LGR – Thrifts [Ep.39] The Junk Shop

You know, it’s inevitable with every
episode of Thrifts there’s gonna be somebody asking “why do you go to so many Goodwills? Go other places!” And I wish I had more options as far as thrift stores,
they’re just the dominant chain in this area so that’s why I go to so many
Goodwills. However, today I have found somewhere that’s a little bit different
than a Goodwill. In fact it’s a little bit different than your normal thrift
store, you’ll see what I mean as the episode proceeds. So yeah let’s go
thrifting! As is tradition at this point we’re starting at a Goodwill, this one
with the lucky rock out front. Here, have an offering of a dollar, we’ll see if that helps. Hm I guess not, because the first thing I see when I walk in is this. Well this
really SOCKS. This doesn’t though, although the price
is a bit much: 150 bucks. “Vintage record player,” it says. Well yes it is that and
much more. Turns out it is a General Electric all-in-one transistor radio/phonograph player, with hookups and adjustments for all sorts of things
really, in a pretty neat little wooden package. Well it’s not little, it’s
substantial. You got this fold-out record player down here, that’s just a neat
design. And a lot smaller than the gigantic stereo floor units that I often see at
Goodwills. Over in the glass cases we have glass case things, including the
expected cameras of dubious desirability. Along with one of these things: an
electro-mechanical Deluxe Computer Baseball game, probably from the
mid-70s, 1976-77. I have another version of something like this, they’re pretty
neat. I thought this guy was pretty friggin cool, really fascinating display
going on there with the dials that almost–I thought it was like an
oscilloscopey kind of thing at first but it doesn’t appear to be. Still with
the crosshairs it looks like something that should be in some sort of aircraft,
I like it. Over with the Nuvis and flashlights I saw this little thing: a
Vivitar digital camera, which I swear is the cheapest thing I have ever felt. It
just feels like nothing, runs on triple As. It has a USB connection, internal
memory I guess. Yeah I’m gonna get it because it’s cheap in just every sense
of the word, so much so that I’m curious. Saw this little thing on the shelf
below that and was curious because of the brand Agfa. This is an Agfalux,
it is a flash module that actually folds open, although it didn’t get that on
video. Yeah I don’t see too many Agfa things, much less these old flashbulb
modules like this, so yeah I thought it was kind of cool.
Now this caught my attention, this is a Skyrider bike. I don’t know much about
bikes but something about this really drew me in… the red, the design, the way
the spokes look, the chain protector, just all of it. They were asking $99 for it and
who knows if that was a good deal, either way I thought it looked cool. Well here’s
something that I know a little bit more about! Over in the CDs I saw a copy of
Battle Bugs, an MS-DOS strategy game where you control a bunch of insects and
was released by Sierra back in the day. I do have another version of this already
but I know someone who’s looking for a copy so I picked this up, it was 5 bucks.
And then over in the puzzles and board games today there was quite a bit to
choose from for someone such as me. Looks like they’d just gotten in a bunch of
boxed PC software and some Macintosh stuff. Expert Landscape, Virtual PC, Nero 6 Ultra,
OmniForm, Adobe Acrobat 4… you know, a bunch of stuff that i don’t want but a
few things that i did and ended up picking up. Was also very close to
picking up this right here: Cad Complete for the Macintosh. I don’t know,
I’m not really big on Macintosh stuff, I would have bought this if it was for DOS.
But it’s just an early early Softkey product, I don’t see many of these in the
box at all. All right onto another Goodwill and it’s quite nice outside today, I’m
enjoying. And inside the glass case is sword, haha. I don’t know if this is like, from
some property of something? It’s a hundred bucks, I’m sure someone can tell me like, what this is. Or maybe it’s just one of those
generic ones that you find at like the beach from some guy that smells like hot
dogs. Checking out the glass case near the registers and yeah, I’m seeing a lot
of these cheapo VR headsets show up now, they’re littering Goodwills. And some
console games, whatever nothing I need. However this got my attention, this is a
Tomytronic Slimline Speedway. For one thing I love this case and for another, I
don’t know, it’s just one of those early portable monochrome black and white
electronic games. Only thing holding me back was the
price of 25 bucks, which actually wasn’t that bad once I got home and looked it
up, but oh well. Heading to the back part of the store
and what in the world look at this industrial steampunk-looking beast. It’s some gigantic saw thing. Oh it’s just a Craftsman bandsaw. Yeah whatever, I just don’t see like exposed saw blades at Goodwill very
often. Over on this end cap over here I saw a copy of Symantec PC Anywhere 32
version eight. You know I do like to pick up software like this if it’s in a big
box, but my personal rule is like, unless it’s version one or two of the
product I don’t really care. I don’t know it’s just what I like. Got a couple of
Sims 3 things in here a dollar fifty each. And a copy of Duke Nukem 3D, nice. Always happy to come across this, I don’t know it’s still exciting for some reason.
