From The Eliot Awards, #WEAREHUNTERS! Hey Hunters, what’s up? at last, my Dragon Ball collection video is here some of you wanted to see how my collection is going so far this is everything I’ve found I’m really excited ’cause I hadn’t even seen it all of it displayed like this I think I’ve done a pretty descent job here I would say it’s reached Super Sayan level so far bear in mind this is all vintage stuff, the best of the best in this video I will answer to your questions so this is going to be fun ’cause this is gonna be like if you were interviewing me about my collection, are you ready? How did you start collecting Dragon Ball? everything starts with my first trip to Japan when I was in Japan I realised there were Dragon Ball figures made since 1986 that was the perfect excuse these are vintage I honestly hadn’t realised they were that old 1986 was a perfect year, I was 3 years old back then I realised pieces from those years were scarce and I also noticed that the production quality of this series was superb they had a lot of detail and I loved it! and I was convinced it was the right moment to start a new collection besides, this anime has a lot of impact on Japanese life until today they keep on investing a lot of money on this anime all those aspects made me start this new collection it’s been a long time and it’s still current since 1986 people of all ages are really into Dragon Ball this anime or cartoon as we’ve always called it since we were little kids please STOP pretending you’re all experts now this cartoon didn’t mean much to me at the time my younger brother usually watched it and I remember it caught my attention a bit when I was at home when I watched it I felt attracted to it at some point I was also interested in the tazos, ’til the point of collecting them but everything thanks to my brother, so I don’t recall having memories of being totally passionate about it but I had already noticed the impact it had caused and its importance it’s got a great story, great combats, great morals in my opinion, every cartoon should have morals something you can apply to your own life and Dragon Ball is full of them, that’s why I liked it! when I first started collecting toys I had the feeling that this collection was very modern since some of the figures we see here are from 2000 and at that time I was already collecting stuff from the 60’s and 70’s and to my eyes, this was completely new I considered both, Dragon Ball and Pokemon, quite modern at the time back then I thought this collection needed to mature to become valuable not even 18 years have passed and they’re quite pricey now the new generations are really into collecting these days that’s why many of these animes or toy lines are growing tremendously ’cause people are still investing on them as you know, the Dragon Ball franchise is owned by several toy manufacturers so each of them are doing their best to achieve better quality What kind of Dragon Ball figures did you decide collecting? needless to say, only vintage figures since it’s the beginning I’m really excited with the Super Battle Collection as well as everything made by Epoch in the mid 80’s I know they’re not the most detailed pieces or the ones with the best articulation but they’ve got a lot of character and most importantly, they were specially made for children to play with the idea was to play and have fun with them they didn’t think about collecting back then most of the pieces made today are intended to be collected they’re incredibly detailed painted beautifully you can notice every muscle or gesture I know it’s rather impressive but if you read between the lines you’ll find: “COLLECT THEM ALL” admire them, put them behind a glass, they’re collectable pieces! on the other hand, these were made for kids to play with which makes them incredibly scarce isn’t it a good excuse to collect vintage pieces? we mustn’t forget that 30 years ago, all the necessary equipment to produce them was not the same that’s why we should appreciate hand sculpted figures the production process was quite long today we have 3D printers, computer designs traditional processes have been lost in time so, despite their ugliness or the general rejection by people honestly, the story behind them is simply amazing all in all you’re entitled to collect what you please, but these are my reasons to collect vintage Dragon Ball pieces I would like to interrupt this video just to remind you that finally on December 15th we’ll have our HUNTER CON which will be our great f%$ party you’ve got to be there, Plaza Condesa, December 15th, family Sunday there’ll be a bit of everything, YouTubers, Cos Players, merchandise so, please follow the HUNTER CON social media it would be great to see everyone there the entrance fee will only be 100 MXN pesos I’m sure you’ll hit the jackpot there! What’s your favourite character of the whole anime? always Goku! from the very beginning to the last episodes Goku will always be my favourite character he’s always quite relevant ’cause, besides being an innocent character he can reach the highest level of power his battles are incredible but he always keeps that innocence within him and violence is always his last resource once it’s absolutely necessary I know there are epic characters such as Bardock, Vegeta, Broly that everybody loves! but if you notice, everything goes back to Goku or as we know him well in Mexico, the good old Coku however, I’m really a bigger fan of the Dragon Ball Z series than the first series When will you know that your collection is complete? or What’s your goal in this toy line? I want to complete all the Super Battle Collection with its variants besides all the figures made by Epoch in the 80’s but being honest, as a collector I think this never ends I dare to say that, ’cause when you collect vintage pieces there’s always something that surprises you there’s always a bootleg, a brand which had the license for some time they made these incredible variants you spend a good deal of time looking for variants of the same figure different packaging, figures made in Taiwan or Japan that’s why I consider this will never meet an end and that’s the fun part ’cause all the adventures and the friends involved everything we make on our way to get our collection Who’s your favourite villain? Majin Boo, to me it was traumatic to think that thanks to his power and elasticity he would be invincible the design of his transformation and his colour makes him my top favourite figure I really think he’s the perfect villain but the difficult part to me is that there are just a few vintage pieces if you had to pick only three pieces from your collection, which ones would they be? I won’t choose the rarest but the ones I like the most or the ones that catch my eye the most the first would be Mr. Satan’s vehicle I love its design, the flames, the protectective dome and the figures that come with it the second would be Great Monkey Baby Why do I choose it? I sounded a bit Pokemonish… because of its gigantic size the packaging