Lana Del Rey: Monarca del vintage | Reaccionando

I love you, I love you Lana Del Rey. Ok Lana Del Rey I want to think that these are the first ones, I do not know, I guess because
I’ve already seen videos of her, With higher production so,
I imagine it must be one of the first ones. Here it starts the sadness, You start to sadden yourself. Yes I know she is very famous, But, I only know one song and I think it’s the one that everyone has heard, it has a remix of electronic music. I love you, I love you Lana Del Rey. I love her. I think her voice is beautiful, I had the
chance to listen to her live and, As you listen to the song in Spotify,
that’s the way she sounds live. This woman has an amazing voice. It is like a depressive Pop music, It strikes me in a certain way, The part of the guitars, they have this western sound, Like Chris Isaak the author of Wicked Game, If you listen closely,
The guitars have that similar sound. I love this retro style that she has in her videos, As if they really had been recorded at that time. I went to her concert! I also like that song a lot,
it reminds me of a friend. She looks like a doll, Her features are doll-ish. Her elegance, the elegance of Lana Del Rey, I went to her concert! She sings very similar live, I feel that several songs of her could fit, Oh off course, that song is great! As I said, I feel that several songs of her
could fit in a Tarantino’s movie, You could play them in a scene and it would work great. Here casually wearing a white dress,
ghost girl official uniform. Roses over her head and two tigers in a church, So innovative! It’s not sarcasm, so innovative! She could coming out dressed as a priest, With a child or something. Classic flower wreath, She made the flower wreath fashionable! Or was it Frida Kahlo? I am very, Versatile, changing? I can like many genres, really, I love Rock, I don’t know
I like a lot of genres but, This kind of music is what I really, Appreciate, it makes me feel like… I love this video, I love it, Her songs, I’m already understanding them, She is very attractive, She bewitches you, you’re bewitching Lana! Oh! That’s the one I told you I know, Summertime Sadness is amazing, She has a very strange beauty,
I feel like she’s beautiful but, Not within the pretty girl stereotype, But different, I do not know how to explain it. I had never seen her videos, I had heard her music
but never her videos, I like them, It looks like a David Lynch movie. There was a time when, I worked in a cafeteria and with a friend all day
we play her album, one, another and again. I need to hear more from her, I’ve heard, I’m not a connoisseur either
of the work of Lana Del Rey, I like it, but I think I’ve heard three, four maximum. You can hear in her voice what the bio said at the beginning (only for those who react), That she has influences from artists of the 50’s and so, She has a bit of that style, I do like Lana Del Rey, She’s also like the vintage queen, The way she looks on camera, is super retro,
I do not know if it’s the 50’s, don’t know the time but, It gives me the sensation of
a seductive woman from that time, This the violins, The conduction of the violins voices is amazing, Incredible, I can only imagine the chambers where
they have to record these orchestras, It must be interesting to see the production that was behind Lana Del Rey, in that song in particular, I’m going to ask what it’s called because I do not know. I really like her genre, I haven’t found someone who has done what
Lana Del Rey does, she’s the queen It’s not something I would hear,
but I learned a lot with BTS, That we shouldn’t judge something we don’t know
and from what I heard is sad music, But I would like to listen to Lana Del Rey a little bit more, To familiarize myself with her and to understand
her genre a bit better, but I liked it. I like this kind of music because it makes me, Relax, be with myself, And far away from the world,
I use it like a background for inspiration, his music makes me feel calm, And because it has this tragic-romantic genre,
it creates this mixed feelings that inspire you, At least that’s what happens to me.

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  1. Cualquier artista:
    Jdjfkska la amp

  2. Que chido que sepan reconocer su hermoso trabajo, es la reina del vintage depresivo..❤

  3. Se pasaron si no los hicieron reaccionar a Love. Es el himno perfecto para el amor, ese vídeo es donde Lana mas sonríe, y la musicalidad esta perfecta.

  4. Amo a lana del rey es todo, hagan más videos así, es la primera vez que veo un video en español reaccionando a lana
    La verdad me gustó mucho el video gracias.❤️

  5. Siento que algunos comentarios estuvieron muy cuadrados y sin mucha relevancia, hay que analizar mejor la música y los videos, saludos 🙂

  6. LANA DEL REYYYYY ES MI DIOSA, LES INVITO A PRACTICAR ESTA HERMOSA HERMOSA RELIGIÓN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭te amo💋💋

  7. Qué tonto el cuate que pretende no saber quien es ella y que solo conoce la del remix se nota que la conoces.

  8. Si la amo , la sigo desde hace mucho , pero weba sus shows , se tenía que decir y se dijo.sorry. y si parece muñeca es por las cirugías jeje

  9. Todos los que somos fans de ella, desde sus inicios, la amamos mucho antes que se volviera famosa. 😍🥰

  10. Hmmm a mí no me encanta…. Cada vez que trato de darle una oportunidad a su estilo como que no conecta conmigo, creo que hasta llega a tener una voz medio plana.. y de repente aburrida, creo que podría hacer más con su voz , jugar más con matices, melismas, notas más altas no se… Cómo que se queda en un tono cómodo (bonito) pero y ya…..

  11. Fuera de todo el concepto visual, de su voz y de su atractivo físico, creo que lo mas importante es la gran habilidad que tiene de componer letras. Su retórica es lo que realmente le da el poder.

  12. ¿Como no amar a esa Diosa? Esa mujer no pertenece a este plano astral el mundo no la merece canta como un Ángel y su producción y letras son clásicas y diferentes a la mierda de música actual la música de ella te da paz y te sabes conectar… The Queen Lana, long life Lana í love you… ❤

  13. La amo desde antes que saliera en mtvpush. Ya una vida escuchándola myfav❤️❤️❤️ Hollywood SadCore

  14. Yo la escucho desde born to die 2012 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Larga vida. A Lana. Del Rey

  15. Por lana conocí a Marina pero no me gusta marina 🙁 lanita forever 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Pondré una cafetería (mi sueño) y pondré pura música de lana del rey, cigarret after sex y two feet los viernes serán los viernes Sad ahre!

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