
with this shade it’s literally pure gold like literally the other day I wore this
by itself with a little brown in my crease and just lash and girl I was
ready to this is a big palette we are finally reaching the end alright this is
the fifth and final row honey here are the swatches let’s go down from
left to right look at that first one oh she is blind alright this is called glam
rapids and then we have awaken baked and then the hot green is called Nate and
then we have drive through hi dude and fast lane of course you guys know every
shade in this palette represents something personal for me and my life
and it’s all just everything about me the family the dogs my life so you guys
know that too all of that but look at the shades could we just talk about
these like oh I’m gag the house okay I can’t believe it but that was all 30
shades of the artistry palette I can’t believe it I am so proud of this and I
hope you guys are in love with it just as much as I loved creating it so quick
recap of course when you’re on morphe site or in store you can use code J star
and actually right now you can use it it is active now that this video is live
and this palette will be retailing for $35 with the code only 3150 light girl
how you doing now I really wanted every shade name to
be on the actual palette so you guys will see there there
and then I wanted there to be a big mirror so you guys are getting the
Geoffrey start experience always every thing in this and collection of course
was made from the heart and there’s there’s a little bit more so now that
we’ve talked about the pallet we have a few more things in this beautiful
collection so let’s talk about the next one it is the jeffree star more feet set
and refresh mist let’s rewind when morphe first launched their iconic
continuous setting mist in this black component the world was a little shook
everyone fell in love with that it has become such a staple in people’s lives
including mine I love this it is so good but I always you know me I always
envisioned everything pink and I really wanted a pink version of this but with a
little bit more magic and a little bit more of a refreshing moment where you
just felt like oh girl you know what I mean
so I had to do it I created my own Geoffrey star and Morphy continuous set
and refresh mist BAM here is what the packaging looks like I wanted to have a
full on pink moment and I dreamed of this and morphe was like oh my god
yes we live so it comes in a new scent and a new flavor if you will and it is
called this star very flavor it is like strawberry mixed in with a little bit of
hocus-pocus and it is so good it’s heavenly let’s open it up and let’s see
what she looks like whoa all right here she is yes okay this is
oh my god you guys this is gonna be your new favorite thing let me just tell you
that let’s open her up this is what the packaging looks like of course it has
the star berry logo on top of the cap of course it has the iconic jeffree star
shades of pink and it is one of my new favorite things now we all know the
original morphe spray is $16 baby mine is only $2 more at 18 in your public
girl tell us why you know I’m always transparent my is set and refresh mist
the ingredients they’re a little bit more special they have a little bit more
magic it is a very hydrating formula it is infused with glycerin and vitamin E
it makes your skin feel so good it also has very
ingredients and it is amazing alright now that we’ve talked about the product
I want you guys to see how the mist works now it is very similar to the
iconic morphe original continuous setting mist but of course the mist is
continuous but it is just a little bit more delicious so I’m gonna grab Nate
really quick and show you guys how it works on his face
thank baby dude all right now Nate lives for this can you we were finally talking
about this I know okay so I want to show them the mist how it works how it looks
somebody used Nate’s face as an example he has no moisturizer on just kind of
you know got back from the gym yes my TV show showing all right cool so first of
all here’s how it is not spraying on someone this is just the continuous mist
by itself yes oh she’s going mm-hmm she is going oh my god it smells so good all
right yes it’s powerful but not like a geyser weren’t like sprays you it’s a
really nice fine mist and it just gets everywhere definitely right where you
need it I was like it looked like it was like a perfect yes all right you ready
baby I’m ready so what I like to do is just literally hold it down and watch
your spray how do you feel so good it smells so good so what do you think
right off the bat it reminds you of like obviously it’s a strawberry flavor
definitely I would have to say it’s like we’ve been eating so much of it I think
lately heads yeah it’s like Pez candy yes it is so delicious it’s so fresh and
it is one of my new favorite things I think I’ve ever created that smells so
good all right thank you bring my model baby
yeah baby okay you guys that is it for the jeffree star more feet set and
refresh spray now you thought it was done girl absolutely not okay since the
first eye shadow brushes did so well you guys I wanted to make more so of course
you guys know I had these beautiful icicle pink chrome
dreams I had to create more but I wanted to switch up the packaging this time so
I created ten more brushes with morphe and I am listen let’s just open and dive
right in oh also hi okay thus hold on you guys stop pump the
brakes I forgot that hi how are ya okay so the
beauty sponge a trio we redid the packaging we’re bringing them back they
did so well this year and I really love these I use them literally every day
whereas when I was literally just using I use these every single day for
blending up updation my concealer for baking for cutting the cheeks for really
chiseling they’re good for everything you guys know what beauty sponges are by
now and if you try these I hope you love them alright but you guys know that
these retail for sixteen dollars and they will be reprimanded with this
entire collection in the new packaging okay
let’s dive in to the brushes honey now when me and morphe launched our collab
in february i was shook and how crazy the brush collab sold honestly they’re
gonna real level on a real level I ordered stock for months you guys
cleaned out every morphe store online every Ulta I was like wow so I said you
guys we have to create more brushes I want to change up the style a little bit
so let’s talk about the new morphe Jeffrey star eye brush collection and
