Levente I Jakab VLOG #3 Antique Fair

[Music] good afternoon guys today I’m heading to Battersea Park there’s a decorative antique and Texas fare going on this week and a friend of mine recommended to check it out he should be good this building right behind me is the peace pagoda in Battersea Park founded in 1984 by guru ji the Japanese Buddhist movements leader I was looking my plans to visit this place but since I’m walking through the park I found this building right behind me pretty interesting and actually quite actual so I believe this is the right place maybe just walk around and think about the place but maybe inner peace as well I do believe that it’s also important because if you have inner peace inside you then you won’t create any war you won’t cause any trouble or won’t destroy anybody else [Music] [Music] this place is a bit overwhelming like so much data so much craftsmanship incredible really really really incredible and it’s quite a few people turnout look around there’s many people behind me they’re all interested in the same thing they are all interested in hunting they were all interested in some beautiful design and it’s not just about with antique is not just about one single item and put it on the shelves and sure [Music] [Music] [Music] my tour comes to an end I absolutely love being here and even got invited to an opening party that’s interesting such a nice and humble people around many helpful and they will proud of what they are doing this is an important part they love what they are doing actually some people told me that they don’t bother about social media they don’t care they just we just love for the sake of it they don’t mind if they saw something they don’t mind if they don’t it’s all about the lifestyle as I said before and I think I’m gonna go to the next one as well because this is something we should we all should experience only it’s been very educational another few months since I started being interested in antics and designs things like this I find it finally it’s really really helpful it helps me to develop myself it helps me to develop my brand my work because I see so much beauty around me so much nice little details crafted around me that it can only help me to develop as a person as an expert in making video is somebody who look for data somebody who wants to find more more fine art in my life around me and the time comes when I start investing in antique as well we should restore what we have this is our heritage this is it with us they’re valuable if we don’t appreciate them then what our life is going to be black and white and square [Music] you

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