See our minds have become messed up and their
now filled with pollution Tv screens and magazines we’re beginning to
look for a solution Plastic surgery, diets and pills but still
not seeing any form of improvement We’ve stacked up all these dollar bills but
still not sure what to do with them We began to chase women and fornication to
the point our girls don’t even know who’s baby she’s carrying
We’re so afraid of commitment but have no problem with damaging
She has your kids now but your still not even contemplating the possibility of marrying
See this is what happens when we neglected Allah’s best examples you call her Mary, but
we call her Mariam A women who was perfect since birth
The best to walk the skies and the best to walk the surfaces of earth.
The most exalted of all women, that’s why she was dedicated an entire chapter
In the Holy Quran the final revelation in which there will be none after She was the best of all women, and to society
she should be leading the way I mean that’s why our women be dressing like
her, coz just like Mary, when Allah decrees something we hear and we obey See Mary used to cover up, despite everything
they used to say She would hide in hibernation, and to Allah
she would pray And when she was visited by Angels in the
form of men, she said if you fear Allah you would go away!
Because in the presence of men she would not stay But anyways today were taught to be against
segregation Yet for in support of all forms of liberation
To free yourself from the clothes that only lead to your degradation
why do you got to cover your face for? we got to see your identification
But little do they know her identities right there a women who fears Allah and commits
to her religious obligations See I respect all women to because thats what
my religion teaches To lower your gaze when your walking there’s
no need to check out every women’s features There’s no need to even shake another women’s
hand because in reality theres only one reason why a guy would be pleased to meet you
And you can go ahead and deny it but don’t blame me for stating the obvious
When the pornographic industry is worth billions you still don’t see where the problem is
Sex is embedded into society to the point we’ll exploit it to merely sell a car
So you can act like this is all new to you but you know for a fact How innocent we really
are How about we look at the simplistic way we’re
taught to dress It’s like if you dress less than your destined
for success You then force your women into heels and have
the nerve to say that we oppress You got her to dress up tightly I mean its
an opportunity But every time we loose our mind, its like
see what these ladies do to me But I’m not blaming it on the women because
we too have a responsibility Prophet Muhammad said the best of men, is
he who is best in his character and the best of them, is he who is best to
his lady after he married her He was the best to his wives I mean just take
a look at Aisha He’d compete her in races and smile just to
make her happier So when you do marry – do so with the intention
of only Paradise is where to you should plan to carry her So the next time you think about carrying
her to the alter, maybe you should alter your decision
Because if the only reason your marrying her for is the outside then realise you’ll be
locked inside of a prison For that reason, Prophet Muhammad said marry
for four: Beauty, family, status but most importantly religion
Because a women without religion is a women who could do with a bit of extra wisdom
We’re meant to grow old together, mercifully so we could be protected by Allah’s supervision. But relationships are a mess and there’s no
guarantees your going to be a survivor So be kind to her and know that Allah will
be kinder Be a man who stands in front but also a man
who can stand beside her And if your still looking for that good girl
don’t go chasing after behind her, Rather search to find Allah first, for once
you find Him your guaranteed to find her.


  1. MashaAllah. I'm an American convert to Islam. One reason I converted is because of the evil things against wish this brother speaks. I know that Allah subhanu wa ta'la rightly guides whom He pleases, but my heart is troubled at the fact that, when brothers such as the one in the video points out what he has, that's it's like talking to a brick wall.

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    I'd love to see every one of my Ummah bound together so close by following the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SA) – the only peaceful way. Keep the great men and women of our deen as role models!
    Salaam alaikum! (Peace onto all)

  6. I feel like even if you don't wear makeup or all this fancy clothing boys seem to look at girls. Simply you can't even walk secure. He is so right, some guys just come behind girl and don't have the wisdom like a man. I love this video! Mashallah! Respect to all Muslims!:)

  7. Hey, it means choose a woman based on those four characteristics. But out of those characteristics, the most important one is the religion, you will never go wrong with a religious woman.

  8. When she is a daughter, she opens a door of Jannah for her father. When she is a wife, she completes half of the deen of her husband. When she is a mother, Jannah lies under her feet – If everyone knew the true status of a muslim women in Islaam, even the men would want to be women~~~ saying of Akram Nadawi

  9. I was so confused about Islam and Christianity i had to 2 friends, 1 of them is christian and the other is Islam they always use to confuse me about religion and god but you my brother have just proved why Islam is the biggest religion growing right now around the globe thank you.

  10. hey dear, you should research into islam, read the quran and get an idea of what Islam is millions of people have already chosen the right path, the choice is yours! you won't regret it one bit!

  11. I love what he's saying & I understand & though we both don't practice the same religion (I'm catholic), I believe we agree on this topic. -3 Much love.

