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(Miko gasps) (upbeat music) – [Both] Hi! – 2008. – 2012. – 2007. – It was a weird time. – It was a good time. – Food from the ’90s? – Oh, okay. – Whassup dude? – Yeah. – Chicken nuggets. Corn. What the heck is this? – What’s that stuff? – Uh, mashed potatoes. – That’s good. – I’m having. – Hey, it’s my chicken nuggets. – This no mashed potatoes. – It’s vanilla pudding. – Oh, what’s this, a biscuit? – Oh, I know these. Kids Cuisine. – Commercials. – (high-pitched singing) Glorious. (exclaims) – [Woman] Be quiet. – Wait. – Talk to the face. – [Fletcher] Talk to the hand, it is. – Huh? – Citrus flavored soda. Ooh. – Aw. Eh eh. I like it, but like, not really. – Not good. – Eh. – It’s one percent juice. – Uh oh, Fletcher’s gonna die. Never tell ’em it’s caffeinated, or he’s gonna drink more of it. – Oh, thanks. – And, no, no, no. – No, it’s mine. – Is this like cereal? – [Little Girl] Is this nuts? – It’s oatmeal, but with eggs. – Oh, I know what this is, dino oatmeal, as like little eggs.
– I love those. – And they melt and to make it a dinosaurs. – We had it when I was a kid. – Yeah, I love those. – I feel like I’m digging for fossils. – I got one. – [Fletcher] Oh, a orange one. – Found one. (adults laugh) – Oh, here’s one. Uh, I think that’s a stegosaurus. – It’s hatching. It’s a boy, it is named Diggie. Bye bye, Diggie. – Is this candy or chocolate? – Wonder Ball plus toys. Ooh. Choking hazard. – Oh, it’s a little circus ball. – Chocolate. – Candy. – Oh, there’s just candy inside of candy. – Is this Kinder Egg? – What? – This is literally
just like a Kinder Egg, except with these things,
and this is separate. – I got a orange guy and
a see-through blue guy. I’m keeping these. – Kids were choking on the toy inside. – I know things, Fletcher. – I like these, so I hope they stay. Don’t eat these, kids. Don’t eat them, don’t choke on them. – Gnarly. – Thanks for watching me
try snacks from the ’90s. – Comment down below what
year you were born in. – We gotta bounce. (vocalizing) – [Both] I’m outtie. (Fletcher vocalizing)

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  1. U guys see this part when her sister trying to talk her little sister just like" uhalhlauhlauhlauhla" hhahahhahahaahhaha 2:55 👈this part

  2. The guy that got crazy with the juice (he was just acting probably) he sounds like a guy in my class Uzayar

  3. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻😎

  4. When i was a kid kid casienes and surge and dinosaur egg oatmeal is what i used to have all the time and still do today lol😋

  5. 0:51 I REMEMBER THOSE I USE TO EAT THEM ALL THE TIME WHEN I WAS A KID (and no I wasn’t borne from the 90’s ->-)

  6. I'm from 1991. Hearing the interviewer, an adult, on my mind a very serious and very ADULT, saying she is from 1992 has made me feel like the stegosaurus at 3:15 .

  7. The kid with the White shirt said it is like I’m digging for fossils and at school I learn about fossils😸😸😸😺😸😺

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