KOTTOSYA(骨董舎), One of The Biggest Antique Shop in Gunma, Japan #1

Hello, everyone! Here is “Kottosya”(骨董舎), on the 3rd floor of Kankodo(煥乎堂), Hon-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma. Today, we will introduce our store. You can see accouterments of swords on your immediate right through the entrance. We have fittings, sword guards, hilt ornaments, “Kozuka” (a small sword), stirrups and iron-ribbed fans. In this glass case, we exhibit “Makie”, metal carvings, accessaries, and Bunsei Koban. We display various handiworks including Bonbonniere. In this section, we exhibit tea utensils such as tea caddies, tea containers, teakettles, teacups and tea ladles. There are some masterpiece of Rosanjin Kitaoji, Kanjiro Kawai, Imaemon Imaizumi, Kakiemon Sakaida, and so on. We designed this section as the tearoom for tea ceremony. We display antique potteries like “Imari”, “Kutani” and “Kakiemon”. This, a large vase of Joseon white portelain with a dragon is extremely rare. There are some Katana. And some spears. Here is the section of works made by Living National treasure. These are a music box and bronze statues. In this showcase, we exhibit some ivory ware and unusual antiques. Thank you for watching! Please check out next movie. See you next time!

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