Modern Masters Tone On Tone Metallic Finish

My friend and I are throwing a dinner
party tonight. We’ll add some sparkle using Modern Masters Matte and Satin
Metallic Paints. They’re water-based and easy to use
right out of the jar. Let’s add some interest to these niches creating a
shimmering tone on tone metallic finish. It’s easy to create using the
same color in two different sheens. There are 15 colors to choose from but I
think Blackened Bronze is the way to go. We’re applying a Matte Metallic as our
base color using a 4 inch mini roller to cut in the edges. A nine inch roller
fills in the wall easily. With the wall completely dry, we’re adding highlights
with Satin Metallic Paint in the same color. Using Modern Masters natural sea
sponge roller in a random fashion nicely breaks up any roller lines. The result is
a subtle shimmer. Next, I’ll use our same Blackened Bronze on a couple of small
projects for our table setting. A ready to use stencil will add some style to
this simple table runner. Modern Masters Metallic Paint is extremely versatile
and can be applied using several different tools and techniques to
decorate almost anything. You’re only limited by your imagination. There, now
our guests will feel welcomed.

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