Mat Mania (1985) – Velharia #3

Very well folks. Lets start the game. By the way, it’s Facínora here, the
Gaming Room’s channel manager. And I’d like to premiere our
narrated videos with this game
that marked my childhood I used to watch the older
dudes playing. I think I didn’t even reach the
controls back then. I used to wonder about it because
it really looked like pro wrestling. And I really liked it.
I used to watch WWF. And that old brazilian
wrestling show presentated by Carlos Valadares. And this game is pretty cool. The playability is excelent
for an old game. Unlike some games that you
don’t feel like you’re hitting
or getting hit. As I said earlier, it is very well
Take a look at the crowd. There are famous people like
Darth Vader, Superman, ZZ Top
and others. When I was a kid, I thought that
was just hyped up people
in costumes. but in some sources, they say they
are the actual characters. And this characterization,
the attention to the minor details is one of the main features of
this game, as I said before. I’ll leave a link on the description
with the episode notes and it will have the list of the
people I could recognize
in the crowd. And the game is really like a
Pro Wrestling Championship You can even see down below written:
Taito Wrestling Association Counting with the player,
the championship has 5 contenders
and one champion. who, in this version, is called
Golden Hulk. You will see why. You have to win by submission,
pinning them down for the
1-2-3 count. Now we are going to face the
second opponent, Karate Fighter. Though his name is Karate Fighter, he
really looks like a Kung Fu fighter. He looks like Bolo Yeung
or early Jackie Chan And his moves are martial art
stylized despite the fact that if you
really connect moves like this in a pro wrestling match you can
seriously harm the opponent. I don’t know if you noticed,
but the player looks like a regular pro wrestling babyface fighter. Looks like his name is “Tommy” When you throw the
opponent off the mat There is written, here, you see? “Fight Tommy”, “Tommy is great” Some people say he is based
on Dynamite Kid Who was a WWF, now WWE,
fighter from this era. I never noticed the resemblance.
I always had him as
just a standart wrestler. Later I’ll have to talk
about the Insane Warrior who I missed because I
was presenting the game. But since after, and if
I win the championship, I’ll face all the other
fighters again. Even though it looks
like I’ll lose right now… Now look at this… Get up, dude. I think I still can win. Right there. I won. Now is a tough one.
I’m going to face the most OP and most son of a bitch wrestler,
Coco Savage. There is a trick to beat him.
You have to shoulder tackle him before he gets up. But its
hard to get the timing right. This strategy to attack and run
don’t work very well against him because, you see, he might
shoulder tackle you. Ack… He is one son of a bitch. Fuck that. Right there. You must be able to do this
until he starts to get weak. You find out when he is weak
when he starts taking too long to
get up It’s important to notice that
you can’t repeat the “Grapple, whip to the ropes, attack”
combo more than 2 or three times.
After that, the opponent will counter attack regardless. It’s interesting to break this
sequence somehow. Check this!
He is a huge son of a bitch. When this song starts to play,
It means you are
running out of energy. He is based on a wrestler who had reasonably success on his era named Bobo Brazil. I never watched him wrestle,
never got to know him but looks like he is one
of the first, if not the first, black man to have
success on pro wrestling. He had this jungle man gimmick,
like Coco Savage. Yeah! When I was young, I thought
Coco Savage was awesome. He was, I mean, he still is
the strongest of this game. One tough son of a bitch. We used to impersonate
him when playing because back then we
didn’t have emulators or couldn’t go to the arcades
anytime we wanted we had to use our children
imagination as a resort. We used to make drawings and simulating pro wrestling,
and Coco Savage, because of this game,
was always the strongest one. Now we have this fighter named
Pirania who is like those masked
mexican wrestlers who are usually cheaters. Coco Savage is literally
a cheat in this game, but Pirania’s moves are illegal
in the actual pro wrestling. Chokes, hair pulling, eye poking…. Who used to watch WWF/WWE
should remember… What was the name of
that wrestler who died?
Eddie Guerrero! His moto was
“lie, cheat and steal”!
(RIP) Right there.
Can you see it?
Poking my eyes! So Piranha was like those
mexican wrestlers cheats. You can say that’s stereotyping
but in pro wrestling we always had this kind of fighter. And now we have the Champ,
Golden Hulk! Did you notice the Rocky-like tune? And the belt on his waist? His story is like that:
In this version I’m playing the developers changed
his name to “Golden Hulk” in a clear reference to Hulk Hogan who was back to WWF for two years and his fame was beginning
to become international with Hulkamania and
all that madness. However, originally, and you might still find him named
as Blues Bloody in other versions He was based in another
pro wrestling named Bruiser Brody. He was from All Japan Pro Wrestling. Ack. I’m speaking a terrible
english right now. He is a pretty standart wrestler. He isn’t too different from you, but stronger and he will throw you out
of the mat if you don’t
get serious. His visual is really like Hogan’s.
