LEGO Public Works Center 6383 build & review, vintage 1981!!

hey folks it’s Lego Jang here with what
will probably be the most special to me Lego set build and review ever this is
set number six three eight three it’s the Legoland Public Works Center
I’ve talked about this sort of mentioned it a number of times because it is the
oldest set that I can remember having as a child came out in 1981 and when I
first have this set as a kid it was new so I have tracked down a used set that
should be complete on eBay and I bought it and here we go base plates and parts
I’m going to go ahead and do the build along with showing you the parts along
the way and then I’ll talk about it and there it is more than 30 years after
it came out about 30 years since I had it maybe 31 32 something like that the
city or Legoland Public Works Center and garage all completed Wow that takes me
back I remember a lot of these things I don’t remember all of it some of it to
blur tell you what I really really really remember these garage doors they
were awesome back in the day and they would go up and down I don’t know how
many times I raised to lower those things just so cool there’s a lot going
on with the set and you know what it’s a pretty cool place it even by today’s
standards they don’t have all of the all of the modern little detail pieces that
we have on our available to us with current LEGO sets to all the grills and
all of the use of brackets everywhere for a lot of sideways building but you
know it’s a fun set it’s got a lot going on it’s got a lot of components to it
and as a thing for for kids to play with you know which is the most important
thing it’s really good it’s there’s so much that you can do with it you know
it’s it doesn’t just have one particular purpose and this is even just with the
the standard build of the kit of the set they also offer on the back page of the
instructions I’ll show you in a quick second here show you some other options
for things that that you can do but even this right here I mean if this were sold
as a set today it would look a little bit dated but I don’t think it would be
you know really bad I think just update a few things that we
still pretty cool here are the other options they show you
on the back so here on this one it says this is kind of a a relatively minor
revamp you still have to garage sections but now the crane is in a stationary
position off to the side still loads things up they went with three axles on
the on the front loader tractor two on the dump truck I like the dump truck
like that with the windshield on it still has a hopper back here still has a
sliding thing that goes back and forth so you can load from down here up to
that here’s another option that they they suggest for a place that has either
roof pieces or prefabricated walls however you want to look at it in a
couple of trucks and a crane to lift them up and load them and this alternate
one which I used to look at the most when I was a kid never really spent that
much time being interested in this or this but definitely lusted after that
combination though I I just didn’t have the the skills back then I was too young
to figure out how to do everything on my own but a big ol huge crane really
really big crane with a wide base really stable really tall and it’s working on
building up a new building so that’s a great way to use a bunch of extra parts
and there are a lot of different things that you could do with how the building
is being created off on the side but right now what we have here we’ve got oh
we’ve got four minifigures that are all the same every single one of them is
this guy me get in a little bit closer you can see that a little bit better and
yeah that’s it that’s that’s your guy you get four of them so quadruplets
nothing on the back here just to print on the front and that very very basic
basic face nice little hard hat kind of helmet and glue all over and that’s it
and there are a number of different little utensils or tools throughout the
whole thing you’ve got a shovel there there’s a shovel in the back of this
front loader tractor we’ve got a broom over here we’ve got a pickaxe over here
it’s a lot of stuff for for working in dirt and such the front loader let me go
ahead and and just zoom in on that guy focus on just it for a second
very basic design but looks pretty good it looks looks like a miniaturized
version of a Tonka front loader tractor from its day so fits right in with with
the theme and the time frame and it’s got the arm raises way up so you can get
things here in your load very very high and can dump from the from the bucket
even up this far it can still dunk down has quite a lot of reach on it it’s got
these little levers here I really don’t recommend using those levers to lift the
thing because you can see it very very quickly we’ll just go point
oops and then you know toss everything on to the driver or behind the tractor
on the hole this little sticker on the back unfortunately was applied to the
wrong part by the original owner probably back then so I had to take that
off from another piece and put it on here it’s not sticking so well yet I’ll
I’ll find some some adhesive to fix that up with but cool little tractor then
I’ll move on to the dump truck little little articulated dump truck it turns
in the middle you can see that turns like so I got your similar similar kind
of front-end design with this little step sidestep small ladder piece used
for grill is the same wheels same tires I really like the articulation of it
cool looking thing again just fits in with with the time and it does have a
route for its size it has a pretty large dumping section to it and that actually
does dump so you can lift this up and there you go deposit the materials in
the little section there and then drive on off so that’s a pretty cool little
thing would be nice if it was if it was covered because I kind of think of this
as being something that will just drive off you know would come in dump whatever
is here and then drive off or pick up a load and then drive off but you know the
cabin would be nice but you know hey it is what it is it’s not so bad and then
up here you’ve got your crane this was the coolest thing about the set is this
with a big old bucket and this is spring loaded just spring inside of there to
always bring it back this can can go up and down a little bit too much though
because they’ll bring the load right onto hami most most of the time you’re
going to leave it pretty close in there it does have a little little winch on it
and loops zoom in on the cab section so you can see our our generic city worker
there and you can see there’s a little Lynch with a string reel I don’t think
that this is the original string I think that some new string was was added in
some more recent stuff but close enough and the way that this thing works it
actually can slide back and forth on that kind of elevated track almost like
