Modern Masters Metal Effects® Green Patina Finish How-to

I just love these oxidizing finish
kits from Modern Masters. They create gorgeous finishes in Rust, Green Patina
and Blue Patina and they include everything I need. I decided to use the
Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit in Green Patina to give this candlestick an
authentic finish. First, I’ll prep the surface then I’ll apply two coats of the
primer using the supplied chip brush. After allowing the primer to dry for 12
hours, I apply a coat of Oxidizing Copper Paint and let it dry for half an hour.
Within five minutes of applying the second coat of Copper Paint, I spray a
light coat of the Green Patina aging solution over the entire surface. Make
sure to spray lightly so the activator doesn’t pool. If you do over-spray, blot
the area with a clean rag. The aging solution reacts with the real metal in
the paint creating an authentic patina finish, just like Mother Nature. Along
with my other Metal Effects projects, this space is looking pretty fabulous.

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