Magdalena (Spanish, Latin American) Lesson 6: Jesus, Our Complete Restorer

He’s coming! He’s here! Look! Jesus! Jesus! I beg you to save my only daughter.
Sir, have mercy. She is only twelve years old and…and dying. Please! Please, come with me. If I can only touch his robe,
I will be healed. Jairus, I’m sorry.
Leave him alone, Jairus. Jesus!
Your daughter has died. Don’t bother the teacher any longer. Don’t be afraid,
only believe and she will be well. Who touched me? Someone touched me,
for I knew it when power went out of me. It was I who touched you. I have suffered for twelve years
with bleeding. I spent all I had on doctors
who could do nothing. But when my fingers touched your robe, I was healed. Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Thank you. He called her “daughter”? Yes, someone who had been unclean
for twelve years according to our laws. He saw her shame
and restored her honor. I don’t know which brings
greater healing, Jesus’ power or his compassion.

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