Making a Violin FOR REAL – Step 17. Upper and Lower bouts [Part 1/6]

Wait until the glue on c bouts are completely dried take the mould down and loose all the clamps Put away the bench vise, the bending iron
and the gluing pot Work on the corner block which link the c bout
and lower bout together Use a square to mark the shape of the corner block then mark on all rest of the corner blocks After drafting on the corner blocks, mark the upper and the lower block After all finished the markings, prepare the tools needed and start trimming the blocks Cut out the excessive part of the wood before doing detail works When you come across wood grain like this, DO NOT force it, turn the mould and cut from the other side After trimming to the line marked,
start cutting the curve in Cut carefully to the line Check if the whole curve is square then use a file to smoothen it

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