and he will throw you out
of the mat if you don’t
get serious. His visual is really like Hogan’s. The only real difference is the
weird, feathered, pair of boots. If you win this match, you earn the
Championship, you see? And I think this should be
the end of the game, yet I don’t know
if it actually has an end. Some years ago, I kept
playing this for an indefinitely ammount of matches and
it never came to an end. I even wanted to remember
how I was playing because I was beating
the opponents relativelly easily. Ok. Now I won and I’m going
to receive the belt and a kiss from some lady. Unlike people say, the
game won’t restart. You will just fight against
the other wrestlers in
a random order. I was planning to talk about
all the fighters separatelly but instead I’ll play until
I face Insane Warrior again Meanwhile I’ll just beat
Pirania another time. Argh. I wasn’t supposed to do that. Can you see how he is
beginning to get weak? I think that will do. This is a very cool game. I don’t know if you noticed,
but the host looks stressed out,
very intense. Another good pro wrestling
characterization. He is all disheveled, with his sleeves rolled up. It’s all very nice. Oh fuck that. Ack. I missed. Damn. Falling off the mat by mistake can
be a huge setback, specially
if the opponent is down there. Sometimes he just won’t let you leave. And then you will be disqualified
and lose the match. Check this… He avoided it. Ick. Coco Savage. Lets
see if I can not to lose. These shoulder tackles
of him piss me off. And so do those skull cracks as well. Check this! He is very OP. Only because I was a kid that
I liked him because he is an asshole. Check this! He avoided it. But that was my mistake. Ack… No. Jump! Jump! YEAH! I won! It is always very satisfactory
to beat Coco Savage Any other who comes after
is a breeze next to him. Just because I want to talk
about the Insane Warrior
he won’t show up. The Karate Fighter again. The Karate fighter
who fights Kung Fu. Someone who is more
into it can correct me but for me, those pants
look more Kung Fu
related than Karate. But this kind of issues are never
really important on pro wrestling,
isn’t it? There always been over
the top characterizations.
And that was really interesting. I don’t watch it nowadays
because its too silly It always been silly but it’s
not a fun silliness like before. But it always have been about
over the top absurd situations
and plots. Imagine body splashing yourself
against the opponent out of the mat, throw his face
against the grid and he is still able
to fight? Only in pro wrestling! It’s time to finish him off.
He must be weak. Not like this. This way I’m
the one whos gonna lose. Yeah… The Insane Warrior. The Insane Warrior is named the
Insane Worrier in the Exciting
Hour version. And he is based in one of the
members of the famous
Road Warriors tag team. And one of them had a Mr. T styled
mohawk And his name was Animal. The tag team was formed by
Animal and Hawk, if i’m not mistaken. The Road Warriors, on their part,
were based on those punks
from pos-apocalyptical movies that feature dystopian futures and stuff. By the way, he looks a lot like
those dudes from the
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Well, even the “Road Warriors”
name is a direct reference to
the second Mad Max. He has an array of basic moves.
Doesn’t do anything fancy like
the others. And I thought he also wore
a mask when I was young
but that’s make up. Another reference to the
Road Warriors. There isn’t anything tricky
about beating him. Just hit and run and throw him
against the ropes when
possible, etc. Now the game resumes to that.
You will face the wrestlers in a
random order and see how much time you can
continue playing and how high
your score can be. And I think this is the
objective of this game.
I never seen any ending to it. The game has a two player
mode, but it’s not one against
the other directly. It’s like one playing a different game than the other each one trying to get a
bigger score than the other. Each one will wait to play
while the other is playing. There is not a competitive mode (PvP). That only would be featured
on the game’s sequel,
Mania Challenge, released in 1986. I don’t know this game.
I think it was released to
the arcades and looks like the player
there is named “Dynamite Tommy” one more reference to Dynamite Kid,
also meaning that we got the
player’s name right: Tommy. Looks like this game has less enemies and stuff. I won’t be babbling about it since I don’t know it. Mat Mania was also ported to Atari 7800, a console I don’t know
and never seen it here in Brazil. Looks like it never was a big hit,
maybe because of the lack of
system’s resources. Compared to Mat Mania,
that was successful this version’s
performance was pale. Mat Mania was a innovating
game for its time. It’s playability, graphics, the
sprite based animations that are very smooth and well done. Even the background music
that is very repetitive and I’m pretty sure I heard this
in some other game, maybe ripped
from it or in another Technos title, was very praised. Added to that there is the game’s
characterization that is really
well done, as I said. It really feels like a 80’s
pro wrestling show. This is a game that maybe deserves
a remake, as long its gameplay
remains the same. If if features a competitive
mode for two players,
the option to play online, and play as the other wrestlers
that would be great already. Not even it’s graphics
needed to be changed. Well, since I’m distracted,
I’m going to lose due to time. But that’s it. I hope you liked our very
first commented video and on the next part I’m
going to show and try to teach
how to do every player’s moves.

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