Misteriosa CASA ABANDONADA del JARRÓN🏆 INTACTA desde 2013 – Sitios Abandonados

well guys welcome to a new
video of places when new from the channel before continuing to tell you today
we are in an abandoned house intact
I think of the most intact that we have seen so far
don’t miss it it’s amazing how I always come with bokine
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we start God in boys like a small ledge where
they put the candle or where they put the journals a wardrobe or wardrobe set
boy who has fallen out of the window perhaps due to the passage of time the humidity
be the wood has rotten the roof is wrong, nature has gotten inside yes, the ceiling too look at the wood is broken under the chair uff know how many meters are under
came the super old plug this house it has to be from the 40s go
So shhhhh Slowly if the light switch look at the super old chair look at a cartridge
shotgun cartridges here and here is more keep out of reach of children you have to be careful although with the humidity they usually spoil come on let’s go into the room it’s crazy the carpets still put doors look at the picture of the virgin the mat on the little table that the ladies wove in the past, look at the details, all carved and what is that? it’s like a vase with ornaments how strange that rope is in bad shape this was to hold the curtain the bed is made of pure wood must be at least 100 years old amazing I think it’s the immaculate the beautiful ceiling looks at the lamp Awesome I’m freaking out with the bed and its details the curtain is still hanging the curtain they removed at the time it’s very strange because they left everything as they had it when they lived here This is a pass, then look at this so you can see of curtain history on the doors in
the door so that it was not seen who was sleeping sleeping
well placed than one pass Well look what’s in here Yoosss looks at the vase with precious stones look at the well placed pictures is all in place as if someone lived here guys we’re freaking out from what we just found
Awesome everything as they left it is a lot of
religious religious but the vase amazing it looks like it has diamonds with diamonds or rubies how curious are all the carpets
put on they are all on look at the chairs as if people were going to meet now, look at the picture of the Pope Blessed Antonio Maria Claret Apostle of
Canary Islands if voices are heard outside
this were super religious look at the magazines guys in the magazine rack look at what year it is from sunday to wednesday let’s see there like that
of the 50 portugal i don’t know look 2005 over may 2005 the boy the curtain super well placed
too all right ancient look over the table candles, lighters this is like an air freshener from someone who stayed here and there is a bag with something even better not to look how curious the screen display Did you see the couch the old sofa looks english and with his expensive carpet how the voices are heard We’re nervous as we get caught in here let’s get out of here so they don’t see the bulbs we go in there? Let’s see… Diosss another bed up to the light bulb on guys this has to be another bedroom It has no mattress but the bed is moistened look at the broom, those are the old ones of a lifetime small built-in closet look at the ancient lamp these were used in the 60s or 70s is getting completely inside the
House Look the truck with the cap as if they left after work and did not come back how curious the very old light switch look at the bathroom look at the lemon green color of the lid of the vessel to clean the bathroom part the cistern look at the artichoke still from
metal everything is set as it was left the passage of time has been bursting
everything it seems that I heard something there look at the mirror the whole piece
the mirror value on the floor that should be involved but why not
it is bad the tower boy to the toilet paper with
roy hygienic there is still placed the towel on the towel also prepared to dry
after alcohol alcohol
pharmacy looks from 3 of 2017 2 years ago But what is expiration? if the expiration but the expiration can be 10 years before, I think the alcohol does not expire good that the alcohol says 2017 may the
expiration of the purchase model does not make ten years before uff the hand soap look here is the bucket with the bucket of
the mop and with the mop obviously guys end yes
the height of the bathroom door they were small because the
years ago the height of people in Spain were minors that now children grow a lot keep in mind that I measure 1.80 cm and it is a little lower out there a little less would give me as
blows every day if I bathe here and to hang the towels guys we are going to leave the house, we believe that there is something else underneath find
some some other dependency of the house at the bottom because we believe
that being a wooden floor underneath there anything else
we will continue here you see it look more under there there are more a stable or something if this was for chickens or something uff the weeds if you look at the stairs there at the bottom what we say the curtain is moving still gas out the oven
with its extractor hood Do you think it stuck fire or is it from moisture mold? of moisture but this makes me sick the roof is very bad this must be an additional kitchen look at the metal spittoon they were commenting on fixing it and
they brought material to fix it but they stayed halfway
of the tap and I’m not going to use the zoom because I don’t want this roof very bad
for super old it was a paper paper on
tiles formerly they put paper
look how old the plugs yes come on Hi look at the birdhouses I’m going to look there to see if there is anything else the sacho, the shovel to work there was a door the very old furniture gentlemen that door with a lock that weird the sliding glass door was used
stop the dishes all coral
a bottle of whiskey is not beer the liquid ignites the step fire with
the caves Beer
we pass the beer of its version not we know the date
against all the others tablecloth roll for some parties and
even coal for parties and training to parties for parties on the stairs with the steps
spoiled to move from one side to the other notice
the curtain is still set here look
from 2013 the jacket put here maybe it was from an occupy stayed here of boys what we say super
religious was all religious in these This was given by the Canary Islands7 is more modern, the house is old but this is newer carved on the furniture look at a crucifix Awesome the kitchenette is that everything is here as if someone lived, notice that the glasses are clean since being open it has broken down the forks hung in a typical
gas cooker lid the cloths are clean, it’s bad it’s all lying look once it’s dirty because the reviews
the wooden bench When is the potato package? if I was looking at him is usually in front ah look at the 10 of 2019 someone came by here before us guys but then things are old in a bag here this was to roast the corn cochafisco a bag of quicksilver a sofa with pictures living on the barbecue
with the pieces and with everything with the clamp all the cups these are going to put the
species guys there was closed door
it’s like a warehouse the floor is without laying the floor for a pile of wood this
awesome look over there why give him the right door pay and here the video today I hope that
they liked this amazing house abandoned intact if so support us
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abandoned to explore thank you very much to See you all in the next video of
abandoned places here ah

