KILLING A 12×12 PAPER PAD: Gift Bags & Brag Books from “Antique Street” by Craft Smith!

Hey guys, I am back with a project share,
my first for May. I’m going to try and share as I make this month, instead of giving
you eight million videos all in a row of eight million things. So for this project share, I
just have two gift bags and two like, mini album, brag book-type deals to show
you. The gift bag idea, I got from watching Bobbi-Jo, and she mentioned
she watched a tutorial by Mixed Up Craft, of how to use these 12×12 papers, which
of course, I can’t fit fully on the screen with my um… cell phone,
unfortunately. But it’s these 12×12 papers that are like a full page, that you
would use as like a cover page or something in a scrapbook? When you
don’t scrapbook, it’s kind of hard to figure out what to do with these pages. So I
thought that was a really great idea, to use them to make big 12×12 gift bags, so I
thought I would try them. I definitely need to practice more, um… [laughs]. One
of them turned out okay, and one of them turned out really badly; I believe this is
the one– if I only have a tag on it… yes this is the one that turned out really
badly. It looks okay in the front, like it looks, “Okay, it looks like, what’s wrong
with it? It looks fine!” But if you– once you see the rest of it, you’ll understand
why I screwed it up! So this is definitely something I gotta
practice, but I just, I love this idea. So I made two of the same bag, the only
difference was the papers that I used for the spines, because basically you use
up two pieces of paper to do the spines. So I was able to use– cuz you know paper
pads have two, usually have two sheets of the same design. So I use the same
design on the front, the back, and the bottom on both bags, but then I had to
use different ones on the spine. So again this is the front… again, it looks nice;
it’s got a ribbon handle; I used a scrap to make a little tag; looks so nice… and then
you go to the sides, which, I don’t know how well this is gonna show… just gonna
do it like this. I just used this door paper on the sides, um, cuz I didn’t really like it
and wasn’t sure what I could do with it. There’s a reason this isn’t folding very well:
A) I screwed up the score lines, but then on the back here, I used this grid paper,
because the front has a grid on it as well. As you can see, already, on the back, I
totally screwed up… oh wait, you can’t see [laughs]… this is hard to do on a
phone, so I apologize. Especially since the– what’s holding my cell phone is
covering half the screen, so it’s kind of hard to see what I’m looking at here. But
you can see here, I totally screwed up on gluing the fronts to the sides. I screwed
up a little bit with the back, but then I totally, totally screwed this up. And so
basically the reason it’s not folding flat or nicely is because [laughs] mainly with
this side, you can see I screwed up the gluing. Like this side, I didn’t do too badly,
you know, it’s, it’s tolerable. If you trim– trim this little bit off it probably wouldn’t
be a big deal. For some reason this side, I totally screwed up and got… like, it
leaned f– way too far in, so it went on super crooked, and I can’t fix that without
trimming a whole bunch of the front off. So this one, this one’s a fail, this– and the
sad part is, this is the second one I made. The first one I made turned out way
better, and I’ll show you that one in a minute, but this one’s a complete fail, and
this is the second one that I made. So I don’t understand how I made the second
one worse. It would look really cool if I hadn’t screwed that up… but I screwed
that up, so… and there’s the paper on the bottom there, it’s like a… what’s the
word? Like a stone floor, I’m sure there’s a better word for that, but it’s like stone…
pattern… I can’t think. So that’s the failed one, I’ll show you the one that’s a little
better. So this is the one that I am much happier
with, and it, like I said, it’s the first one I made, and it still has its flaws. And like I
said; this will be a work in progress; I’ll do it with more practice, hopefully get it
better. So again: same front, same ribbon handle; again I used a scrap from this
flower paper, which is the sides, it’s the spine for these, which you’ll see in a
second. I just used a scrap for the tag, and then I tried to make a paper tassel…
and the washi’s coming off, good job! I tried to make this paper tassel, because
in Mixed Up Crafts’ tutorial, she had these paper tassels on her bags, and I
think Bobbi-Jo also did the same thing, and I thought they looked really cool.
Basically, I like how this came out, it looks cool, but it was a pain in my butt to
make. So I don’t know that I’ll be doing this again; as cool as it looks, and it uses
up a portion of scrap, um… yeah. It, it, it’s a pain my butt to make. Some of
those embellishments that people make that look really awesome, are just not,
they’re not for me, they’re not fun to make; and this is one of them. So I don’t
know that I would do this again, but it does look cool. Uh… and like I said, it’s
the same paper on the front and the back, same ribbon, same twine holding the tag
and stuff on, on both bags. And then on this bag I used that same floral paper
