John K. King Books contains over a million used and rare books in Detroit

We’ve been in Detroit for 50 years. Here
is a repository of a million books with 900 different categories and that the
variety here is phenomenal. It’s like a fine piece of art. You enjoy it. You read
it. You appreciate it. I mean it’s just a wonderful thing to have in your hand.
They’re gaining an experience. Here they can explore. It’s like treasure hunting.
Find things they never knew existed. We have a variety of rare books. We have
a collection of fine leather bindings. We have old books, things that are not
available generally in new bookstores. When they call up, you would get all
kinds of requests. Theology, occult, I mean just various subjects that are
esoteric. We’ve had people from all over the world come here and seek us out. We’re subject to whatever we find so you know, it’s like panning for
gold. You know, you’re going to find something maybe you hope and so we’re
panning for books so when we go out we don’t know what we’re going to find. It’s
usually a surprise. I think taking a book outdoors and reading it enhances
everything. I mean enhances whatever you’re reading about makes it more
pleasurable. Being in a different venue other than being in your house makes it
nicer. I mean it’s just an enjoyable thing. It’s a good pastime.

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  1. mLies new stragety. Post video so it hides their embarrassing grammar and syntax in their articles. Idiocracy is here.

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