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  1. One thing i wish I didn't know. That no matter how hard you work you will never be able to do the things as a kid you where told you could do someday if you worked hard at it.

  2. Oh some know very young how tough life is and is going to be………. imaging being terrified of your dad. Being hit for no reason… Indeed it was the best lesson he every taught me, life is sooo unfair, get over it.

  3. I hear the sentiment expressed often that life just gets harder as you get older–as you learn to juggle more responsibilities and your free time becomes more and more sparse, your life is just consumed by the responsibilities you have.  Hell, I'm in High School, yet I feel as though I have no time to pursue my own creative/intellectual life.

    Could anyone speak to this?  Does life get better or worse?

  4. It's so strange watching this video towards the end. Technically I'm a still a child, but as I approach late teens I'm still being told if I finish highschool+work hard+get into uni I have nothing else to worry about. And I've never really faced any significant unfair hardship in my life to prove it wrong. Every little failures I had (all very insignificant) had reasons and explanations, just like my achievements.
    The scary thing is, I don't know how to think in any other way. I feel so ill prepared for a non-meritocratic world full of bad luck.

  5. My childhood was rather rough up to early adulthood where I was homeless for a while. Now, I'm rather stable and hoping to reach my ambition of a better future. Sure, there was good times now and then. The thing I miss from my childhood is that I felt safe and only had to worry about school. That and the fact that I was oblivious on how dark and merciless people and the world can be.

  6. Do people actually have childhoods like this?

    We weren't very well off (I got my first videogame when I was 9 (Pokemon)), all my grandparents were dead before I was born, and I saw my brother die when I was 2.

    It didn't mess me up too badly, that's just how life works.

    (Btw, I always read stretched out on the floor, its much better for your digestion 🙂

  7. Afternoons in front of the washing machine? WHAT THE HELL! Either I'm crazy or that is not normal. lol

  8. i grew up in an arab country so my childhood was about my parents beating me up and working for my diner at the age of 11 🙂

  9. Actually the feeling did not leave me until I graduated from the university. I have this kind of nostalgia from time to time. Glad it came back this evening. Sweet…

  10. Thanks for this. This made me remember the time I received a bad hair cut at a barber shop. As I left the barber shop I cried as I walked to our car. My dad wrapped his arm around me and told me everything would be ok.
    I just emailed my father to thank him for the memory.
    Thanks for your work!

  11. I learned from the very beginning that my parents had no clue, that nothing in the world is fair, and that chaos is a part of life. This video only reminds me about the childhood many people never had.

  12. Here is a wonderfully depressing poem by Pablo Neruda. If you are in a good mood now, please don't read it yet. Come back in a darker moment.

    Where is the child I was,
    still inside me or gone?

    Does he know that I never loved him
    and that he never loved me?

    Why did we spend so much time
    growing up only to separate?

    Why did we both not die
    when my childhood died?

    And why does my skeleton pursue me
    if my soul has fallen away?

  13. Aqui tenemos el original:

    Dónde está el niño que yo fui,
    sigue adentro de mí o se fue?

    Sabe que no lo quise nunca
    y que tampoco me quería?

    Por qué anduvimos tanto tiempo
    creciendo para separarnos?

    Por qué no morimos los dos
    cuando mi infancia se murió?

    Y si el alma se me cayó
    por qué me sigue el esqueleto?

    Pablo Neruda

  14. Oh, woe is me!, for I know not these feels… For mine is a childhood borne of lament and derision. I owe my entirety to serendipity; gestation from fornication.

    I have but one memory in common with this video – hide-and-seek. A game in which I have been playing with my father since birth…

  15. To the team at The School of Life: you are all great human beings and I'm very thankful for all the effort you put to everything you do. I know all your efforts mean a lot to many of us and I just want to express my gratitude.

  16. The people we were when we were young and the people that we are when we are older are very different people. No more summers at the park or Saturday morning cartoons. There was a song out many years ago that said it best. No more boy meets girl and boy loses girl. More like man tries to figure out what the heck went wrong. Well spoken.

