Mikimoto Pearls: How to tell if my Mikimoto Pearls are authentic?

Hi, this is Steve from JR Dunn Jewelers. we’re going to go over another commonly
asked question we get more customers here at the store and that is one how do I know if my Mikimoto jewelry is real? and two What is the value? Lets just get right into is with the
bracelets and the pearl strands basically just like any fashion
piece Mikimoto has an engraving mark that is easily recognizable for all
their pieces on the bracelets and the strands there’s the outline of the
oyster there with the engraved also as you can see the dangling you’ll see
signature to Mikimoto and that will show that is is an authentic Mikimoto piece. I’ll go ahead and pull up the necklace so you can see it there as well. Again the outline of the pearl with the M and the dangling M as well. Now the dangling M is not always on all Mikimoto pieces especially older pieces but you will definitely see
that engraving mark that’s been their trademark of theirs for many many years. Then on the
earrings they do something a little bit differently if you look at the earrings on the stem you can see the whole word Mikimoto engraved on the back of the post. It’s a little
bit difficult to see you might need a magnifying glass but is there on this
piece that actually has it in both places but sometimes it’s only in one of
the other Mikimoto name will actually be written there for you and then finally
the Rings on the inside of the shank you also see they have their oyster with the M with them and that will show that it’s again an authentic Mikimoto piece now the next question which is asked is what is the value of my pieces? well for that that you will have to have your pieces
appraised but the most difficult part in going through that process is actually
just making sure your pieces are that your pieces are authentic. So since that’s something that you can do once you have that resolved you can come into any authorized
Mikimoto location sometimes they have on-site appraiser there but most of
the time recommend sending it directly to
Mikimoto that you could have an appraised by Mikimoto it gets into Japan goes through
a bunch of lab tests they give you a whole report at the end of it in the
value of your strand and that usually happens because most people
these are heirloom pieces pieces they want to transfer over to their grandkids
with their children and then when you inhert it you just want to make sure their authentic and
can get it appraised for the right value now so I hope you enjoyed this video of
any questions feel free to leave comments

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  1. It would have been more helpful in you focused in on the trademarks a bit longer. No sooner did your eye focus to the small size, vs. the man, and the trademark was gone. Otherwise, good job.

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