a monorail setup so you can just slide over and the
idea doesn’t really go forward very far but the idea is that oh boy it’s not
quite enough weight they’re definitely not the original string with the idea is
that you can get this thing to come down and then you you grab stuff on here grab
a little load of little one-by-one white pieces that they include and then wind
it on up bring it all the way up all the way up to the top maybe bring it up just
a little bit higher turn this around bring it over to here and then drop it
into hopper just like that now you notice it
didn’t fall out rotate this around and you can see that there’s a spot for your
dump truck to back into there or you can drive in from the other side and you can
back right under there and there’s actually a little hidden hidden action
on the back so I’ll zoom in even a little bit more and we’ll check this out
as I reach around here and pull that uh dumps the load out so turning that
around you can see right there it’s just a piece that’s got all these flat tiles
on the top and it just sticks in and it just covers the whole inside of there so
you pull that out it’s kind of like a little secret compartment thing and the
pieces are a little bit rough and hold but when it was new it could slide in
and out pretty easily so you can you can look at this as being either a a hopper
or maybe as a shredder oftentimes cities will actually have some area where they
get tree trimmings and grass and and you know various various organic matter and
they’ll build-up it especially tree trimmings they’ll dump it into a hopper
something like this not necessarily exactly like that but similar and then
they’ll shred all the stuff they’ll shred all of the the wood and everything
and combine it together to make mulch small little organic fibrous material
that then gets laid out in landscaping if you if you see landscaping in city
parks where they have nice areas near the entrance or even some playgrounds
oftentimes under the swings they’ll have like a would like stuff it’s like fibery
but small chips lots of chips that’s how they do it they have a big shredder and
it just turns big pieces of scrap wood and stuff and bushes and everything into
chips so that’s what’s going on here or at least that’s one way you can look at
it the the garage of course got to focus in on that garage
turn this down you can see it’s got a little little tracks back here a little
grooves where the doors will go in and we still get garage doors like that
nowadays this is one of the earlier sets to use that sort of setup I’ve got lots
of windows on the sides both of these can open this is a really good sign here
the width this falls on its own is the parts are pretty clean and still in
pretty good shape so you have two bays where you can park stuff when you’re
done do you need to take that shovel out so I’m just going to move that show all
over to a little spot work that it has you can park this all the way inside of
there and you can also Park the dump truck again oh no that one actually fits
with the broom handle in the back so just Park that oh nope not quite it’s so
close so close all right there we go roll that on in and then to grab the
whoa grab the garage door you can have to reach in a little bit but then you
can close those down and there you go pretty cool closes all up actually tells
you what it is up here you got a little antenna something there maybe some CB
radio inside of there or something in the break room got a couple of lights
these are directional lights and they’re supposed to be turned around and just
give you a view of this thing for me from the other side you can see that the
vehicles just barely fit in just barely but you know it does it’s does its job
really looks looks cool from the from the outside and then finally there’s an
office so sorry I’ve got a kind of awkward to move all this stuff around so
much but haven’t haven’t set my studio up for doing a to base plate set before
and there’s the office and it’s got a window with with blinds on it and you
can look through there there’s a little there’s a little desk and then there’s a
chair where somebody would would sit behind there a little light in the front
of it and then on the side of here there’s a nice little little sticker
piece unfortunately the sticker has to go over multiple parts similar to
what happened had to happen on the back of that from a front loader tractor but
this little time sheet so you’ve got a little clock and just an indication of
ours I guess kind of a master master timesheet sort of thing a couple racks
for tools so that’s where I put these these extra tools that weren’t fitting
inside the garage and then you’ve got a couple trees there’s a tree over here
tree over here and base plates consists of this three bay piece and then a
single curved piece and of course given the age they are all in the original
light gray a slightly yellowish light grain that has yellowed up a little bit
more over time but not too bad the original owner of this cetera V the most
recent daughter kept it in really really good condition some of the parts have
been kind of mixed up and I can see that there they’re of different ages or
slightly different tones of blue through here but I can’t complain about that
there were a few pieces missing but they were just basic block pieces that were
they were kind of swapped out and I got a bunch of extra spares included by the
seller all these basic bricks just as just as extras so everything worked out
great very happy with this birch is very happy to have this set again it’s been
something I’ve been interested in going back to for a long time just just purely
for the sake of nostalgia just because like I said it’s it’s the oldest Lego
set that I can remember ever actually having and it is a pretty cool set you
know even even by today’s standards I think that it works out pretty well it
just just needs a few little little updates to to make it make a current and
there you go all the actions of this set thanks so much for watching it’s been
really fun I’ll probably keep this together for awhile although nowadays my
desire to customize is very very very strong so I don’t know if I will keep
this all together forever but who knows maybe this will find a spot off in a
corner of of a large lego city layout at some point which case you’ll see it
otherwise you’ll see the parts in here’s elsewhere so yeah stay tuned and I’ve
got always more videos on the way talk to you soon

96 Replies to “LEGO Public Works Center 6383 build & review, vintage 1981!!”

  1. You should totaly do a modern revamp MOC, with all the new syles, exept the same concept. That would be cool.

  2. WOAH SO OLD SCHOOL!! back when all you would've used were your basic blocks, nothing much fancy like hero factory or bionicle and when almost all the minifigures had your default smile face and when they used actual metal in the wheel peices and they used very few stickers. nice work find this, jang!

