Making a Mug – Beginner Pottery Wheel Projects #6

Get ready to make a mug Hi Marie here
welcome to Pottery Crafters you found video number six in our Beginner Pottery
Wheel Series today you’ll learn how to Throw Decorate and Glaze a mug and yes
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upload a video before we get started here’s a list of tools and supplies I
use to make the mug which will also be down below in the show notes along with
any other important information I may talk about throughout the video the
tools and supplies listed are only recommendations and items I use on a
daily basis I’ll be starting with the clay already centered so if you’re
having any problems with centering your clay you can check out the video up
above with that said enjoy the video and make sure you stay until the end to see
the finished piece let’s get started for this project I’m using a pound and a
half of Amaco stoneware 46 Buff Clay check the thickness with your needle
tool this mug is going to be trimmed on the bottom so you want to leave at least
a half an inch of clay bringing the bottom out to the size that
you want the base of your mug to be before pulling up the walls don’t forget
to compress the bottom anchoring your left thumb against your
right hand helps to keep the pressure of your fingers stay consistent to keep the
thickness of the sides even throughout your piece don’t forget to get the extra
water out with your sponge from time to time if the water sits too long it can
start to weaken the clay slow and even pressure with your fingers is the key get the extra slip off to keep the side
stronger longer smooth out the clave with the metal
scraper and get rid of any extra water then make a foot with the Ultimate Edger I’m using the Giffin Grip a Double Edged
Trimmer and the Ribbon Tool after making my handle with the handheld
extruder and my mug and handle are leather hard it’s time to attach them check out my video on making handles
with the hand held extruder to ensure your handle doesn’t crack it’s
important to score both the handle and the Mug smooth out the clay and wait
once the mug is bone-dry it’s time to bisque fire in the scut kiln at cone 04
wiping down your mug with the damp sponge gets any dust or particles off
and helps the glaze bond to the mug apply a little wax resist to easily get
any extra blaze off the bottom once your mug is dry it’s time to glaze I’m
pouring Amaco Obsidian Glaze on the inside and brushing the outside with a
Hake Brush mix your glaze well before applying I always put the glaze through
a strainer it catches the clumps of glaze and debris that may be lurking in
the glaze load up your brush and let the glaze float across your piece after the first coat is dry I’m applying
a second coat on the outside only if you’re new to glazing check out my
article on 27 Glazing Tips for Beginners I left a link in the description below for the third code
I’m pouring Amaco Indigo Float on the inside and outside as well after the third coat is dry pour Amaco
Smokey Merlot on the top half of the outside once the glaze is all dry it’s time for
Amaco Textured Turquoise Rim Dip I’m also glazing the bottom with an
Artist’s Fan Brush and the Textured Turquoise let the glaze dry and make sure the
bottom is glazed free before it goes back in the kiln for the final firing at
cone 5 let’s see how the mug turned out here’s the finished mug the glaze turned out pretty good I like
how nicely it flowed down the handle and the side of the mug there are no cracks
in the handle and no cracks in the bottom I think it turned out pretty cool
what do you think feel free to post any questions comments or even ideas for
future videos in the comment section below
some of the best tips and feedback come from you also in the comment section are
more show notes and pottery-making info I hope you’ve learned a thing or two to
make your own mug check out my other videos from Pottery Crafters and don’t
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  1. I love your videos, im really new to pottery (bought a wheel and a kiln though) and I feel like I can learn so much from you

  2. ⚡️What questions do you have about Making Pottery? Let me know! 👇 If you are struggling with technique, don't be shy. Let me know I may make a video helping you solve your problem.
    Need help Centering your Clay check this video out.

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