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A Rich Tradition
Folk Art Quilts Hi I’m Stacy Borocz, and I’m a collector
of antiques and accessories, and I focus on the continent of Europe,
looking for wonderful found objects and accents for Pottery Barn. I love antiques, I’m passionate about them, really,
because found objects have history behind them, I’m always curious, what was this item?
what was it used for? Who made it? The very nature of an antique
means that it was old and if it was old it was most likely hand-crafted,
and I find that quite inspiring. An antique is a perfect example of the
art of living because it’s something that was created by hand, for a particular use, probably by the farmer, for his family, and it
was passed down generation after generation so you know that there were
family dinners and wonderful happy moments and all sorts of
phases of life passed through this particular bowl or board or object. It’s wonderful to be planning a
party for family or friends and actually take a hand-carved, time-worn pizza board,
with initials on it that belonged to someone generations ago and be able to make a cheese platter,
or a wonderful spread and put it out on your table and. share it with your family yet it had a history
a hundred years ago, for somebody else’s family and it’s very heartwarming,
and it’s special and it makes your party special. Found objects can be repurposed into a new use today. Everything’s authentic, everything’s real, so you take a wonderful
piece that’s got great history behind it and it had
one use, but what’s great about Pottery Barn
is that they’re able to help perceive a million other uses for this beautiful object. I do love to travel, and I love exploring,
but when you’re actually looking for a particular wine bottle or dough bowl, the hunt is very exciting. So to climb up attic steps or walk down
cellar steps or find an old barn in the middle of nowhere, or a factory that hasn’t been opened in umpteen years, not knowing what are behind those doors are
just thrilling. Pottery Barn Please visit
for more tips on antiques.

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