Large antique pine chest of drawers for sale – Pinefinders Old Pine Furniture Warehouse Video

Chest of drawers, code number J4108B.
And this is a chest of drawers from the Czech Republic, a very big one, four
drawers, dating from 1920s, possibly 1930. So you can look all around it there.
There you go. A nice chest of drawers. Pretty clean. Drawers are sliding nicely.
And there you can see the handles, nice handles. Some key plates there.
You’ve got a key for the top drawer. And there we go, so I think you’ve seen
all that. And that is priced at 460 as it is. It’ll be 537 when it’s all
waxed. The height is 40.5 inches, the width is 49.5,
and the depth, 24 inches.

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