Learn how to create the Spring Flora Earrings by Fusion Beads

[Cody] Hi! Today I’m gonna show you
how to make these cute, spring flora earrings. These quick and easy
earrings can also be made in an antique silver. So let’s take a look at the products and tools we’ll need today. For this project I’m gonna be using the 13 millimeter jardon puffed
coin bead in antique brass, the large flora teardrop
charm in antique brass, the Niobium French ear wire
with a two millimeter heishi and 22 gauge, two inch
antique brass eye pins. For my tools I’ll be using chain nose, round nose and wire cutters. So let’s get started. (bright, happy acoustic ukulele music. Okay, to begin this
construction of our earring, I’m gonna take the puffed coin bead and I want to slide it on to one eye pin. And on the open end of the eye pin I’m gonna make a small, simple loop. So to do that, I go ahead
and I bend the eye pin over at a 90 degree angle, take my wire cutters,
cutting off the tail, just leaving enough to make a small loop. (metal clicks) So then I take my round nose pliers and I grab the wire right at the tip. And I’m pretty far down my round nose, ’cause I want it to be
a pretty small loop. And then I just go ahead
and gently roll it back, ’til it makes a little loop. And then I just kind of adjust it there, so it’s centered on there. Then I’ll take my charm
and I’m going to attach it to the bottom of this little beaded link here that I made. So to do that I’m going to take and open the eye pin by moving one part of it to the
side with my chain nose. I’m going to slide on my charm, making sure I have the
convex side facing forward. And then I go ahead and close that. So there. Most of the construction
on my earring is done. So now I’m going to just
attach the ear wire. To do that, again taking your chain nose and you just move the loop to the side. And then you slide on your earring component that you made. And then you gently close the ear wire. And you have one earring done. So I’m gonna quickly make the other one, so I have my set here. Again in the same fashion,
just gonna make a simple loop on the other end of the
open end of this eye pin. (metal clicks) Use my round nose, just gonna go ahead and just roll it back. Then I’m gonna open this bottom loop to attach my charm. And then in the same fashion, gonna go ahead and attach my ear wire, open the loop to the side. And again when you’re
putting it on your ear wire just make sure that the
convex side is facing forward, slide on your loop. And then gently close your ear wire. And now you have a full set to wear out. You can find all the products and tools for this inspiration
design, at FusionBeads.com. (bright, happy acoustic ukulele music)

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