KIDS TRY 90s SNACKS! | Kids Vs. Food

– I love this bubblegum! – Put me on Master Chef now.
Mm. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we’re going to travel back in time and have you
try some ’90s kids snacks. – What?
At least they’re for kids and it wasn’t too long ago. – Wait, but there’s some
candies that were made back then like Razzles,
Dubble Bubble, Hubba Bubba. I think that was made
in the ’90s, right? – They might be good.
Colorful and sweet. – It probably will be better
than today’s snacks. – They will be the very best.
I think the food got worse as time went on. – I’m nervous, but also
excited. – (FBE) Here is your first
snack. – What is it? – Oh, they’re like graham
crackers. – I got a bike, a D,
and a hot air balloon. – It’s gonna be delicious,
’cause there’s chocolate. – It’s okay because the
chocolate kinda smells weird. – It’s okay.
We have so many new versions of it. – I got some chocolate
on there. Whatever this is. Yeah, this is definitely chocolate.
I rate that a ten. – It’s really good,
’cause there’s chocolate and chocolate is the best. – (FBE) So, these are
called Dunkaroos. Dunkaroos were every kid’s
favorite snack. Graham crackers that you
can dip in a tub of frosting.
What could be better? – Nothing could be better. – I have no clue what
could be better. Well, cupcakes and cake. – Mom, this is a PSA
from Sydney Bergerson Incorporated.
This is good. Get me. – (FBE) Here is your next one.
– Ah, I love these. – PEZ!
I love PEZ. – It’s a Power Rangers PEZ. – I’ll do a little tutorial
on how they work. You pop it and on the back,
that black little thing there pushes the PEZ out and then
you just take it and eat it. – Yum.
It’s sweet and sugary. – Mm. So PEZ-y. – I’m eating all these PEZ
and no one’s gonna stop me. – (FBE) This was PEZ.
There are over 550 unique dispenser heads with
thousands of variations to collect. In the ’90s, the Power Rangers
and Star Wars collections were the most popular.
– I had a Star Wars one. I think it was Darth Vader. – The one thing I don’t like
about this is how you have to put the little things
inside, ’cause it’s hard and I could seriously just
get the container and just… Why do I have to… – (FBE) Here is your next one.
– Lunchables! I love these pizzas. – Oh, it’s the pizza one.
I’m not a big fan of this one. – Let’s get this wonderful pizza
and get the sauce. – And now, we have the cheese. – And then you add
the pepperonis. – (FBE) Great.
– And that is it. – It’s not cooked.
It still tastes good. – I love them.
Tastes like a real pizza, except cold. – I make the best pizza
in the land. Put me on Master Chef now.
Mm. – (FBE) So, if you were
a ’90s kid, this was the lunch to have.
Opening up your backpack to find Lunchables pizza waiting
for you was like hitting the jackpot.
– I agree. If I had lived in the ’90s,
this would be the jackpot. It’s really fun and creative
to make them and they taste really good. – (FBE) Okay, here’s your next.
– Ooh. Is this oatmeal? – I can see eggs? – It’s like an egg shape
and when you put your hand in it, it has powder. – Wait, they’re turning a color.
This one turns red. – The eggs transform
into dinosaurs. That’s creative. – I don’t like oatmeal. – Not bad.
I don’t like the oatmeal stuff, but I like the little candies. – Pretty good.
I love eating mini dinosaurs. – (FBE) So, this is not your
regular oatmeal. In an effort to make oatmeal
more interesting for kids, Quaker created dinosaur eggs
instant oatmeal in the late ’90s. These eggs are a chewy substance
of sugar encasing tiny dinosaurs also made of sugar.
Just add hot water to hatch. – Very cool.
I like how the dinosaurs are sugar too. – I think this is really cool.
I’d probably just go digging like I was a fossiler. – ♪ (Jurassic Park theme) ♪ – It’s delicious.
I would eat this every day. – (FBE) Here’s your next.
– Oh my gosh, I was right.
Yay. – I love this bubblegum! – I’ll give any Hubba Bubba
a taste. – It’s just normal bubblegum. – (FBE) That’s a big bite.
– I love it. – Oh, I love this bubblegum.
When it comes out of here, it’s powdery, see? – (FBE) So, this is
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape. It’s bubble gum that is
six feet in length wrapped in a spiral.
The container functions as a tape dispenser,
so you can take as little and as much as you want
to chew. – I didn’t know it was
six feet long. – That’s such a great idea.
Whoever thought of this was pretty smart.
No one would think of this. It’s one of a kind. – (FBE) How did you feel about
trying all these ’90s snacks today? – I feel awesome and I
already knew two. – I love them.
I love all ’90s snacks. – (mascot) So, how do you
do your Dunkaroos? – (mascot) You wanna piece
of me, pal? – (narrator) Quaker dinosaur
eggs. So good, they make every
bowl extinct. – Thanks so much for
traveling back with us to the ’90s.
I’m a ’90s kid myself, so I got my Dunkaroos
and I’m ready to go. See you next time.

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  2. Most of these snacks I rarely or never had growing up. Lunchables was for the rich kids. Oh yeah, just another Asian growing up in the ghetto without much.

  3. Since Double Dare is coming back in the Summer you guys really need to do a React video on Nick Game Shows (Double Dare, Guts, Get the Picture, Finders Keepers, Wld and Crazy Kids What would you do etc)

  4. I like lunchables and hubba bubba gum tape I get bullied for that 😂😂 I'm not born in the 90s but I sure am a 90s kid

  5. I wasnt even born in the 90’s but, I LOVE the 90’s, the food, trends and almost EVERYTHING!!!

  6. I was a kid in the 00s and used to love all of these. The snack that I miss the most are yogos the yogurt ball things

  7. I found these 90's snacks in my closet…dusted them off and sent them in for the kids to try. Enjoy!

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