  12. Peace be unto you.Since you stated in your youtube channel that you live in the US,then do log on to thedeenshow. com A website that is not just provides information about the faith that you want to study as you mentioned but you can also contact the host of the show as well to ask any question pertaining to the faith etc.I hope this info has been beneficial since I see your sincerity to wanting to at least learn and not being biased.Thank you.May Allah(In English:The Only One God) guide you.

  13. Islam is for everyone don't matter what colour you are and what you've done in the past! You start a complete new life and this goes out to my white, blacks, asians bros n sistas:)

  14. Im a christian (protestant) and I like this video. I dont know why, but hearing this words I want to cry. I would like to find a man who can respect me, love God, and obey the laws. I'm a conservative young woman. Now Talking about islam what I don't understand is why Muslims men are allowed to marry more than one women. In my opinion pure love is when you love only 1 person no matter what. Could somebody explain this to me??? Please I really want to understand.

  15. Thankyou for your comment 🙂

    In regards to Muslim men marrying more than one women, let's look at an example that we can both relate to – Abraham, the prophet of Allah (God) who married two women at the same time Sarah and Hajar.

    Think about the widows, the divorcees and the single mothers with children whom no one wants to marry, do we just leave them without a husband? It's for the protection of women under the guardianship of someone capable who will be fair and equitable between them.

  16. I was christian orthodox,I converted to Islam after much study;but mainly b/c jesus is a prophet and not God.Islam actually says to marry only one and to marry upto 4 in certain conditions;financial,emotional, n must be just b/n wives. "Marry women of your choice,two, or three, or four;but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one."quran 4:3,majority have one wife,but in wars n when women were more than men,muslims have married more than one

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  19. every time i hear my mother aisha and prophet muhmmed name i cry becauze a lot of people acusing them , they dont know how aisha love prophet muhmmed pbu them

  20. I have seen this video probably 100x. I am a devout Catholic and yet I agree with every word in this video I can recite it by heart at this point yet I will still watch it 100x more. Thanks for the great video and powerful words that I hope the world will heed one day soon

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    فخورا جدا باني مسلم

    اللهم ادم نعمة الاسلام علينا

  23. i am a young muslim girl who unfortunately does not wear the hijab yet. This video really makes it clear to me how easily it is to become caught up in this life 🙁 Insh' Allah i wear it soon, May Allah swt guide us all. Your videos make so much sense mash'allah may Allah swt reward you for making such information accessible to everyone.

  24. sister, just try and do it! 🙂 just wake up one day and try the hijab on and walk out of the house. pray to Allah to help and guide you, insha'Allah you will be strong enough to do it! 🙂

    ps – i wear the hijab and i am so grateful for it! the hijab liberates you rather than oppresses you; when you wear it you don't feel the need to fuss about how your hair or makeup look because the hijab is simple and modest – you should have no big accessories, makeup or skin tight clothing. good luck sis 🙂

  25. Just to add to what lebo2196 said, it is stated in the bible that solomon had 700 wives. "And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines; and his wives turned away his heart." (Kings 11:3). In fact, pretty much all world religions allow for multiple wives and Islam is the first to limit that to a maximum of 4. And even then, its conditional on that u must be just with all four of them, and if you cannot be just then it is forbidden for you to marry 4. U can only marry 1

  26. I am Catholic. This video is super good it has so many truths in it. This is the reason the world is so wrong today. No respect for God and No respect for women.

  27. Hey thank you for your comment, but I disagree. For starters, I didn't blame the women and secondly I did "look around me" and in reality all the beautiful things in life are covered up. From the pearls in their shells, to the jewellery in their safe, even to the Queens in their castles. See, Beautiful things need to be protected not put out on display for the whole world to touch and see, this devalues their true price. This was the way of our Mary (pbuh) and this is the way our women follow.

  28. Absolutely, if Christian women are really sincere they would follow Mary -Peace upon her-, and if they do so, they would cover like here, and if they followed Jesus -Peace upon him- they would have prayed like we muslims by prosternation… MATTHEW 26:39:[And he went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.].. but, in fact, we are the true followers of Jesus message

  29. Amen, I say to you Mr. Lebo!
    I'm a Catholic but all I can say is…..Amazing Words!

    Keep it up! Salaam Alaikum!

  30. This video has really encouraged me to get a new more modest wardrobe of outfits cuz as a muslim girl it's my duty to be a representative of my religion and it makes me feel bad that I've not been representing in the best way I could. Time to change for the better. Thank you for this awesome video!

  31. that's because Islam is a continuation of judaism and Christianity. Moses & Jesus we prophets sent by Allah to guide the misguided and prophet Mohammed is the last and final prophet from God. All the prophets taught the same message and that was to worship Allah only.

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