that I used for the tags, because I really liked it, and thought that the tag
scrap tied in better with these flowers than with the other scraps that I had. So
that’s the side, and I glued them on a lot better with this one [laughs]. And then
again we have the back. and this one sits much flatter because it folds better,
because I didn’t screw up the score lines on the spines, and I wasn’t nearly as
screwy with the gluing down of the spines either. But again, it wasn’t perfect.
That’s easily the hardest part – like, cutting everything, scoring everything;
you put the base down and you glue the back of the front to the base, and there’s
hinges that you have to attach to this– these sides of the base, to put the spines
on. And everything until you get to attaching the spines is pretty
straightforward and easy – it’s just trying to get the spines to line up properly, and
that is something I need to work on. So you can kind of see some little bits
here that aren’t quite lined up, and like I said, these turned out better. But you can
see here they didn’t line up quite right; there’s a little bit of white space there.
I tried to trim it on this side [laughs], and it came out crooked, and I think
the glue, I, it… I had to pull it up and that made like, wrinkles on the paper;
I don’t know if it’ll show up on camera. And actually I forgot to mention, too: for
both of these bags, I used some of the scrap to put some reinforcement in, and I
believe Bobbi-Jo did that. Mixed Up Craft didn’t do this in her tutorial, but I believe
I saw Bobbi-Jo do this, just to– cuz I don’t have Crop-A-Dile; like in Mixed Up
Craft’s tutorial, she has a Crop-A-Dile, so she sets eyelets where the, the handles go,
and I don’t have any way to do, that so it would have just been this one punched
hole… put a gift in it, it’ll probably rip. So I just used scraps to add a little
banner of paper inside, to add a little bit of reinforcement for the holes for the
handles. So like I said, this one came out better than the second one, and I’m
bummed because this is really pretty, and I wish this had worked out better. But it is
something I’m gonna keep practicing at, to use up these full sheet paps– papers,
because I never know what to do with them. So, yeah: I love the idea, I just
need to get better at executing it! [laughs] Also, before I do this again, I need to
definitely invest in some, like, at least half-inch, if not inch-wide double-sided
tape, because that’s the easiest way to like, tape all the hinges and flaps and
stuff that go together to make this bag, and the only double-sided tape I had at
the time was 1/8-inch double sided tape. So I had about half a roll of the 1/8 -inch
tape, and I used that all up, and I almost completely used a second roll, so don’t…
don’t do that, that’s stupid, that wasted tape. But yeah, next– next 12×12 paper
pad kill that I do, before I make a bag– a gift bag, I will invest in at least some
1/2-inch tape. Maybe not the 1-inch, because I feel like you have to be too
precise with the placement for that, but with the 1/2-inch you have a little more
wiggle room. But yeah, don’t– don’t make this with 1/8-inch tape, because you
think you’re not gonna use a lot, and you do, because these sides are 12 inches long, so… [laughs] that’s a lot of tape. Lesson learned! Okay, let me show you
the less fail [laughs] project share that I have. So the other projects I have made so far,
trying to kill the “Antique Street” 12×12 paper pad, are these two brag books,
mini albums – they’re more like brag books, because they’re not really, they’re
not interactive at all, they’re pretty flat. I had made these bases out file folders
quite a while ago, and never got around to using them; I actually have two more,
but I’ll hold on to those for other projects. And I just thought this paper went really
well with the manila or whatever colour that is? Beige? [laugh] Of the file folders,
so I made two of them, because again, you get two of each sheet of paper in the
paper pad. And they are 5×7 in size, and they’re the same, they have the same
papers in both. About the only difference, really, is this one doesn’t want to sit flat
for some reason. It probably just needs to be worked through on the spine a bit
more; this one’s it’s pretty flat. So they’re pretty much the same; I mean obviously
they’re handmade, they’re not going to be exactly the same, but I did follow the
same process for both. So I’m just gonna open up the one the open, that lies
totally flat so it’s easier for you see. So both brag books have this lace
closure; it’s the first time I’ve remembered to put a closure on one of these, um
[laughs]. I always forget! Because the best way to do it is to put it under the paper.
So I finally did that this time! So it just goes around the spine to the back. I used
some “Vintage Photo” distress ink on the edges to sort of finish it off, because I just
thought the bare… the core of both the paper and the file folder looked a little odd,
and everything is not 100% even, as far as lining stuff up, because again: handmade.
So I think the… finishing it off with the “Vintage Photo” kinda made everything
a bit more concise. So this was actually the other12x12 sheet in the pad that had,
that was like one you would not really be able to cut up. But it was really boring for
