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I’m Stan Savellis and I am the brains
behind That Retro Piece. We’re an Etsy business based in Sydney Australia and
we sell vintage home wares. I’ve always been a collector. My partner and I had
been out hunting for vintage goods and picked up a number of vintage Pyrex
pieces. I felt a connection to it in a weird kind of way. That small collection has
expanded and into a pretty large collection. The demand for vintage Pyrex
is actually quite big . We source goods from a number of different places
whether they are local garage sales local markets flea markets.
My own personal style is eclectic its colorful. Etsy for me was perfect for
that because I knew I wanted to sell vintage. I’d already been an Etsy
customer buying things so I know exactly how it operated it wasn’t even an option
for me to look at something else Having my Etsy business has certainly
allowed me to connect to the customers around the globe. People know that if they
want to source a particular pattern or an item hey go to Stan at That Retro Piece
if he doesn’t have it he’ll find it for you In 2015
Pyrex celebrated its centenary so it was 100 years old.
Long story short I was flown over to the Museum of Glass in New York State
and spoke at their annual seminar there was lots of talk about you know have
you thought about putting all this knowledge that you have into a book and
so I spend the next 18 months putting together dots and diamonds which is the
name of my international Pyrex Bible that was published and launched last
year That Retro Piece was born out of using
Etsy as a great platform and avenue to be able to sell and share my wares with
people not just in Australia but around the world

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