I’ve played it a million times I have a million copies but it doesn’t matter, it
just makes me happy to see. And I’m not sure if this makes me happy to see but
there’s definitely something I’m feeling when I’m seeing this banana sitting on a
knife display stand. It’s like carved out of a piece of tree. This is so confusing
and it’s just classic Goodwill. Ooh, there’s a whole stack of 45s down here with their
sleeves. That’s actually not the most common thing at least in my experience. I
usually see 45s just sort of shuffling up against each other getting all scratched
without any sleeves. I’m not a huge collector of them, I pick them up every
so often, but the fact they had all the sleeves — I appreciate that whoever owned
these last. And as soon as I left filming this some guy bought all of them at once
so I guess there was something good in there. Hmm what is this, looks like old
tech! Cine-Kodak Editing Kit sixteen millimeter, all right. Hmm well
unfortunately all of the stuff that used to be in here is pretty much gone, at
least all the good stuff. Not that I would have gotten it anyway but you know
whatever. Still though, neat case, I appreciate the packaging. And you *know* I appreciate this 8-track player over here. Shiny chrome and black and some wood
grain, aw yes, sweet looking-knobs and switches and dials. Rarely do I bring kit
like this home, but man are they enjoyable to admire. And the shelf below that and I thought this was kind of fascinating, this is a Radio Shack Tele Pone. Yeah like telephone without the H.
Essentially a Rolodex and you just put in like, contacts, phone numbers and stuff. And then you can key them up with those letters down there and it’ll sort to them automatically. Analog tech like this
fascinates me, kinda like flip clocks and you know just anything like that. Flippy
things, they’re neat! And I thought this was just a clock but it turns out it is
much more than that. This right here is The Timer ™ model number X10-TC262.
And yes this is an X10-compatible device for all of you Oddware viewers out there.
I’m not entirely sure how this works but that’s why I bought it: because I want to
try it with my existing X10 system, because I have that going where I can
control a lot of stuff in my house with my MS-DOS computer and if I can make
more things happen with this timer? Definitely getting this. And as I was leaving
I noticed this ad for the Goodwill “Color Me Goodwill Fashion Show.” That just
sounds fantastic somehow. Okay under the tree to another Goodwill, here we go. Ooh
hey in the puzzles and board games I see a Learning Company logo, what is this? Nothing. Yeah I like a lot of Learning Company games but when they started
getting into this territory of just like straight-up education? Nah man I want
that edutainment! So this was kind of interesting, this is a Sharp Aquos AVC
system. Maybe the TV went with it and nobody knew what it went with? Like, Sharp Aquos
is a series of TVs, this is the control box that goes with the TV, so seeing them
separate is kind of odd. I do wonder if there’s any use for this outside of its
intended situation. Now this this was much more tempting, this is a Sony SL-2400 Betamax VCR. I dug a lot about this except that it was not in great shape
and when I turned it on the mechanism was making some strange noises. It might
have just needed new belts or something. I don’t know, either way I didn’t get
this one. One of them though, one of these days. Up above that I saw a typewriter
that caught my attention, because I mean, look at the design of this thing! Green-topped keys, now those just look friggin cool. It’s an Olivetti Underwood
Praxis 48. If I could get a modern mechanical keyboard with those key tops
I totally would. And as I was about to leave the store I saw this here, which
was a — I don’t know, it struck me as oddly melancholy, kind of sad. “Unanswered prayers.” Maybe it’s supposed to be encouraging because
it was empty, so it’s like “all your prayers have been answered!” But at the
same time it’s just like, are you supposed to put your unanswered prayers
in there? I don’t know it’s making me think too much.
And finally one more Goodwill here and it’s this one. And inside the glass case, I don’t know man. This scouring pad holder just caught my
attention: “I’ll hold your scouring pad.” How direct and oddly friendly.
Oh and hey look it’s one of our local mascots. The Tourists baseball team has a
moon for a mascot. I don’t know what the story is behind that but he’s a little
disturbed. Whoa check out this very green upright piano. It almost looks like it was
painted by hand way after the fact, maybe it was! Either way though a pretty old
thing, they were asking 95 bucks for it. I do not recognize the brand but I’m sure
someone in the comments will enlighten. Over in the junk I found some junk and a
PC game here, a kids’ game which is Stanley: Tiger Tales. Never heard of this
but it was in a big box, I like that. But yeah you know whatever I don’t know
anything about it so I’m not gonna get it. I did kind of want this though. This
is a Wendy’s Burger Magic 8 Ball. I did ask it whether this very video would
reach a million views and “Burger sources say no” is the result, so, oh well I tried.
