Manitoba Entrepreneur receives $8,000 Grant to open General Store with Antique Appeal

I’m Denise Shanoha and I’m the owner of Miss D’s General Store in Ladywood Manitoba My business provides all your convenience store groceries … … penny candies, ice cream, and of course, slurpies because Manitoba is the slurpy capital, and I want Ladywood on the map. And I do have a website. Going back to 1929 when this store was built it’s historical significance, people come here because of that, and a lot of the charm, they can walk through this beautiful building and it takes them back they see the antiques in side, and some of them are for viewing and some of them will be for sale I took a shot at going to Service Canada ’cause I was on EI — AM on EI and they asked me for a proposal to go to their board of directors through Community Futures and I did, they loved it and now they’re going to be funding me until the end of the year. I received approximately $8,000 I’m most excited at the fact that I’m doing something for myself and Iam super excited at this new time in my life. I’m looking forward to getting everything operational here This is the biggest thing that’s happened in my life. and I’m going to put my passion, as I have been, put my passion into this, and with the help of Small Business Centre I can’t reiterate that often enough, they’re wonderful. Small Business Centre is … … so focused on me as a woman starting out and my drive to succeed and I’m doing what it takes, and they’re helping me every step of the way. And they keep inspiring me, they are super excited for me to get this business going with the proposal, with every aspect of it. Don’t give up!

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