Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, ca. 1890 | Virginia Beach, Hour 3 | Preview

GUEST: Well, it’s something
I’ve had since 1966. My parents were working
for an elderly lady
in northern Virginia. And when she passed away,
the family told my parents to
basically take whatever they would like to have. And it’s traveled a lot
with my parents, it’s been
across the ocean six times. (laughing) So it’s… it’s
truly a steamer trunk. APPRAISER: This is a wonderful
example of a Louis Vuitton
steamer trunk, as you had said. Louis Vuitton is one of
the most iconic designers,
one of the most popular
and most recognized… GUEST: Right. APPRAISER: …brands
in the world. He started business in 1854 in
Paris, and his sole business
was trunks– transportation, luggage, that sort of thing. And in 1858, he introduced his
first flat-top trunk, which at
the time was really unusual, because most of the
trunks were domed. GUEST: Right. APPRAISER: So a flat-top
trunk was really
almost groundbreaking. And it was in a grey canvas
that he called “trianon.” Later on in the
1870s, he introduced a
striped canvas trunk. He wanted to keep going
and changing design so
people wouldn’t copy him. Which is ironic now,
because Louis Vuitton’s
copied all the time. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: This check design
was introduced in 1888. And what’s interesting is,
they’ve actually reissued the
check design, and it’s now more popular than the Louis
Vuitton monogram. GUEST: Oh, good. APPRAISER: So the LV monogram
that we know today, that
trunk was introduced after his death in 1896. So this one we know
comes from the late 19th
century, after 1888. Starting at the top,
you have this wonderful
latticework ribbon. And you would be able to stick
cards and notes and any little
bits of information, travel paperwork within here. There is some fraying,
which is totally fine. And stained, yes. And staining and water damage. And what’s most obvious
here is that we have this
fabulous large label. And it says “Louis Vuitton,”
and then the numbers down
here, which is 34233. That’s the serial number. And with a little bit
more homework, we could
almost certainly date
it to the year it was issued. GUEST: Oh, nice. APPRAISER: Inside, also,
there used to be trays. I’m going to close it up
now, so watch your fingers. A couple of other things to
point out on the exterior. You have these strap loops here. And each of them actually
say, “Louis Vuitton Paris.” Which is fabulous. And then it’s also got
London in there, as well. He slowly opened stores
in London, and then
also across the world. When we look at this, the
condition is well-used and
loved, but it’s actually
in really remarkably good condition. So if I were to see this come
up for auction today, I would
feel very comfortable in saying that it would sell for
around about $10,000. Very good. If we were to insure it, you
would need to place an insurance
value of $20,000 or more on it. GUEST: Ooh. You made my weekend. (chuckling)

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  1. TEN THOUSAND? Really? I expected only a fraction of this, maybe 2000. Good to know, but rather surprising.

  2. Saw one of these at the LV store in Newport Beach, CA. They had it in its own case and said it was "priceless" and said it was worth the most in the whole store. Kinda weird since he let us hold (without gloves too) two purses worth $53k EACH!!!

  3. In today's market, in that condition, at auction, I would be very comfortable to put a value on those red shoes at $49.95.

  4. You know what I don't understand why do these appraisers always say insure for 3 times what it's worth . . IT MAKES NO SENSE.

  5. November. 5.

    Che. Louie.


    In. Fashion. Louie.

    In. Wind. Louie. La. Toure…

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    Dang. Dat. Name. Does. Alright

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    Viva. La. France


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  6. Stunning! I definitely think it's worth more than 10k. It was released before LV died in 1896! Helloooooo! I want a trunk so bad haha

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