And check these things out, I saw the Panasonic logo but was like “what the
heck, like pencil sharpeners?” Nope, they are closed-circuit security cameras,
complete with some of the equipment as well. Man I don’t know what kind of age
these are but I kinda like the retro design going on. ROBOT. And the last thing
of note here was this Shred X Watergate paper shredder. I don’t know if that’s
the best or the worst name for a paper shredder. Either way though props to the marketing department on that one. And then last up
for today, I just ran across this store as I was driving around and was
instantly intrigued. It didn’t have a sign out front, no name anyth–I couldn’t even find it on Google Maps. It seems they’re in some sort of a transitionary
period from old owners to the new ones, so maybe it’ll have a name later on.
Seems that it used to be called Third Hand Co-op. It’s not really a thrift store
or an antique store, it’s sort of just a junk shop. There are a bunch of these
around me but this one, they just had so much junk outside that I’m like
“man, who knows what’s inside!” So I stopped and gave it a look and was instantly
impressed with just the sheer amount of stuff. I’m just kind of gonna gloss over
a lot of this here because this place was huge, every square foot had at least
one thing of interest. There’s a Brownie Kodak camera in there randomly. Nothing is
really sorted exactly, like some things are together like the music and the
movies. But then there’s just random sections of model cars and then other
stuff thrown elsewhere that doesn’t really belong anywhere but it could if
they organized it. But most of it is just not organized, at least not right now. I
myself spent about an hour just browsing this place so suffice to say this will
be heavily edited and I just want to show a few of the things that were of
interest to me. Random electronics in here, VCRs and
tape players that kind of thing. But yeah this place has a little bit of
everything I could think of from glassware to pith helmets to paintings
to gardening shears, gas pumps, desk fans, pillows, baskets, a lot of toys, a lot of
really weird knick-knack type of stuff. Most of it seeming to be from like the
1970s to the mid-2000s. Most of it’s not the kind of stuff that I would buy but I
did find a few things of note. Starting with this desk lamp and you know, it was just a lamp but yeah I don’t know. There’s something about the design of
these kind of things in particular, I’ve always enjoyed them. I have one at home
but this one looked a little different so I liked it. And then ooh, I saw vacuum
tubes and some kind of freaky-looking General Electric stuff going on, what is
this? Well it’s a piece of furniture that is a radio. I don’t really know any exact
model numbers or a whole lot about it. They were asking $125 for it and yeah it
had one of those early 20th century designs. Almost art deco, maybe not, I
don’t know it looks cool though. A lot of camera-like photography and video stuff
was just hanging around all over the place: lens kits and camera bodies, bulbs,
and film canisters and reels and just all sorts of things. And then just like
cases of this kind of stuff, it’s just like, what is this: Victorinox knives and
doorknobs? Yeah why not. I quite enjoyed their different toy sections though, had
a whole bunch of Wienermobiles in here. And a bunch of model cars and vehicles
and planes of different eras and types. One of those
rereleased Mattel Classic Sports TV games, just random stuff man. And I
thought this woodgrain-clad box over here was a speaker at first, but nope.
It’s a Com Air Eagle 2500 air purifier. I’m almost intrigued by an air purifier
of this age, it seems like it’d work either too well or not at all. And man
check this thing out! This is a Grundig-Majestic radio, “Made in
West Germany,” it said. Now I know this is a more common brand in the UK and parts
of Europe but I’ve never once seen anything of this brand or anything that
even looks like this — like the style of this thing — here in the US. Just, what a
cool design. It’s 125 dollars, it obviously needs some
work, but man am i tempted just because it looks so unique. Speaking of unique, I
mean, you just never know what you’ll find in this place. Check out this old
box of like, first aid supplies. The top of it said “BellSouth First Aid Kit,” and
then well I don’t recommend smelling the ammonia tablets.
