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>>Terry Kovel: Hi, I’m Terry Kovel and we’re
at the Dunham Tavern [Museum] Show in Cleveland, Ohio, and I’m talking with Fern Larking
Kao, with a g. She says she is related to show people. And if you are a collector, you know what
I mean. At any rate she has clothing that you won’t
find anywhere but a show which is one of the reasons why you should go to antique shows. You have vintage clothing.>>Fern Larking Kao: Yes, vintage clothing
and ladies accessories. I’m very fond of this dress. It was made by Sir Norman Hartnell the Queen
of England’s dressmaker. He made the queen’s wedding dress, coronation
dress and many other garments. He made this dress, designed it in 1947 and
it was in his collection called “Puritan” because he said he designed it to look like
an antique Puritan dress,>>Terry Kovel: It does.>>Fern Larking Kao: but of course add the
famous Hartnell embroidery.>>Terry Kovel: How much is it?>>Fern Larking Kao: It is $1,400 and the Hartnell
label is in one of the seams in the skirt.>>Terry Kovel: Now, could you wear it?>>Fern Larking Kao: It can definitely be worn. It is too long for me. It must have been worn by a much taller woman
because there were inches left on the floor on me. [laugher]I’m not very tall. The other early pieces I have is the christening
set which is one set. The dress, coat, cape and bonnet. That is $1,200 and is over a hundred years
old.>>Terry Kovel: Very nice. How do you take care of this? Do you hang them?>>Fern Larking Kao: They are on padded hangers. This is turned inside out by the waist, there
are loops on the waist and it has padding around here to hold it out. So, I turn it inside out. These [christening set] [laughter] are wrapped
in tissue and the bonnet also is wrapped in tissue.>>Terry Kovel: Kovel: In archival tissue?>>Fern Larking Kao: Yes, archival tissue.>>Terry Kovel: Very good. Thank you.>>Fern Larking Kao: You are very welcome!>>Terry Kovel: So remember, you never know
what you’re going to find at an antique show. You can always find prices on antique and
collectibles at

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