– Stay.
Stay. Stay! – Yay!
I can’t believe they’re still in the popular list. ♪ (playful intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, today you get
to play with ten toys. – Ten toys? – Toys. – Thank you, Lord for sending
this down on me. – Is it gonna be from new times
or from the old times? ‘Cause if it’s from the old times,
I’ll be so into it. – (FBE) So, these toys
are some of the best selling toys ever, and we’re gonna see
if you can guess where in the top ten each toy ranks.
– Ooh, this is gonna be fun. – I’m a little scared. – (FBE) Now these aren’t
necessarily the top ten toys of all time, but it’s a selection
of some of them in order. We’ll keep track of your answers
as you go along, but at the end,
you’ll get a chance to rearrange them
however you want. – Okay.
That sounds good. – (FBE) Here’s your first toy. – Cars? – Hot Wheels? – Oh, yeah!
I used to have a whole bunch of these. – Hot Wheels, yay!
I love Hot Wheels. – I do crash derbies with them.
I don’t think I’m allowed to do a crash derby with these. – (FBE) Where do you think this
ranks in the top ten? – I’ma say three. – Number ten.
I don’t really like these kind of things. – Fifth spot?
‘Cause I have a big tub and a big bin of them
and somehow I don’t have these two. – Second. – Seventh. – Judging by how much my
friends have, I’m probably gonna go with fifth. – Five.
There are a lot of girls in the world that don’t really
like to play with these. – Daw. – These are G.I. Joes? – (FBE) This is a G.I. Joe.
– No, it is? – Oh, a G.I. Joe.
I’ve heard of these before. Oh, I’m sorry, mister. – It looks like an army person,
or a hunter, or maybe like– trying to stand you.
Oops. – Kids that have brothers or sisters
in the army would want this, so they had something to remind
them of their brother or sister. – I’d say this is number six. – One? – Three. – Four. – Number six. – Eight. Please let a Nintendo come.
Any Nintendo, ’cause I already know where
I’m gonna place that. – NERF gun! – Really?
I’ve seen these on TV. – Oh yeah, this is
definitely number one. – These things are so popular. – (gun whirring)
I am skilled! – Probably about a four. – One.
This is amazing. Yay. – Five. – Definitely number one.
This is my Prius. – Two. – Number three. – I know that a lot of people
have NERF guns. Go with second. – I knew it.
If whatever that guy is on the list, so would this. – Barbie! – I have a lot of these,
’cause I have an older sister. We had about 20 in my house. – (gasps)
I love these Barbie dolls. – Her hair’s soft.
Same color as me. – I like Barbies.
I like her high heels a lot. – Barbies are really popular now. – Okay, it’s a good one,
’cause some of them– some of them are like this.
Some of them are even like this, but then the ones that can go
all the way down to the splits are good ones. – This would be probably
a five. – Two.
I know Barbie dolls are really popular. – I’ll put it at three.
Oh, I miss these so much. – A doodle pad.
Is it a sketch pad, I think? – Etch A Sketch. – Hallelujah! – I used to have one of these. – The last time I played with one
was in preschool. – I remember building
a city with this. I’m trying to draw another city. – Probably number four. – Seven.
I see a lot of these in movies.
Like in Toy Story. – Number seven, ’cause it’s
more of an older toy. – Eight.
They were an old toy. – The eighth place,
but that doesn’t mean I hate these.
I love these things. I wanted one of these
as a kid. – Ugh, I hate dolls.
They really freak me out. – Ah, I haven’t seen one of these
in my life. – A baby!
I love Cabbage Patch Kids. – I have one of these. – What–
stay. Stay.
Stay! – These are still popular.
I used to have one, but now I don’t.
My sister stole it from me. – These things, to me,
are kind of creepy. The eyes! Hi, I’m gonna take a knife and (deep voice) kill you all. – Look at these chubby cheeks.
Number one. – I would give it a two.
They’re really popular nowadays. – Eight.
Because, one, it’s creepy and two, it’s really flimsy. – Nine.
I have never heard of this in my whole entire life. – Eight.
Oh, oh, oh, oh. Dab. – Silly Putty! – (gasps)
– (FBE) Silly Putty. – (screams)
I have one of these at home. – The only thing I hate about this
is it is– it looks like it’s chewed up gum. – I remember playing with this
and then my sister’s like, “Mom, Tida has chewed gum!” – It’s a fleshy color which
you can pretend with your dolls that you’re ripping off part
of their skin and then it just grows
back on the dolls. ♪ (creepy music) ♪ – This is a ten.
The worst one. – Ten?
You don’t really see them that often at stores. – Number three. – Five.
I will change this later, though. – Two.
It’s Silly Putty. This is like a stress reliever. – A four? – Ninth.