[coughing] That was the worst,
instant regret. And then just as I was about to start getting to the real
electronics sections my camera glasses died. And I don’t just mean like the
batteries ran out, it just died. So yeah I have to get some new ones for further
episodes. But I was able to just pick back up filming with my cell phone for a
little bit here. And yeah there’s just stuff packed in here, like I really hope
that they get around to organizing sometime because, I don’t know, I feel
like I’m missing a lot of things. Who knows what’s hidden behind these buckets and bed posts! Just look at what’s out on top here, check out this Pioneer tape
recorder. I just love this design. If this were in better shape, or if I thought
that I could restore it and get like the little switches and knobs and stuff that
need to be replaced and the tape mechanism? I would totally buy this for
32 bucks. Yeah I don’t know, as it is I don’t have the time which is why I pass
up on all sorts of things like this. But yeah there is more to see, like this up
front, which I saw as soon as I walked in and had to go back and check it out. This
is a complete in box, as far as I can tell, brand new in box Pioneer Laserdisc
player, a CLD-D701. The people here said that it was untouched as far as they
knew, brand new in the box, still has everything sealed up. Now, they
wanted 750 dolllars for it, but when I saw what else
it came with for that price I can kind of see why. There were also around 500
sealed laserdisc products. I’m saying “products” because I mean, there were
movies, there were TV shows, there were sports specials, there were random
reports, there were interactive games, there were x-rated movies, there were just
a ton of things. I have never come across a laserdisc selection this large in one
spot just out in the wild like this, so I’m still thinking about it. It’s a bad
idea, I don’t need this, right? I don’t need this. This was a truly unique
selection and that Pioneer laserdisc player alone in the box? One of those
sold recently for $230 plus 70 bucks shipping on eBay. Anyway I’ll think about it, but in the meantime I was looking around the rest
of the store because there are yet more electronics. And dude like look at this
thing: this is a BMC brand BM-12A computer monitor. Yeah that’s right, this
is made for like Apple ][s, it’s a green phosphor monochrome screen. Just got the one composite input at the top there and some vertical and horizontal adjustments
and things like that. But yeah, this would be great for certain older computers, I
might go back and get this. And holy crap if I ever need a VHS VCR I know where
I’m coming first! They have just tons of them everywhere,
and record players and tape decks and just all kinds of things that you rarely
see at once in a Goodwill. Like this Toshiba satellite receiver down here, I
wonder what kind of display used to be on the front there, I like the way that
little screen looks. And one of these neat little Realistic weather radios,
they usually come in a cube form but this one was more rectangular and had
this little dial on front that looked neat. Then there’s just Micronta something
antenna switch, I don’t even friggin know what but it looks cool. Another VideoCipher II over here, this one is a Tracker System X. Yeah this is why junk shops like this are awesome, you just absolutely do not know what you’ll find. Like this guy
right here, this is a Philips CD-i, the compact disc interactive multimedia CD
player/game console thing. It’s one of the first models, the 220, and they were
only asking four dollars for it. Yeah, so the little door on front doesn’t stay
closed anymore and it doesn’t come with the cables or controllers, but you know whatever man. I do not care, four bucks? You can hardly ask for a
better price for a friggin CD-i. And that is all for this episode of LGR Thrifts!
And this episode I’m quite happy with these things: a boxed copy of Battle Bugs
for a friend, a copy of Expert Landscape DOS landscaping software, why not. A boxed
copy of Connectix Virtual PC, an X10 timer unit, a Vivitar piece of crap
cheapo camera that is unbelievably cheap, a freaking Philips CD-i, good grief I
still can’t believe I found that for 4 bucks. And lastly a copy of Nero 6
Ultra Edition in the big box, which I used a ton as a younger lad to do
*totally legitimate* backups. But I never had the box, I always wanted the box, now
I have the box. A couple little things her:e that camera, turns out it has some
sort of stupidly tiny USB connection. I’ve never seen USB that small, I’m gonna have to find one. I will be trying the X10 timer, probably in a video in the
future. And I haven’t tried the Philips CD-i yet because I don’t have the
controllers or any software or anything like that, so I just gotta get all that
kind of stuff. And one more thing: as I was editing this episode together I just
had to go back out and grab that little monitor. There wasn’t a price tag on
there but I got to talking to one of the employees and they were like “I think it
was 30 bucks at one point” and I was noticeably disappointed but they’re like
“yeah we’ll do 10 bucks, how’s that” and like “yep sounds good to me.” It powered on, didn’t explode or anything like that at the store so it seemed promising. Took it
home and hooked up a Sega Genesis just to try it out and hooray! It works just
fine. It does of course need a good cleaning but overall it’s in pretty good
shape I think. And the aesthetic of this is just highly appealing so I’m happy
with it. And athletically all of your finds look fantastic as well, thank you
very much for sending all of these in over the past couple months, or whatever
it’s been since episode 38. As always, I’m still going thrifting all the time, but I
don’t consistently find enough things to make a video as often as I would like. So
my apologies for that as usual but new thrifting episodes are always in the
works so feel free to keep continuing to send your photos and all that kind of
good stuff. As well as your general support asking for more thrifts because
that is seriously encouraging, so thank you. And thank you for watching, we’ll see
you next time!

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    The best thrift store find I ever found was an old tascam 4 track tape recorder in the late 90s. I ended up using it for years, helped me become a recording artist. I ended up selling it a few years ago for a good price too.

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