Keyboard Paling Cakep? Varmilo VA87M Vintage Days CMYK Review

Hey guys back again with drdhe, i’m dhe and in todays video i got a pretty dope stuff from mechanicalkeyboardsid which is a keyboard from varmillo varmillo va87m vintage and yeah with out further ado lets get right into it, after this one. Alright so just like the name vintage the design of this keyboard is appereantly looks really vintage you guys can see right here this keyboard is tkl size nor 60 nor fullsize and about the keycaps that they use in this keyboard is really unique, kinda different from a regular keycaps which is using a step sculpture 2 low profile pbt keycaps using a dye sublimated and yeah looks really different from any other keycaps and as you guys can see here they gave this keycaps a colorful match too, which you know, vintage days haha and i personally really like i mean, i am a bigfan about these set keycaps and you guys can see up here which using a white color layout , and for the bottom is colorful yellow blue pink looks really pleasant to see this keyboard support 1000hz polling rate too, and that just mean you guys can use this keyboard without any lag on your pc about the connectivity, too bad this keebs is not a wireless which still using a traditional wired cable, and the connection is from mini usb to usb the cable is gold plated, the length is +- 1.5-2m. A standard base a length for mechanical keyboards just like any other mech keyboard,no need to worry about if the cable is not long enough to reach your pc This keyboard has a led feature too, eventhough it’ss not rgb but still, hmm still give you a good looking keyboard clean white without anything else combined with the colorful keycaps, it just looks good about the switch that i got right here is the cherry mx silent red, which is really different from the other cherry mx, and you guys can hear the type sound right now. alright so you guys already hear the sound from this keyboard using a cherry mx silent red and let me know in the description down below, what do you think and in my opinion the experience from using cherry mx silent red on this keyboard feels really different from other cherry mxes, which is the red one, blue one, this one feels like red but you can feel the squishy feeling from this keebs. which is really silent, and not hard ( loud) and overall i really like this switch the mx silent red the squishy part really make me addicted lol for the build quality about this keebs, too bad it still using a plastic material, but although its a plastic it still feel solid and sturdy it doesn’t feel cheap at all on the bottom side you can see the stand which you can adjust it with your preference about the price of this keyboard, it’s not cheap at all it cost $143 or Rp 2.000.000 including the keycaps which i mentioned before. and if you guys bought this keyboard from you will get addition free custom keycaps like this And yeah this keyboard is a pretty good tkl size keyboard tenkyless which can be used for those who like to have a nice keyboard on a home use or for portable use so for $143 you can get this pretty good keyboard with a good build quality , fancy colorful keycaps, Unique design and sturdy the cable is detachable so you can attach it or dettach it whenever you like it alright guys, so no need to make it any longer this keyboard is a overall good keebs and yeah that’s all guys for todadys review as always if you guys like this video, don’t forget to smash that like button, share it to your friends and subscribe to my channel

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  1. berbahagia lah kalian yg tinggal di Semarang krn kalian bisa beli keyboard dari secara offline langsung di tokonya ekwkwk

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