Large antique pine wardrobe for sale (dismantles) – Pinefinders Old Pine Furniture Warehouse Video

A very large, lovely old pine wardrobe
in a really good condition, pretty impressive, this one. Let’s come to the
side so you can see from here. There you go. Now to the other side.
You can just about see there. There you go. And if I open the doors up,
you can see that the doors open fully, so that’s quite handy. And if you look
inside, if you can just about make it… I don’t know if you’ll be able to make it
out, but here you’ve got the swinging… If I give that…see, that moves like
that. It’s got the original hanging pegs in there; lovely, old hanging pegs you
can just about see there, really nice. And also, which is also very handy, two
bottom drawers. And if you’re wondering what that peg thing is, if you look in the
top of the drawer, you see that will line up with the peg. And you’re supposed to be
able to push this down. The hole’s not really big enough for that. You can
actually push that down. That will lock the drawer so you can’t pull the drawer,
can’t pull the drawer. And then obviously, when you lock the doors up, the drawers
are all locked. That’s quite clever. At the top, obviously those hanging
pegs aren’t really very practical, so I can put a hanging railing for you,
or possibly a shelf, maybe a shelf with a hanging rail underneath it. But
that’s something we can talk about. This is code number J3508D. It’s
priced at 850 as it is. If you did want to take it as it is and do it up yourself,
you’re very welcome to; 947 when it’s all done up. And the dimensions: height,
80 inches; width, 65 1/2; depth, 26. That’s the maximum depth, so that’s from
the deepest point to the…there you go, on there. And the internal depth, which is
obviously the measurement you need for your coat hangers, there to the door
is 22 1/2, so that’s really deep, so you can get massive hangers in
there. So that’s all fine. And it totally dismantles. So if you see, it’s got
a little wedge there and it’s got a… you can’t really see there, but it’s got
another wedge at the top. I can come and deliver it. All these wardrobes that
dismantle, I can come and deliver them and put them together for you, if you’d
like me to. Obviously, if you’re not too far away, then that’s cost effective.
Otherwise, my delivery company can deliver anywhere in the UK. And I can
actually take a video of me assembling and dismantling the wardrobe, so your
particular wardrobe, the one you buy, so you can see exactly how to do it.
And you can have a laugh at me making all the mistakes that
you won’t have to.

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