drives me crazy I love that window so we can see what’s inside! it’s just fascinating besides, it’s also quite rare! and the number one among my favourites, obviously The Tower made in 1986 by Epoch it’s the beginning, it’s got it all! miniature figures, all the characters, you can create your own diorama and play with it, create your own adventures besides the packaging is splendid, TOY PORN! If you want to go deeper into collecting vintage Dragon Ball pieces like me you’ve got to take into account the countries where they were produced Japan, the first and most important Hong Kong Taiwan and China you’ll also find Mexican and Argentinian bootlegs, really crazy stuff but the Asian countries I mentioned before are rather important ’cause variants come from there the Japanese figures by Epoch or from The Super Battle Collection have no rival, they’re the best among the vintage pieces in terms of quality and they were the first to be produced so, I think it’s totally worth it collecting the “made in Japan” versions in Hong Kong, some of the craziest bootlegs were produced apart from line figures very seeked after by collectors bear in mind that when collecting toys in general it’s always good to know the country of manufacture ’cause that’s how you can tell the production time of the piece thanks to China and Taiwan everyone had Dragon Ball toys this makes them of lower quality and evidently more common that doesn’t mean that among the pieces made in China or Taiwan there aren’t rare pieces “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” some of the Chinese were distributed in Mexico by Mattel, the green carded you see here or in Europe as well such as the AB that comes in a Blister bootlegs around the world are from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Mexico the Mexican pieces are horrible but beautiful ’cause they were made with lots of creativity there are giant vinyls there are copies from the original quite rough and monochromatic and Mexican inventions such as these dragons figures that were not on sale at first a Mexican sculptor was brave enough to make them that’s how these jewels are created or the “Mexican relics”, as I like to call them I know some of you see bootlegs as horrible, poor quality and cheap figures but it’s completely the opposite, they’ve got their history they were our real battle companions, we could play with them quite roughly besides, there were many kids who didn’t have the chance to buy the original ones and thanks to the bootleg makers, they could afford some Dragon Ball figures they were produced in under-covered factories in very low quantities which makes them rather scarce today don’t think that top quality and attention to detail is everything in collecting in the end, my advice to you is: collect what you like the most if you like hot toys, go for them if you prefer The Super Battle Collection, go ahead if you like bootlegs then go for it passionately as well in the end, I recommend you collecting a bit of everything in that way you’ll always make you range of options wider in your hunts now I’m gonna tell you where I got these babes and how much I paid for them ’cause I’m sure the commercial value of collectables is something we all wanna know which is subjective, by the way! I got this Great Monkey Baby you see thanks to one of my beloved followers actually, I’d love to say hi to the Martinez family! who are always quite supportive in the videos and live sessions as well that’s why I’ve got a special love for this piece it’s been played and loved, as someone put it in one of the videos referring to the pieces in not the best conditions I thought I would never find it in a better condition to my surprise, some months later I found it at Frank and Son’s shopping centre I would dare to say this is almost brand new this was around $600usd! but since I bought some other pieces I ended up paying for it around $300usd which is similar to what I paid for this one here however, as I said before, the commercial value is always subjective ’cause this can be rather cheap for someone for others these can be expensive pieces the important thing here is to make your research and be willing to pay for it there are always crazy people willing to pay the big bucks and make pieces unaffordable I personally believe the greatest challenge for a collector is to be patient to have a designated budget for a particular piece and when you see it, shoot! one of the pieces I truly loved hunting was The Tower Battle of Muscle Tower I got this in Osaka, Japan I had no idea whatsoever that I would find it there however, I’ve always known it’s a holy grail, it was in my wish list I actually thought of starting my Dragon Ball collection once I found this piece I finally found it, it was a dream come true it’s got a story of its own, it’s a special piece in my channel to tell you the truth, it’s extremely rare, it’s a holy grail of this collection I would dare to say it’s my favourite piece so far I suggest you watching my review on this tower I never opened the little bags inside, I might do it some day when I can display it in a museum for all of you hunters to appreciate in the meantime you can take a look, it’s got all its inserts, it was never opened before I opened it a bit for you to see, so go and watch that video, I’ll leave the link up here and in this video’s description other two extreme hunts were the loose figures you see here which Fredy, one of my dealers, got me and I also got some other pieces at “La Naranja” market thanks to a couple of hunters who approached me at the same market and told me they lived around the area and had a Dragon Ball collection on sale I want to continue buying pieces from The Super Battle Collection and Epoch as well so don’t hesitate to tell me if you’ve got something, same with the Mexican bootleg pieces, I’ve got some of the dragons some are in good condition and some others have seen better days, so if you’ve got something on sale, please let me know if you’ve got a massive Dragon Ball Collection that is worth visiting and recording, don’t hesitate to contact me well, this video has come to an end I hope you’ve enjoyed my collection so far after one year of collecting I guess I’ve put a lot of effort but I guess we collectors are all passionate that’s why I wish you the best of luck in your hunts don’t forget to subscribe, like this video and share it with other crazy toy collectors like you remember you’re watching Madhunter Channel


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  5. The Japanese figures are the best, but don't forget that Korea produced some really interesting bootlegs, which have become some of the rarest. You even have a very rare officially licensed Vol. 2 Sonokong (Goku) from Korea in Super Battle Collection packaging in your collection! Anyway, I'm glad I could help spark some more interest in vintage Dragon Ball toys while you were here and help you learn about and acquire some of your first pieces!!

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