47 Replies to “Misteriosa CASA ABANDONADA del JARRÓN🏆 INTACTA desde 2013 – Sitios Abandonados”

  1. Un vídeo genial y con mucho existo me ha gustado toda la casa lo que me ha gustado más es el cuadro de la virgen la Inmaculada pobrecita allí sola y también me gusta !os cuadros y el jarrón que se ver me gusta todo un existo asta el próximo vídeo un fuerte abrazo

  2. El lugare es increible!!!! espectacular. Que suspense en esa casa tan preciosa y llena de recuerdos…y que nostalgia esas fotos antiguas de los dos chicas y los diamnates del jarron parecian de verdad, genial el video. Un fuerte abrazo!

  3. Hola Jaso sempre nos sorpreden , pero con todo respeto y cariño , me parese que el video ya lo subieron antes ya que ya lo habia visto , me acorde por el jarron , o me equiboco , corrijeme , los amo besitos ★☆♡

  4. Hola buena Exploración chico me encanta este tipo de acontecimientos porque le da un sabor al terror así más escalofriante saludos cordiales de nueva cuenta

  5. Hola Jaso que casa incriblé me gustó mucho una casa intacta me deja surpresa con sus cosas antiguas super vídeo un gran abrazo mi amigo

  6. Waauu‼️q casa más bonita, antigua pero muy bonita, con esa cama de madera tan antigua preciosa y las alfombras, y una mano siempre de mujer de antes, con los pañitos en las mesas las cortinas con el ganchito dorado para recogerlas es maravillosa, gracias por el video saludos a los dos 🤩 🥰😍😘😘

  7. Hola sooyyy tu nuevo suscripto nuevo suscripto me llamo xussk y soy amigo de fallen mañana te comentaré quiero apoyarte en todo lo que necesite y darte muchos likes buenas noches y un placer de conocerte asta mañana

  8. Hola bonita casa con su muebles y todo y bonitos cuadros da gusto de vivir en ella y precioso jarrón muchos saludos me gusta muchos tus vídeos sigue así y no lo dejes aquí estoy para apoyarte saludos


  10. Hola jasogurbex, hola bokine exploring…waooo chicos de verdad esta intacta las alfombra..el jarron que esta bonito..todo intacto..y tiene una parte abajo.bien detallado buen video..me encanta..chicos saludos a los dos jaso y bokine…🤗🤗🤗😀😀saludos y abrazos…

  11. Lo que más miedo me dio fue la figura humana que se encuentra en la puerta de baño atrás de donde se está midiendo y diciendo que eran muy pequeños en cambio el jarrón era hermoso

  12. Q lastima de casa con sus detalles muy hermosos lo q me llamo la atencion es q al principio del video se escucha una campanita no se si la escucharon ustedes saluditos cuidate Jas chao chao

  13. Hola amigo, que casita tan Bonita, tantos recuerdos dejados ahí, hay muebles muy antiguos, las alfombras me encantaron, me impresiona que estén tan ordenadas, como si las personas fueran a volver, muy buen video, como siempre, saludos.

  14. Que extraño todo, quien se va y deja sus cosas algo muy grave debe haberle sucedido a la familia que vivía ahí, la pieza donde está el jarrón el tiempo parece haberse detenido ahí… Hermosa casa y una excelente exploración…. Saludos 🙋 Jaso.

  15. Seandainya aku boleh tinggal di rumah ini akan aku rapi kan ruangan demi ruangan. Aku suka juga dengan video ini dan perabotan yang ada didalamnya.

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  18. Mira que parecía que en cualquier momento se les aparecían los habitantes! La casita clásica de abuelitos, qué linda aún se ve!
    Gracias por este vídeo, un abrazo y cuídense mucho! 😉👋

  19. Buenas noches chikos se perkataron de la figura k se ve en la puerta del baño donde el dice k diario se golpearía si se bañara x su altura klaro el jarrón k bello y k me dicen de tanta alfombra de verdad k parece k no pasara el tiempo magnifiko video saludos desde houston

  20. Hola Jason flipante video se nota que tiene sus años la casa pero muchos me encantó fantástico video como siempre, sensacional las alfombras. Saludos desde Montevideo Uruguay 👏👍😘💕💖

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  23. Me acabo de suscribirme a canal de nomine tu compañero voy a decirte que yo estoy no lo hago con nadie más que con ustedes saludoss

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