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Elizabeth: I was born with two wombs, two cervixes and two vagina passages. I was told it will be very difficult for me to conceive, and the day my daughter was born, it was a miracle, because it didn’t feel real. Ducks come here. Look can you see them? Black that one there, one there straight look. Since I was a child I have been having a lot of health issues. most of the time and mostly I feel like I want to throw up, nausea, and then migraine. I used to have a lot of recurrent infections like viral infections, or normal vaginal infections, or you know with rash so it was like a constant battle. And all the time I was I have to be on medication. After being in and out of hospital for most of her young life, Elizabeth was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, non cancerous growths of the uterus. Despite being told she was unlikely to conceive, Elizabeth fell pregnant. Elizabeth: I was actually infertile that’s what they were trying to say. So it was a huge surprise. I couldn’t believe it. I thought oh God; I thought they said I can’t have a child? You know how come now I’ve fallen pregnant? Elizabeth’s midwife struggled to locate her baby during scan. The issue remained unsolved throughout her pregnancy. Elizabeth: And the day my daughter was born, I mean, sorry, getting a bit emotional. It was a miracle because sorry, it didn’t feel real. I felt truly blessed. It’s just an amazing feeling, you know, having this beautiful, precious girl as a child. Daughter: And that’s what I really like, I really like being with my mommy. Elizabeth: I was in and out of hospital, so I was a bit stressed, you know, because she came premature, she was born premature. She was not very well when she was born. She had to be on medication, at least eight medications a day. So I was happy that she was around but I was scared. We had a couple of occasions that we have to rush it again with the ambulance because yeah she stopped breathing. Daughter: Me when I was in nursery. in Germany. Me when I was born, I was very sick. Elizabeth: You were very sick. Me and my daughter are very close we’re like sisters aren’t we? Daughter: Yes.
Elizabeth: Yeah more than sisters. After the birth of her daughter, her uterine fibroids symptoms seem to worsen. And she was referred to a specialist. Elizabeth: I felt there was more to me having uterine fibroids, they told me you’ve got a different set of womb. You were born with two wombs. I’ve never heard that. I thought that’s not normal.What is that? So they show me a picture what it is. They gave me even a leaflet to go and read about it. And that was the journey. Yeah, Elizabeth was diagnosed with uterus didelphys, a double uterus. With this malformation she was told it would be unlikely she could have any more children. I was diagnosed secondary infertility at that time surprisingly I got pregnant again. So I was like nearly four months pregnant. I had one clots came out and it was very black. They had to rush me Give me a scan done. And that’s when they told me I’ve got a miscarriage. That is it, I’m coming out and I’ll tell my story, to encourage other women out there to get the right medical care. So I set up special lady awareness, you know, as a way of educating women and young girls on gynecological conditions and menstrual hygiene. So I have been visiting Ghana on numerous occasions. What I do is I go to schools that is girls of ages, but mostly from 14 upwards. I’m looking forward to go again because I do go even in the UK. I’ve started joining, you know, different network groups and women and I’ve carried out also here in the UK not long ago. So yes, there is more to do and I hope I can even go global because as I say, that is my intention. Today, Elizabeth is giving a presentation about her condition to a local youth group. Interviewer: Are you looking forward to the presentation? Elizabeth: Oh, yes, I’m so looking forward to the presentation. Having the fact that I’ll be able to tell my story, I just want to see the face of the audience. I believe they are teenagers, which ranges from 12 to probably 19 years old. I’m excited because, you know, that group are always my targets because I do know that they can relate to my story more. So good afternoon, everyone. And thank you for, you know, coming today. in 2015 I was diagnosed with an unusual condition called uterus didelphys. Its actually having a double womb, a double cervix and a double vagina canals. So a lot of these women and young girls, you know, as a young as ten, or even nine years old, they keep to themselves. And by the time you realise it’s a bit too late. FM: She’s talking about how she’s trying to empower women, globally. Zara: I thought it was really good. She’s obviously a very courageous woman. And it takes a lot of courage to kind of talk about your personal issues on a global scale and on social media. And I think she’s pretty cool, pretty inspiring. Elizabeth: My event went so well, I was so impressed, you know, amazing feedback. With SpecialLady I want to be the voice of the voiceless for every woman out there, who’s going through, you know, symptoms like what I went through. To me coming out telling my story has been a wonderful journey and experience. And I’ve achieved so much with it. For somebody to do great things you have to go through challenges in life. So all those setbacks that I had, there was a purpose for it.

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  1. I feel mean saying this but im trynna take this seriously but the situation is kinda funny except when she was in pain and had a miscarriage

  2. Just like the man that has a period and they discovered he has a vagina behind his penis so I’m pretty sure her other vagina is behind the other

  3. This woman takes care of her two vaginas and some people can’t even take care of one, they just sleep around and get infected with all kinds of diseases.

  4. Some YouTube stories are stage managed, without proof, how can we believe , anyway we are serving a great God you had a daughter

  5. YOU ARE a liar it's not rue you just want attention in your CHANNEL
    Send us the picture of your 2 vaginas. We the normal human being
    ARE proud of talking about sex openly without sex no generation

  6. You’re so beautiful. With two vaginas, the pleasure, I’m sure, would be heavenly. Two holes in one? I need it! How can I see you, please? You’re naturally gifted!

  7. Use one and save the other for the husband, genius!!! Or have a threesome, or foursome, two in the pink one in the stink.

  8. This is an incredible medical situation.
    It is amazing that her sexual experience produced a healthy child.
    I wish Mother and daughter all the best.

  9. My mother was born with this and was told she would not have children. She became pregnant and my twin and me were born 8 weeks early (my twin was stillborn) in 1973. She ended up with a hysterectomy at 26 yrs old. She didn't even know she had this issue until she was 20.

  10. I don't care whether she has two vaginas, or twenty. I love her superb face and mind. She is beautiful.And please don't call her, "born different." She is one of us.

  11. What about empowering woman who cannot even have children. Not trying to rain on her parade, but it just doesn't seem that horrible

  12. I think being loved and loving is the best part of life even though we all struggle some have no love in life your blessed in another way my sister

  13. Her husband should be faithful eternally because he got the best of both worlds.😏she just has to have a different personality for both, 2 different names, one feisty who plays hard to get and the other submissive. My imagination wows me sometimes

  14. Does she have 2 periods at the same time? I know it's an inappropriate question but I'm really curious about it. If so then poor women she I very strong. I can't even handle my own period. LOL

  15. God is good, you're a strong beautiful woman,God made you special, you're here for a purpose ,may God bless you ,do what the lord put you here to do inspire and encourage other women,your daughter is beautiful,God bless you both.

  16. I would like to know the vigina position, were they side by side east to west or north to south? It is a very rare interesting story. Do you still experience pain after giving birth?

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