Mick Flannery – I Own You (Vinyl Video)

All day walking I ain’t had nothing But a concrete hot head Get a hot head I get the words wrong Get the meaning right With a left hook Bunny in the foxhole Rabbit in the headlight Lamb in the lion’s den I don’t know why I’m angry I don’t know why they hate me I don’t know why, why where when Just that I have nothing To believe in Nothing to be dreaming Nothing to decide on Only that I have nothing To imagine Nothing to put time in Nothing there to choose from Just that I have nothing No one come tuck me in at night Say, “I love you son Dearest to my heart, my darling one.” I’m a stray dog walking with his ribcage showing And tongue hanging out Foamin’ at the mouth Blue-eyed evil cap’talist pig Hang that fucker in the big white wig Street full of sheep screaming blue murder A howlin’ wolf at the big house door Cause they have nothing Right outside your front yard And the tires screeching in the hot tar Anger, hunger They have nothing No one saying, “Please, sir.” No one saying, “Yes, ma’am.” None of them that have understand That I want nothing Nothing but your car, wife, life, pride Dignity, sanctuary Nothing but your everything, you goddamn motherfucker Thought you heard something on the way home Was that a rustle? Was that my belly rumblin’? Later on you think you see a shadow By your front porch Maybe not, though Then a tap, tap, tap on the window That’s when your legs froze My god, what’s happenin’? Crack, crack, crack in the glass and Now he’s got the handle And now your front door’s open Swear you have nothing Thinking, “Is he mad at me? Will he hurt me? Dunno Is he just plain crazy?” I have nothing And now he hit me And now he laugh at me And he strip me naked I swear I have nothing Now I see ’em all ’round laughin’ And he look down, saying that I own you I own you I own you

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