Måla metall – Chalk paint – Paint metal

Hello! These bar stools I tried Autentico hardwax oil on and I was pleased with the result It was very easy to use, it smelled pretty much, but it did not matter the smell went away after a while and the result was absolutely fantastic They were very orange on the top before but it disappeared Now I think that I should try this I have not actually painted on metal before with Autentico’s paints and it is said that you should be able to paint almost everything with them So, now it is a little ‘moment of truth’! I’ll paint the metal chassis on these stools with Autentico and I have chosen the color Nautique which is a very lovely stifled green color and then we’ll see … I open this little jar … It is always good to start at that end …I think… I believe that this color will be really nice to this dark wooden tops Anyway, I have shaken the can carefully before, so the paint is mixed so now I just go on painting I actually think that, because I want to try this now and I’m actually a big fan of the worn look As many of you may have already figured out I think that I’ll grind a bit on these later so that I can actually see how hard or, how well the paint has attached I choose the Vintage (furniture and decor paint) because it is the one that I work mostly with so that’s the one I need to know how well it adheres to metal Versante Matt attaches usually much better than what Vintage does or, not much better, but it will be more durable so Versante can actually be very difficult to produce friction with so, I have chosen Autentico Vintage Isn’t this color So darn delicious or what?! Now, anyway, it attaches great and it feels good on the surface so this seems to have worked really, really good I take very coarse sandpaper here now and it seems to sit just fine! I’m really happy with this! So, it’s true: One can paint metal with this paint without any problems! The question now is what to do now, because I did actually want have some frictions on this hehe So then, I take a block, I think Hehe. There you go! Some frictions here now and now I just (oh) apply clear wax! After that, these are finished!

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  1. Oooh! I did the same with milk paint on bedside legs last summer. Beautiful result, I love the change Lina!!Anne.

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