Kimora Lee Simmons Surprises 12-Year-Old Fashion Designer With Life-Changing Opportunity

100 Replies to “Kimora Lee Simmons Surprises 12-Year-Old Fashion Designer With Life-Changing Opportunity”

  1. This girls designs are very beautiful 😊 better looking than most items in the stores today. I met Kimora Lee many years ago, she was very nice and stayed to sign autographs for every single person.

  2. You peeps saying cheap don’t realize Kelly’s show JUST started. It doesn’t have a lot of money . When Wendy Williams show first started she was reusing wigs and wardrobe and didn’t have the budget for gifts etc and Oprah didn’t start off with gifts for the audiences etc. it takes time and money for gifts to be handed out. I think kimoras gift was priceless bc it may just set up that little girls life and without the Kelly show that girl may never had the chance to meet kimora and get this head start.

  3. My mom is very typical African mom and doesn't like tv but once I was watching kimora life in the fab lane and mom commented ''I really love this lady's style''

  4. That girl goes to my school she’s so lucky and talented 😂 She’s really nice and I’m happy for her

    We go to GVMS heh heh

  5. I clicked on this video because I thought it was the young lady from Black'ish … What a talented young lady! #GoBeGreat

  6. Take photos of your dezignz before they get to kimora. Make sure you remain an indepenxent contractor and not an intern. Your designs are your 12 yr old intellectual property

  7. Aoki is so smart. She always has been. If you watched the old reality tv show kimmora had that child was always a rational smart cookie. Congrats to her being a good example for other kids out here.

  8. So great for this young designer. And Kimora has matured and still looks so beautiful, you're an awesome mom KLS. What was in the gift box?

  9. Skylar is in my class and she is so nice and bubbly and i wish her the best ❤️ i came here because my principal was making such a big deal about this and so proud if Skylar 💞

  10. Miss kimora 🤯 lee books are nice see what we have and terver and them are bringing you a slay 🤯 homework studies reports

  11. OMG! Amazing! Thank you Kimora, Kelly, and Skylar for being women that are uplifting each other and making an impact in this world.

  12. I love everything about this young lady. So sweet, well spoken, good manners , beautiful and talented.

    As a mother of a little girl, I am proud of you and this opened up my, to be supportive of my little one’s passion.

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