like a gift bag, because it was basically, it said “Happiness” down here, there were
flowers in one corner and flowers in the other corner, and then like this lined
paper, ledger paper, all through the middle of it. So you could kind of cut it
up, so that’s what I did for the cover. I thought I was going to be able to get
some of the flowers in there, but I couldn’t, because I could barely fit the “Happiness” in the 5-inch width of the album, so I just took a cut apart that
came with it, that went really well, it had similar flowers, and just stuck it in the
middle. And I just put some dark teal enamel dots in the corners, just to sorta
give it a little more colour, so it’s not all yellow. I didn’t embellish this album too
much because it’s supposed to be a pretty flat book. It’s like a brag book, you
just toss some photos in it. It’s not like a mini album that’s all like interactive and
stuff. I am planning on doing that as well, But for these I wanted to keep it pretty
flat, so it’s mostly just paper inside, and ink, obviously. So you open up the front
cover here, and there’s this, this was in the cut apart, one of the cut apart pages,
“This Book Belongs To”, so I thought that was appropriate, so I stuck that on the
inside. I did make some pockets inside the covers with the um, some of the
border strips, because I have a hard time using border strips, so if I can find some
that go together well that can work as like a pocket or a belly band or
something, I’ll do that. And then I just stuck some coordinating cut aparts in, so
whoever it gets the album can use it as a journalling spot, or just decoration, or a
photo mat or whatever. So I put those two in this pocket, also just to show that
it’s a pocket. And then again we have some of this stone paper in a different
colour there. Again it’s just very simple, I wouldn’t– I was in considering
embellishing it, but then I’m like, “it’s 5×7, if you want to put a 4×6 photo in, there’s
not much more room for embellishing”, and I’d rather let whoever has the album
figure out where they want to lay stuff. Um, again, I think it’s different in a mini
album when you have multiple pages and flip outs and things like that, but in
something like this, I think it’s better to keep it pretty simple. So again I just sort of
repeated the patterns… And this is the inside of the back cover –
it’s not too many pages; obviously, again, it’s supposed to be small and flat – and
again I just tucked some cut aparts that coordinated and have this yellow, pale
yellow in it, just in the pocket there. Again it’s the post postcard paper there
in the back cover. Again we just have a pocket with the, um… border sheets used
up. And then this is the back here. Again this this was the flowers… like I
said, I had hoped to put the flowers in both corners, but they was [sic] way, way
too big, so I just used the one flower for the back cover, so it kind of matches the
front here. And I’m pretty proud of it; I mean, I wish I could have embellished it
more, but I just figured there’s only so many pages, and when it’s only 5×7, and
you just… I don’t know. I just felt like embellishing it would make it thicker
than it should be; you know, it’s pretty thin, not too thick, and it’s just, it
works for like, just throwing some, some quick photos in as opposed to doing like,
really deep scrapbooking, although I suppose you could do that if you wanted
to. So yeah, these two projects I am much happier with [laughs], than with the gift
bags, but I’ve also done the mini album thing before so it wasn’t as complicated to me.
[laughs] But I will most likely be putting these up for sale, because I am quite happy
with how they came out. And yeah, that’s what– that’s all there is for this
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  1. You've shared some great ideas! Guess who's now busting out her 12x12s … including Antique Street LOL!

  2. You are far too hard on yourself. You have a great eye for design! You put together different designs to have them so appealing. Mistakes are perfect ways of learning!! So enjoyed this video and looking forward to the next one. Thank you for sharing your creativity with usπŸŒΌπŸŒˆπŸ™‚πŸ˜Š

  3. Great project ideas … Love the homemade bag idea .. very nice ! … Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Crafting is definitely a learning process, which I'm finding out the hard way LMAO!!! I think for your first time making the bags they turned out pretty good!!!!

  5. wow Jess… you can totally sell those albums…have you tried making junk journals before?…that is something that can help you out (money wise). I made mini junk journal ornaments(during christmas time) and they sold out quickly.

  6. Love your bags! They turned out great for your first time 😍 What a great idea πŸ’‘ love the brag books too! I know what you mean about not embellishing. They are great as is and I love that you chose to leave the paper as the main focus. So pretty, Tfs Jess!

  7. Thanks for the shout out my dear!! I LOVE the paper you used!! Especially for the bags! Cute journal! And yes I did the same thing with my first but they keep getting better. Mixed Up Craft is da bomb!! Great job!!

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