Milne’s Antiques & Furniture in Kingston: Spring Items

We are so excited to have you here. I would
love to tell you about a few of my new favorite items in the shop. One of my favorite things that we just acquired
is this incredible bike that was deaccessioned from the Boston Museum of Transportation.
It’s unbelievable and to be honest I’ve never seen a bike with wooden spokes like this before. We found this amazing porch support in a Solarium
of a really gorgeous estate on Long island. They had incredible plants on it and they
were hanging off the top. If you can just imagine how gorgeous this would look with
some sort of leaf coming down sweeping on her face. It was just absolutely amazing.
I can see this in any house and really adding to any décor. Another thing I’m really excited about that
we just acquired is this really incredible original Knoll Design Chair. It was designed
by Saarinen for Knoll probably in about 1970. This is one of the very original designs and
what’s so exciting about it is that it was designed for IBM in Kingston, New York and
it still has its original IBM serial number on it. Along with being a really stylish chair,
it’s also just a great piece of local history. With all of the exciting acquisitions we have,
this particular piece is actually my absolute favorite. It’s really an incredible piece
of history as it’s the only original Lancaster County Barn Star still available on the public
market. Every other one was taken down sometime between 1970 and 1996. We were really excited
that two survived and that we were actually able to purchase the pair. Unfortunately,
we sold one right away or fortunately as the case may be! So now we just have the one left
which we’re really excited to have in our collection. I’ve really enjoyed telling you about some
of my favorite pieces in the shop and now I would like to introduce my mother who, without
her, none of this would have ever been possible. She started our business in 1972 and survived
many recessions and many other things to still be a successful antique dealer today. She’s
the person I really look up to the most and she’s going to tell you about some of our
other antiques. Rebecca, as you can see, is a tough act to
follow, but thank goodness I have something wonderful to show you as well. The New Yorker
Beverages sign: it’s tin, and it was done in the 1920s, 1930s at the latest, as you
can see by the costuming on the people. What’s really fabulous, though, is if you look, you’ll
see the New York skyline behind it and a couple walking to some fancy area in a tuxedo and
a gown holding two bottles that look like champagne but in fact are the New Yorker Pale
Dry Ginger Ale. Obviously, this was done during Prohibition and it’s a wonderful sign, great
color, great graphics and great history. Thank you so much for coming and visiting
us at Milne’s At Home Antiques, 81 Broadway in Kingston, New York. We’d love to see you
in our store any time.

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