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Officer Eduardo! ‘Up, tight! How did these get here? I thought I’d
turned these in to the proper authorities. Well the way I hear it, Jeebs, you into something
a little hotter than some stolen Rolexes. I’m also a huge crack dealer now but I
still work here ’cause I love the hours. I’m talking about guns, smartass. Weird ones. Come on, Edward. What you see is what I got. [Door opens]
Come on, Edward. What you see is what I got. Why don’t you show him the imports, Jeebs? Hiya, K. How are you? Show him the imports right now. Yeah– I got out of that business a long time ago. Why do you lie to me, Jeebs? I hate it when you lie. Now just hold on a second… I’m gonna count to three. He’ll do it, Jeebs. [K] One… I’m telling you, that man does not look stable. [K] Two… You know what? Talk to me; he–
he is just crazy when he’s like this. He’s always crazy. Why don’t you get a massage? Take a cruiser–? Three. Drop the weapon and put your hands on your head! I warned him. – Drop the weapon!
– *You* warned him. Don’t make me kill you. [Jeebs] *You insensitive prick*! D’ya have any idea how much that stings? Show us the merchandise or you’re
going to lose another head, Jeebs. [Buzzer] Mr. Edwards. Right there… The one in the middle. You sold a reverberating carbonizer with
mutate capacity to an unlicensed cephalapoid(!) Jeebs, you piece of sh… He looked all right to me. [K] It must have been for an assassination. Who’s the target? You know I don’t know. *Goddammit, Jeebs*! I DON’T KNO-HOW! All right, let’s confiscate it; all of it. And I want on the next transport off this rock or
I’m gonna shoot you where it don’t grow back. Yeah, an– and… …and I’ma be back t-to talk about them Rolexes.

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  1. Agent J: Drop The Weapon And Put Your Hands On Your Head!
    Agent K: I Warned Him.
    Agent J: Drop The Weapon!
    Agent K: You Warned Him!

  2. The tiny helium sounding voice is so funny sounding saying You Insensitive Prick when the head regrows back and if you stop it at 0:56 looks like a scrotum eww

  3. Awesome movie. One of the funniest scenes. I didn鈥檛 know this movie existed until my brother told me about it. At first I thought was going to be a thriller about the Men in Black. I had no idea it was a comedy.

  4. That thumbnail tho.The guy reminds me of that one guy in the show 'Lazy Town'. Edit:'The Mine song'

  5. Selling crack is the least of anyone's worries here. After he so casually brought it up.

  6. I swear to god, I remember that line being "you insensitive jerk". It wasn't from a TV dub either, it was from the actual store bought VHS cassette. Does anyone else remember the line being that or am I just going crazy and having a Mandella effect moment?

  7. no post-2000 millennial will ever comprehend the nostalgia this provides. Or the Star Wars prequels.
    If you experienced these young,
    Well done you are ready for the new world order

  8. You sold a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity to an unlicensed cephalapoid! Jeebs, you piece of sh…!

  9. Weird when you play the scene when J speaks to K after shooting off his head you can see him glitching. So ''aliens'' are real and they are actors. Anyone comment on this comment will be eaten if you do not consider it to be fact before you comment.

  10. It鈥檚 so weird how his voice changes toward the end of this clip…鈥漢e looked alright to me鈥 sounds like it was dubbed by another actor.

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