Joana Bruno – Scroll repair on an antique HOPF violin 855

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  1. That depends on how much a luthier charges per hour.
    But every damage is different: No decent luthier can give you an estimation on any repair, before he/she examined the violin by holding it in the own hands and seeing it with own eyes ….

  2. Joana Bruno….More Please!!!….I am a 42 year manual machinist working with fellows who seem to over muscle the most delicate of work….What a pleasure watching a skilled woman work her craft !!!…Watching how you approach the work I find very educational….again…..MORE PLEASE…Thank's…..Jeff

  3. Scuse me i have one question. violin is copy of Maggini. ..very beautiful sound and beautiful copy. ..but enter violin not have the paper write Maggini but my liutaio speak me is Maggini copy….I want to know the valor of my violin …For you when to pay my violin?

  4. Hi; I was watching you repair work you did excellent job
    I’ve got scroll witch end of flute has chipped is that possible to repair
    I appreciate if you advise me in that matter

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