Life at Vintage Oaks, a SouthStar Community

The thing we like about Vintage Oaks is
that we have a lot of peoplearound our age here, so we’re able to have about same amount of kids that are the same age, so we
are able to hang out, go to the pool, and have dinner parties, and you know, really get to know people around you that live close.
We love the area because of the scenery and you feel like you’re
out away from the city, but yet, everything’s really close.
We like the amenities. Kids love the pool and love the new park area. This is a beautiful neighborhood. Every
turn you make, there’s a different view. Beautiful view, and something great to look at. The houses
are gorgeous and they’ve just made the community a lovely place to be. We decided to ride through and we found a lot that we really like close to the
pool, and we settled in, we’ve made a lot of
great friends with kids around our kids’ age. We spend a lot of weekends at the pool and go go to each others’ house and playing and getting in trouble. It’s good.
It’s not just the location, the Hill Country, and the amenities, the two pools, the two
clubhouses, the lazy river, but it’s the people who
live here make it most enjoyable. There’s a lot of very friendly people very helpful and caring.
You know the amenity center, there’s the tennis courts there’s the fields, especially with kids, it’s like you’re
able to get out here and get all your your kids together and, you
really, get to know people, and get to meet people, and you know, and eventually being good
The neighbors all brought food to our home for over a month while she was in the
hospital. You do not find that in very many
communities. You know, a lot of the neighborhood we looked
at prior to this one had a time restriction to start construction. To find a neighborhood where we can build
on our timeframe, for us.
And I like how we can use our own builder as well. It’s very family-friendly. The schools are grea, it’s just quiet in the evenings, lot’s of wildlife and nature. It’s nice. But you feel like you’ve kind of escape everything, but yet you’re really close to town and all the essentials
that you need. We knew we kind of wanted to be closer to New Braunfels. What’s great about this community is
we’re only, you know, ten minutes outside of town 10 minutes from the grocery store.
We enjoy living out here, just because it’s so close to New Braunfels, and it feels like we’re part of the community in New Braunfels, but yet we’re kind away from the hustle and bustle of everything. But we’re also close to 281, so we can get into San Antonio really
The trees are just gorgeous, and I’ve noticed a lot building
going on since the last time I visited the
property, so it’s exciting that there’s growth and it’s exciting.
And they come together and form clubs and somebody starts an activity, and people
join, so this is a real community.
Gonna lots of years of fun. Definitely come and look at it, and while
you’re here, get a look at the pool, that’ll sell you.

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