  17. 'But what might be truly memorable is the sense of security..
    Feeling that your parents know what is going on…
    That the world is sane…
    That things are safe…
    That nice people around you won't die…
    That all will be OK if you just do your schoolwork…
    That life will eventually give you everything you really want…
    We had, as yet, no clue how tough it was going to be…''
    Ouch! It hurts!

  18. There was a Charlie Brown comic that said something to the effect of, the best time in your life is when you were sitting in the back seat of the car. When you knew everything was going to be ok, because your parents were driving, and you could fall asleep because nothing would go wrong.

  19. As we sit here, all rust and dust, we've neglected the fact that we are capable of regaining that ancient beauty. Childhood is simply one long discovery, why should we cease? You've lost your ambition; be reborn and take a leap.

  20. it reminds me when i was a child, i like to watch the rain going down from the sky and i was just waiting for it to stop.
    childhood are priceless, but we can't go back. when we're not worried about anything that happen in the world and i miss that feeling. . .

  21. It started of kind of well, "tears in the rain" sort of stuff, but then it changed into some weird insurance commercial. I sense your heart is willing, but the mind can´t keep up the pace.

  22. I've come to a realisation that I am sad all the time. Most of the time I feel alone, in this city and its busy streets and noisy neighborhoods.

  23. I didn't relate to this one. I assume you wanted nostalgia. I absolutely love all your other work though. I've been watching them in mass

  24. It's not life that gets harder, it's our realization that it wasn't easy in the first place. I think that's the real reason why we feel so betrayed when we slowly come out of that childhood innocence. This might sound harsh but society should teach children the cruelties of life earlier on, while at the same time showing the positive aspects of living. Besides, if life wasn't hard we would never be able to appreciate the moments of relief.

  25. I can remember my father BASHING the table with his fist at every supper. Bellowing in rage. Cocking his fist at his kids. Making a threatening gesture with an steak knife in his fist at supper. Fault finding with the tritest things. Dismissing my every thought with, "Aw, Christ." or Goddamn." Saying endless stupid things.

  26. I'm a sucker for rose-tinted glass and your film just made me smile and cry. There is a bittersweet sense of nostalgia and melancholy in the music and film style and I really appreciate the effort in the making of this video. It's so sweet and cute and relatable!

    And I'm only 20 and I get all these feels.

  27. thanks for the false sense of security you just put me in before dropping the depression bomb on me…. hey kinda like real life

  28. I did most of those things within the past year actually. My dad and sister's garden is far more impressive today than it was when we were kids.

  29. driving home at night was soo beautiful at the time we would be coming from my grandma's house where all of our families and cousins gather and we would play in this big garden she had it was so fun we would sleep in the car on the way home and getting home sleeping right away with no makeup to take off or uncomfortable clothes is just was so beautiful… life was simple

  30. Wholly fuck; these kids look so depressed! Seriously, I thought this was a misleading ad for a child abuse PSA!

  31. I had, as a child, no clue yet of how easy it would be. Every hard thing in life coming at me so far (I'm almost 24) has been extremely easy compared to everything that happened before I was 18.

    Actually, that do make me feel blessed.

  32. I was an abused child. I didn't get the security, sanity, and safe. I had to try to find it as an adult within myself. It impacted my entire life. I didn't start feeling whole until I was around 50. With no parents or family to count on, no marriage, no children. I missed out on everything in life. This is what happens when parents abuse their children. 🙁
    If you would like to know, I was told that my father believed that I was another man's child, so he whipped me constantly. My mother never spoke to me or held me. Ever.
    People, never do this to your children. You are better off not even having a child if this is how they are treated. Most days I wish that I was never born.

  33. It was hard at some times even in childhood but after this video I'm sobbing anyway cause this was exactly how it has been. And compared to now it was at least everything clear, secure and there was no responsibility for myself and others. In a sense I knew and understood so little but at the same time so much more than now. And I was able to enjoy these unique moments you can only appreaciate when you're 7 years old.

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