My name is Jan De Luz. I was born in the Vasquez Country, South West of France. I’m an antique dealer. -Good morning.- When I was young. I saw the shop and I was fascinated. And it was an antique shop. I’m looking at the window all the time. My passion started like this. -Here we have a Louis XV interior piece. After school I started to buy some in the flea markets some piece. -That’s also a beautiful chandelier, pretty big too.- I opened the first business when I was twenty-two. A bread rack. We do fire places. We do doors. Reproductions. That’s walnut from France. Now we can go outside. We reproduced all of the fountains like before, the same limestone. We put the color in the patina. But we never cast. My passion also became for the statuary and for a company called Baldos. So I collect a lot of statuary. A lot of of, for example those vases here. I found one ten years ago. And the second one five or six years after. So a pair like this is very really rare from Paris. So you see those limestones are coming from France. I’m going to show you how they are put on the wall. And you can see the way we installed them. You saw them in the bag. Put them in a container and bring them in here. And now it’s a different look the stones. That’s name of the olive oil. Number thirteen. Also here I put the jacuzzi inside the lavoir. Lavoir means, its a way the people used to washed the clothes in the village. It’s a one stone on each side. It’s really heavy so I built the jacuzzi inside the lavoir. I started the company thirty-five years ago to weave by hand the lenon. I started to weave like before, long time ago. We incorporated the color inside the fabric. So you can wash, you can bleached, you can do whatever you want. And then when we moved here we built a new company, called Jan De Luz in Carmel. My name is Brigitte. I’m here with my husband Jan Who we opened the store sixteen years ago in Carmel. -Look at the colors and then you can choose.- It was the first one in downtown Carmel on Dolores Street. And we personalized everything. So people can come in and order in the morning, asked a special table cloth. Special embroiled, a logo, a request, whatever. They can have it in the same day. -One hour? Perfect.- We sell everything that’s French or European. Antiques. Dishes. That’s what people like. That’s what people like. Having something you cannot find anywhere else. You can find it here.

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