If there’s nothing worse, it’s gonna be tenth.
No Silly Putty for me. – A Nintendo 64!
– (FBE) No. – No, it’s the other one. – Yay!
I can’t believe they’re still in the popular list. – It’s a Nintendo. – (FBE) This is the Nintendo
Entertainment System, Nintendo’s first console. – These are the controllers? – My dad has one of these
on his shirt. – This is probably the kind
that my mom used to play with. – This thing’s cool.
You don’t sell at all anymore. – ‘Cause it’s popular,
fourth. – What’s the next highest number
I have? – (FBE) Six.
– Six it is! – Seven. – Nine.
How do people figure out how to use these things. – Six.
Only because I would think kids would like to play
with the new one way more. – (gasps)
I love Rubik’s Cubes. – I hate these things
with a passion, ’cause I can’t do it. – I’m bad at these. – My friend has one of these.
She can do it fast! I’m like, “How?” – Why are these things so hard? – I actually, one day I was
so bored, I learned how to solve one of these. – This ranks sixth. – Number four. – I’ll do seven.
I’m gonna have to switch these. Oh my God. – (FBE) Ready for your last toy?
– Oh no. I know what it is now.
I can hear it. No, I should–
no. – I love Legos!
So easy to build with. – Okay, this is definitely
first place. These things are awesome. – Is ten left?
I’m gonna go for a ten. – Number one,
because these are so popular. I see them everywhere I go. – Number one.
Everyone buys Legos. They’re like the hot topic
around here. – (FBE) So, now that you’ve
played with all these, we’re gonna give you
the whiteboard with where you currently have them all placed,
but if you wanna change any numbers around,
feel free. – Kay. – Whoo, this is gonna be hard. – (groans) – What do I think would
be number one? Either NERF or Legos. – Okay, I’m good. – (FBE) Number ten
is Etch A Sketch. – What!?
Why? I like those. – Oh, so I was just
two away on that. – I’m gonna just put
a check mark just so I know that
I got that one right. – (FBE) Number nine is
Cabbage Patch Kids. – Really? – Dang it. – Should’ve just kept it at nine. – Yes! – Oh, I’m right!
Dab. – (FBE) Number eight is the
Nintendo NES. – Fine. – Ah, wrong again. – It was just one number ahead. – I knew it. – (FBE) Number seven
is the G.I. Joe. – Nope. – Still wrong on every one. – Seven, yep.
I got that one right. – Oh yeah.
I’m right. – (FBE) So, number six
is NERF. – Nope. – So bad at this. – Ah, wait, what? – What?
Those are so cool. – Legos better be first, then,
’cause that’s my next bet. – (FBE) Number five is
the Rubik’s Cube. – Nope. – You kidding me? – Ah, what? – Dang it!
I was so close. I had a six for
Rubik’s Cube. – (FBE) Number four is
Silly Putty. – Nope. – That’s one wrong.
I put it in eight. – What? – Four is Silly– – I put that at nine. – Yes, I got it, I got it. – (FBE) Number three is
Hot Wheels. – Nope. – Ah, dang it. – Because there’s a lot
of boys who like to play with them. To me, if I was the one
who was doing it, I’d just put it all the way
at number nine. – (FBE) Number two is Lego.
– Nope. – I put it as number one. – That’s–
ugh. – Barbie’s number one!? – (FBE) And finally,
Barbie. – I didn’t even get any
of those right. – Okay, I got zero right. – I knew I was at least
gonna get one and I was so close
on other ones. – I only got two right.
You’ll pay for this, Nintendo! – I only got two right.
At least I didn’t get the whole board wrong. – (FBE) So, many adults
and parents fear that kids are getting too obsessed
with phones, tablets, et cetera and aren’t playing with actual toys
as much as they used to. – I think they play more
with electronics, but I think they still play toys. – (FBE) Do you think that kids
will always want to play with toys, or do you think that electronics
will be the only things that kids want to play with?
– Oh my God. If that happens,
I’ll be so sad. – Still toys.
People could just still do really fun stuff with toys. – Some kids are gonna play
with toys, but the number’s definitely gonna decrease,
’cause, I mean, it’s the 21st century.
Think about this, most adults spend over half
their day on their phone or on whatever device they have,
so you’re afraid for your kids, what about you? – (announcer) Truth. – Thanks for watching Kids React.
Shoutout to Angela Carter for watching last week. – Subscribe for a shoutout
like Laura Espinal. – Leave a comment like Black Manta
and you might get a shoutout. – Goodbye. – Hey guys, Ethan here from FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode of Kids React
and if you’re here in the first 30 minutes that any
of our new episodes go live, be sure to leave a comment,
’cause you might just see yours featured below.
Bye guys.

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