now it comes in a little bag if you want to get the set all together it will be
available for $42 but the brushes will be open stock meaning you can buy them
individually just like last time so here’s what the packaging looks like you
know it’s very me if you see the pink vinyl brush set of course it comes with
this beautiful little outer shell that has all the info on it with all the
brushes and the names now let’s open her up
by the way the zipper does have my name on it right here alright so let’s open
her up now you guys know that last time my brushes looked like this I wanted to
change them they make them a little more sophisticated and elegant and just very
the other side of me so that was very like high fashion now we’re gonna go to
the other side of Jeffrey so here is what the new brushes look like BAM hi
they’re so beautiful ok so there’s a lot here you guys are probably like oh hello
good morning so there’s a few that I brought back from last time you guys
know and the iconic Jeffrey star eye brow brush the angle of this is
everything so we’re gonna talk about it let’s take it out of her a little her
packaging the spoolie we love a baby being spoolie we all know what that’s
for but this as we talked about last time I have no brows and when I do like
to have them drawn on I love a really thin angle something that will really
just get in there I hate wide brushes that spread the product so this one is
like BAM alright let’s dive into the rest of the brushes so these two on the
end were in my first collection but now they have new packaging so we have the
js5 crease queen brush nej s6 rule blender brush now these two of course
blend eyeshadow so good I love this one for just getting that really blown out
beautiful look and then this is so good for just getting in there patting it on
and making sure everything is blended to filth let’s talk about the rest of the
brushes as you can see they are all synthetic except this one right here
so let’s start right here now we have a js8
let’s really leave off where we ended with the first collaboration right so we
have js8 this is the drama crease brush it is so good for buffing and blending
it feels so soft and for a synthetic it’s so good for just getting like up
there really blending everything out and making it look airbrushed hi js9 is
called the fluffer crease brush now this one is a natural hair it is really good
for powders only it’s so good for blending it’s perfect for just getting
that crease and just buffing and blending to perfection so it’s really
good for blending in your creases getting in that deep set lid if you have
one or even taking it under the eye and just getting that really nice precision
here is Jai s10 it is the Deva crease brush now this is perfect for cutting
the crease and I named it Deva because I’ve been using that word in my entire
career 15 years now I used to have merged that had Deva all over it and of
course my first dog was named Eve I was now 10 years old so I had to bring it
into this collab now look at this brush it is so good for just taking concealer
or anything that you use to cut the crease and just Wow BAM right in there
it is easy PC here’s Jay s11 the blunt packer now this brush is so good for
packing on glitter for packing compressed pigments on the lid it is
just perfect for that moment you can even use it for concealer if you want
remember it is synthetic for under the brow it is a really easy just multi-use
brush all right here is brush Jay s12 it is the sport mode blender now listen
I’ve wanted a really small blender so you can get anywhere you wanted to
really like soften any color I see so many people that do multi color like
rainbow looks and this is so good for just buffing on the edge like girl
where’s my palette okay we’ll just take on his truth right just like literally
right under here it’s perfect for like dragging other colors down blending
really seamlessly and just looking amazing
here is the Jay s 13 palm crease brush now I love this one it’s very like
pencil II right so I love the tip of it it’s really good for putting on straight
color right there of course it’s great for the crease of taking that initial
dark color and just putting it right where you need it until you need to
blend upwards it is a really good detailer and of course it’s synthetic as
well and it feels amazing alright and last but not least we have the Jay s 14
this is the happy ending a liner brush now of course it comes protected I
wanted to have an artistry tool that wasn’t the typical liner brush
one of my best friends lipstick Nick who always does my makeup from my personal
campaigns and this morphe shoot lives for a brush like this and I’m like
Nicole where do you get yours inches like Geoffrey I literally get mine from
the like paint store the craft store or like Michaels I’m like oh my god I want
to make my own version of that so let’s grab a liner of course you could use
this for anything that you want to it’s synthetic it’s great for artwork for
doing winged liner for anything so literally you ready for this all you got
to do is just take some product on there and it’s like easy-peasy it’s like hi
I’m bi and that’s it it’s really great for detail work get it in the inner
corners I love it and it’s really good for a precision I’m like hey oh yeah Wow
okay you guys that is part two of the morphe Jeffrey star collection I am
really shook right now the artistry palette is so insane and I’m just so
proud of it and the set and refresh mist the brushes you guys coming in the
superstar bag like honey we really had to go big and go home fill me so let’s
do a recap on August 13th on more feet calm and inside of every single morphe
brushes retail location the collection will be live we have the artistry
palette we have the 10 piece eye brush collection set and of course we have the
set and refresh mist hi aesthetic how are you doing girl hi packaging
everything looks so beautiful I’m so proud of this you guys and now it’s time
for you to sound off below what do you think of the entire collection let me
know if there will tea alright before this video ends I just want to say thank
you all so much for watching this I am so ready for the next chapter of Jeffrey
star and it’s gonna be a beautiful end of summer and fall so saddle up August
13th and if you forget anything of course look down below in my description
box everything will be linked and available
so who’s ready all right you guys sorry I’m just so excited like I make
like jumpy okay I love you I’ll see you guys on the next one mwah bye guys

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