Lulu FROST Jewelry: Interview with Lisa Salzer | Neiman Marcus

[MUSIC PLAYING] I often feel that there’s
too much out there just for the sake of more, more, more. My goal as jewelry designer is to
not put more stuff in the world just for the sake of doing that. I want to create jewelry
that’s meaningful, sentimental, serves as a beautiful marker of
special times in people’s lives, and can be passed down
through the generations. [MUSIC PLAYING] So tell me the story of Lulu Frost. Gladly. My nickname is Lulu, and my
grandmother was named Elizabeth Frost. And she was in the antique jewelry
business for about 45 years, and I learned so much
from her as a little girl, visiting her in her shop in
Pennsylvania on the weekends. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love when I can speak
with a designer that has this fantastic family heritage. And I love telling that story,
especially to my clientele. I think that that helps them understand
why it matters so much what I do. I want them to feel that emotional
connection that I have to jewelry and then, hopefully, pass it down
to their family in the future. That’s beautiful. Isn’t that pretty, it’s– It’s so luminescent, it almost feels
like Tiffany glass or something, you know. Thank you. That there’s a real
lovely transparency to it. [MUSIC PLAYING] You get so much out of interacting
with women when they’re shopping for clothing or jewelry. They always tell me stories
about a wedding that’s coming up in their lives or
their child’s Bat Mitzvah or, you know, a big party
that they’re going to. And they’re nervous. How can they stand out from their peers? I love more than anything helping
women make the right choice. I don’t want to just sell them more. I want them to buy the thing
that they’re going to wear a lot. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m obsessed with this piece. Thank you. Well, you know, I think if you’re
doing something ultra femme, like crystal and pearl, the shape
needs to kind of counteract it. For me, I don’t really
love a little piece. I mean, I love little jewelry
to layer with a bigger piece, but I’m not a minimal girl– Good girl. –there. Yeah. There’s a fearlessness that
I try to infuse in jewelry. And there’s a confidence in– Exactly. It’s confidence to say, yes,
this necklace has presence, but I can carry it off. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is such a hallmark of
what we do at Lulu Frost. They were originally
the numbers and letters from the Plaza Hotel in New York. And in 2005, the Plaza renovated. And I was very lucky, and I
purchased all of the numbers. And I see again and again, universally,
people are very attached to numbers, and they want to tell a
story through their jewelry. And I find it’s one of the best
things that you can wear to do that. There’s a special spirit and a
soul to things from the past. Nothing can be created in a vacuum. We need to look to the past and then
interpret it through a modern lens. And If I was to stay what the
ethos of Lulu Frost is, it’s that. It’s bringing something
very traditional, that’s rooted in a deep meaning
and appreciation, into the future and making it cool and
modern and current. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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