  3. Hi, i was just wondering if you could check some of my MOCs, i`d really like to know what you think of them, could you give me some advise on what i could improve on, i`m already pretty good, but i really want to go that extra mile. This isn`t a spam comment, i just wanted to know what you think. There`s a playlist on my featured playlists on my channel page.

  4. Cool story about it being the oldest set you remember. It's one of the better Legoland sets of the period. I was born in '74 and have just figured out that the #149 Fuel Refinery is the oldest set I can remember having and it came out in '76.

  5. great review, this is a neat set, you are luck to have had a big set like this when you where a boy, the biggest set I had was 675 "snack bar" , I still have it and it is cute compered to the stuff I have in my collection today,

  6. This was my forth Lego Set and was very exited to obtain it at the time. I still have it and is complete with box cover.

  7. jang u should find alit of road base plates and make a millitary bunker like have it hangin off one of the holes and when ur done with that u should also do that with the mc corner and make a giant hole

  8. Am I the only one who thinks modern lego sets are way too linear? And the new themes are just… Pitiful. Ok, I collect the movie theme, but who doesn't? On the other hand, friends is really weird, city is ok but you never get any everyday stuff, and what the heck is chima meant to be? They were totally on drugs when they came up with that. And it's kinda annoying how they give you no extra ideas for any sets in any way anymore. Creator isn't too bad because it has the '3 in 1' range, and actually has normal buildings, but I think lego is losing it's touch. If anything, they could at least re-release the legoland range, that would be pretty cool. Anyone else agree with me?

  9. If you say that the minifigs in that set are quadruplets, then every fig from the 80's is related. From the perspective of a minifig," Hey bro! Hey other bro! Hey sis! Hey… OH MAH GAWD IM CLONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  10. I think my first Lego set was the 2006 mobile police station. I got it in a bundle with the police motorcycle, car, and prisoner transport.

  11. I love the old system sets!! The reason? It's simple, simple small buildings and vehicles! And the minifigures is so nice and simple! And you often got special plates, i just wish i grew up with these sets! 😀

  12. awesome set! I'd expect a modern version would have some different colours and maybe a couple of updates but it would still be one of the most exciting things in a while.

  13. I just bought this same set at an estate sale- lucked out & got several late 70s/early 80s town sets, but no instructions. I'm watching this video as a guide, because the instructions online are poor resolution, but still a bit confused over what size panels make up the roof. The instructions on toysperiod dot com indicate a quantity of 6x black panels 6×8, but it likes you used 8x of those to put your roof on. I used a 6×16 at one end, also indicated in the parts list but which has no other use. Am I doing this right? lol

  14. Hi Jang, I found this video from your reply to me on Twitter, I also saw that 1967 dump truck, now that piece is prety special to me!

  15. I know you want New Jang City to be all custom stuff, but I think it would be a neat idea to, when you're finally "done" with the city, to have this set as your only non-custom building. The sentimental value and the fact that, to be honest, it doesn't look too dated , are the reasons I suggest it.

    I still have my original sets [from the 70s; i am a tad older than you] and for nostalgia sake, I like to keep a few assembled. 🙂


  17. Hi JANG,

    I've recently subscribed to your channel.. I enjoy your videos, but this one is a particular highlight for me.

    Purely for nostalgia, I bought myself a few lego sets before the holiday period.

    When I went home to visit my family, I found some of the lego I had as a child in our attic. With brickset and bricklink, I've been able to determine which sets I had back then. The first lego sets I remember getting were the 6397 Gas N' Wash Express and two 6669 Diesel Daredevil sets, which I got for Christmas of 1993.

    Unfortunately, most of the pieces from those sets have been lost or damaged since then, but I was able to build one of the Diesel Daredevil sets with just minor substitutions.

    Best wishes for the new year.

  18. Am I the only one who thinks the old mini figures with the plain dead smile and simple clothes look better than the new expressive mini figures


  20. Thanks for your reviews! This is a solid set, I don’t remember another similar set in its sub theme.

  21. I only discovered this set as an AFOL, once I was re-building my collection. Being in the UK I hadn't even known of its existence (alongside a few others!) until I joined Brickset/Bricklink, so imagine my delight when I found one on eBay at a decent price! In the UK it would be known as a 'council depot' – which takes pride of place in my town. Thank you for the review, it's certainly a favourite set of mine.

  22. they could have included different faces i know it was the 80's but still maybe not new faces but one different fig :/

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