Jewelry Making : How to Cast Jewelry

The question was how to cast jewelry. So for
the next few minutes, we’re going to go through the entire process and I’m going to show you
a process called centrifugal jewelry casting and this is how we do it. We’re going to do
what we call “sprue the wax” and this right here is the sprue, and it’s a passage way
which allows the wax to escape the mold and the metal to get into the mold. So what I’m
going to do here is I’m going to heat this rubber base up. I’m going to stick this wax
pattern right in here, and let it harden. Before I actually attach this wax to this
rubber base, I weighed this wax because there is a very specific weight ratio of the weight
of wax to the weight of metal, because you have to know how much metal it’s going to
take, whether it’s gold or silver, eighteen carat, fourteen carat, that you need to know
how much metal it’s going to take to cast. So now I’m going to put this sleeve over it
that’s called a flask. Now, as we’re mixing this investment compound, it’s actually introducing
air into the compound and we need to remove all of the air because we need a totally air-free
compound. And how we’re going to do that is by use of a vacuum chamber. We’re going to
take our compound, and you can start to see thee air bubbles starting to rise. We need
to get rid of all of those. We’re going to place it under a bell jar on a vacuum table,
hit the switch, and now we’re going to start to remove the air from this investment compound.
Okay, now you can see thee investment start to rise as the air is being drawn out of it,
and it’s going to start to boil, and it’s going to get to a very vigorous roll. Now
right here, this whole system is on a shaker table where you can get aggressive and knock
that air bubbles free. Alright now, we’re going to pore this investment, and here’s
our wax pattern in the flask, we’re going to pour it in, but we’re not going to quite
fill the mold up. Now this time, I want to tap it lightly because there’s wax patterns
inside the flask. I don’t really want to get aggressive. And now, I’m just going to set
it aside for an hour and fifteen minutes, and when it hardens, we’re going to put it
in the oven. We’re going to set this flask, which is now fully hardened, we’re going to
set it in the oven, and now I’m going to bake this for about six hours, and the wax will
now go out the sprue. The oven is going to go to about fifteen hundred degrees, which
is going to melt the wax, the wax will just exit through the sprue and just burn up in
the oven, and it’s going to leave a hollow cavity of thee exact impression of the wax
pattern inside this plaster mold and our next step will be to take it out of the oven after
six hours and then we’re going to put it in a centrifugal casting machine, and we’re actually
going to force the gold into that cavity. So far, we’ve injected a rubber mold, we’ve
invested a flask, we’ve casted and we’ve quenched it and now, this is where we are. So now,
we need to make this into a piece of jewelry and here’s what goes on next. First thing
I’m going to do is I’m going to cut the sprue off. Alright, next we’re going to take a file,
and file the sprue down. Now I’m going to switch to a round file, and I’m going to do
the inside of the ring. Now that the ring’s been filed, now we’re going to switch to just
a sand paper. It’s wrapped around about a one inch square stick and what I’m going to
do is now take and sand out my file marks. Now we filed the inside, filed the outside,
sanded the outside, now we’re ready to take it to final polish. Now we’ve moved back to
the polishing room and now what we’re going to do is put a high polish on this ring we
just made.
And that is how you make gold jewelry.

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  1. ok so is there a way to cast a ring without the centrifugal casting macine and still get a complete full ring? and is that normal plaster that you are using? i understand the need for geting the air out so thats cool.just wondering im trying to do it myself.

  2. Vacuum suction works much better than the old spin bucket and it's much safer!
    And they arent that much more money.

  3. i dont think it will ever get hot enough to liquify gold or silver. you could make a small furn cheap run on propane or a friend showed me how to melt silver and gold in a microwave if you want that expense of high electric bills. Caution you need to make some extra items to cover the the metel when melting it also i would not reuse the microwave to feed your family.Furn. cost 400 made and delivered on ebay.

  4. @AndreTwin When you cast it all the impurities and crap will float to the TOP(sprue) of the casting, thats why u always need to use alot more metal for casting then is necesary to fill the wax-model hole. Without a sprue your casted ring or w/e will indeed be prone…
    The Jewelry company I worked at re-used gold 3 times max, but everytime they added some ''new'' gold/alloy to the scrap, for the right result.

  5. all that sanding scrapes off gold, is there a way you capture all that and reuse it or is it so insignificant that its nt worth it?

  6. i just starting doing this in my jewelery class at school, i think it is one of the coolest things. just being able to make a wearable piece of jewelery on my own is very interesting to me. since iv started the class i always look at jewelery and can figure out how to make it when i go shopping with my wife.

  7. @colton12344321 been doing this for 16 years but its been in my family for 120 years and their are much muchhhh more easyer ways to doing a ring, what hes doing their is called the lost wax casting, but you can do the same thing in around 60 secounds, but its just the fileing and buffing that can take some time.

    But your learn loads along the way its just when you start getting better thats when you start buying the realy good stuff that you need and thats not cheap some times 🙁

  8. Looks like the guy is good at explaining things, but the editing cut WAY too much of the explanation out. It's like he's suddenly doing weird stuff without explaining WHY he's doing it.

    Also, whoever held the camera needs to keep their hands off of the mic.

  9. Does anyone know if I'll need a lot of extra silver for this process? I'm trying to make something small and fine and I don't have a lot of silver atm.

  10. @halocekicksass Don't know if anyone has replied to you yet, but I usually add about 10g more than the piece needs. It also depends on what kind of casting machine you're using. I use a vacuum caster. That 10g adds a bit more pressure to push the air out of that mold and allow the metal to flow through entirely. Centrifugal casting isn't much different (except you have molten metal spinning at a high rpm).

  11. Don't forget to take the rubber sprue base off the mold after that hour and 15 mins. Hate to see anyone burn up their base, plus it smells like someone just peeled out in your shop…

  12. @MrMISTERFREAK The point of centrifugal casting is that many pieces can be cast at the same time once the prep work is done. Before the invention of centrifugal casting, yes, all this work for one piece.

  13. Well…I'm a newbee! I don't know how to make the wax sample, what's that called investmen compound, how to make the centrifugal machine…Can you help me?

  14. Wax is not the only material this can be done with. One can pretty much use any combustible matter that will hold form until the casting plaster hardens and will fully burn out in the kiln. I plan to do this with the items in my profile picture, making them into a darling pair of gemstone encrusted, solid precious metal earrings.

  15. Hello, I am looking to get custom brass based or vermeil pendants made (10) in gold plating or gold filled. How do I find someone who will complete this project for me? I have the design.

  16. great filing yup! back and forth? Who taught you how to file?..I know many plumbers try to get into the Jewelry business.. you must be one of them!!

  17. Yeah great way to pay the rent. Dude is living in 1980 with Miami Vice and Coke Lords needing a new chain every week.

  18. hello there this is Joseph Stevens, I am a big fan of yours I watched all of your videos I really enjoy your jewelry making. I had a question if you don't mind, is vacuum casting better than certificate casting. also what is the best way to that someone can sell their jewelry pieces

  19. I don't have a kiln for wax burn out. (Can't afford one). Do you have any advice how to burn out out the wax for a silver cast

  20. I finally save to get me a kiln. I have seen some videos that teaches to set various temperatures program on the kiln. Do I have to do that way or can I go up to the 1350f and then down to 1000f?

  21. Sir i am a gold and silver smith and i know casting any kind of jewellery so i want work any wear if you need pleas call me 00966 59 83 26 261 or 0092 310 20 88 880.

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